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4 Ways to Use Numerology in Your Life

People love reading their horoscopes or finding solace in astrology. Feeling like your life path is set and dictated by a higher power can give you the sense of purpose and meaning you're searching for. This is a great way to make conversation or simply prepare for changing seasons in your life. Also, while astrology and your birth sign have had the spotlight for decades, there is a new spiritual way of tracking your destiny: modern numerology.

Angel numbers are messages from your guardian angels. For example, the meaning of angel number 515 is all waiting for you to enjoy.

Numerology is the study of numbers that gives special meaning and strength to every single digit. Your name and date of birth each correlate to a different number that means different things in your life. In addition, the letters of your name each have a specific expression number that adds up to your Destiny number, and your birthday can add up to your overall Life Path number. And when combined, you get your Soul Purpose number. Knowing your numerology and seeing how it connects to your life path can be meaningful and special. If you are someone who derives meaning from these spiritual numbers, you can get a lot out of studying numerology. Here are just a few ways this study and spirituality can have an impact on your overall life.

1. Find your purpose.

Knowing your Life Path number can help you understand more about your personality and strengths. Certain numbers excel in different areas. For example, threes are very creative and sixes are service-minded, while nines have a lot of wisdom to share. Understanding your Destiny number or Soul Purpose number can help you understand how you fit into the world around you. It can lead you down a path of purpose and fulfillment. Studying numerology can be the best way to understand your greater purpose in the universe and find your destiny.

2. Learn about what makes you happy.

Sometimes the world puts a lot of pressure on you to act the same way as everyone else, but you’re your own unique individual. Studying numerology can help ease social anxiety, as you start to recognize the things that make you truly happy. Maybe you’re someone who has mastered doing things alone and you’d prefer to celebrate a big day on your own. If you want to celebrate your birthday by yourself, do it! You don’t need a birthday party with a million people or big celebration to feel loved and fulfilled on your next birthday. Understand the way you think with the help of numerology and embrace the unique, special person you are by doing the things that make you happy.

3. Know your skills.

Everyone has natural instincts for certain skills. Maybe you’re really good at compassion or finding creative solutions for tough problems. Whatever your strengths may be, numerology can help you discover them. Different personal numbers mean you have different talents, traits, and skills. When you understand what you’re good at, you can look for jobs, schools, hobbies, and more that fit in with your personality. It is a great way to understand how you best interact with the world and what gifts you can bring to certain situations.

4. Evaluate compatibility with partners.

While there isn’t any perfect system to see how well you will work with a partner, your numerology can help you gauge compatibility. Just like with horoscopes, certain numbers match better than others. Knowing your numerology chart and a potential partner’s number can give you an idea of where you would work well together and where you may not. Overall, this is a great way to better understand your own personality and your little quirks so you can understand how you may act in a relationship.

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