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Understanding The Power of Gem Stones

There are more people researching gemstones and crystals than ever before. During this time of uncertainty, it’s no wonder that people are looking for spiritual, physical, and emotional healing wherever it can be found. There are many benefits to introducing crystals into your routine, whether you are new to the metaphysical properties or even if you are more of a regular who is wanting some suggestions, we’ve got you covered with this guide to the benefits of moonstone and some other great starter gemstones. For more information, check out moonstone properties


Firstly, this is a pearly gemstone that contributes to 60% of the earth’s crust. On the whole, moonstone is used to promote new beginnings, personal growth, and help you find inner strength. This is a great one to keep near you if you feel drawn to it, as it might mean that you need it most. The different colors of moonstone have slightly different properties, which is why we’ve listed them below with their benefits. 

  • Black moonstone contains all the healing properties of white moonstone, with slightly more focus on new beginnings, as it tends to be more centered around new moons. 
  • White moonstone is most commonly affiliated with the crown chakra and can have a more potent effect on women, especially during full moons. 
  • Peach or yellow-colored moonstone is thought to incorporate soothing abilities and attach calm, feminine energy that purifies the soul. 
  • Blue is thought to bring healing in abundance, even if you are the most stubborn of souls, blue moonstone is known as a master healer thanks to the nourishing effect it has. It is also known as a cat’s eye moonstone due to the added ability to focus that it brings. 
  • Pink moonstone is usually associated with feminine energies and romance. However, the properties that this stone brings largely depend on the improvements of one’s psychic and intuitive talents 
  • Star moonstone gets its name from the asterism that it presents under direct light. This is the version of the stone that moonstone gets its astrological name from, due to its magical appearance. 
  • Green moonstone resonates the most strongly with the heart chakra. This means that it provides calming and reflective effects. 
  • Grey moonstone carries healing properties within love, which makes them appealing to all who encounter the small yet powerful gemstone. 


For those who are slightly newer to crystals and gemstones, amethyst is a great starter. The shining purple stone is known to relieve stress, rage, fear, and anxiety. Another reason to start with something like amethyst is that it activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition, and enhances psychic abilities.


There are several versions of quartz, which are all known to enhance the effects of other crystals when used correctly. Clear quartz is said to enhance healing by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating energy. Rose quartz, named after its pink color, is known as the stone of love. It purifies the heart and promotes all levels of love, including self-love. Another type of quartz is known as smokey quartz, known to help people feel more grounded to the earth and able to focus more on the task at hand. 


Known for its rich, warm color, carnelian is naturally drawn to those of fire zodiac signs like Aries. The gemstone is associated with courage and can also be linked with improving concentration and creativity. This is not necessarily suitable for beginners, as the properties need to be able to be properly channeled. 

Tiger’s Eye 

Getting its name from the unique color, tiger’s eye is commonly linked with self-confidence, integrity, and power. When used correctly, the tiger’s eye is also great for grounding and can enhance good luck. 

To summarize, moonstone is a fascinating gemstone with a lot of unique positive qualities if used correctly. There are a lot of options to choose from, based on what you think you or a loved one needs the most. This is one way to choose a crystal, however, another way is to choose intuitively. If you are more drawn to certain things, you could try taking a deep breath the next time you are near a metaphysical store. You can then either hold a crystal in your palms and close your eyes, to see if you find yourself moving closer or further from it. Alternatively, you can see where you feel the most connected to and choose from there. 

To get the most out of your new selection of gemstones, many of them are great when charged using direct sunlight. However, others are better when charged in salt or using meditation and visualization. This is also a great way to really connect to your gemstones and set your intentions for them. You could try keeping one in your pocket during the day and see how this affects you.

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