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Living with Soul - Book Preview

Book by Tony Stubbs

Tony Stubbs' new book, 'Living with Soul, An Old Soul's Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything,' the first volume in a two-book set, totally overturns the outworn ideas of God and our role in the universe by answering "The Four Big Questions":

  • Who am I really?
  • Where did I really come from?
  • Why am I really here?
  • Where will I really go when I die?

In eloquent, easy to understand language, Stubbs expertly documents a lifetime of learning and observations. The answers will turn your life into an ongoing spiritual experience... if you're willing. Here's an excerpt from the Preface...

To strive to make sense of tragedy does not minimize the pain and suffering; it only seeks to place it in a larger, more meaningful context. In October 2002, an earthquake in Italy caused the collapse of a small town's school and the death of every kindergarten child ... except one, who walked out unscathed. Why the tragic, senseless death of 20 other innocents? And why did one survive?

On October 21, 1966, in Aberfan, Wales, a mountain of coal slurry, turned into liquid sludge by weeks of heavy rain, crashed down onto the town school, burying teachers and students under millions of cubic yards of slurry that immediately resolidified. An entire generation of Aberfan's citizens was wiped out in an instant. Why? An angry God? A cruel act of nature, revenge for man's neglect in just dumping the slurry from the coal mine? Or simple fate?

On the face of it, life doesn't make sense. Innocence is punished, and evil walks free. Our daily reality makes sense only when looked at through the eyes of our souls, and against the backdrop of reincarnation.

These are the issues this book tackles. How can any meaning be found in such apparently meaningless tragedies? The book's intent is not to minimize the reality of death and suffering–or the joy when a new life comes into the world–but to change the way we see and experience it as a set of interlocking plans designed and orchestrated by us at the soul level for very specific purposes.

The book's larger purpose, however, is to introduce us to who we are at the soul level so we can embrace our true identity and incorporate more of that in our daily lives. As we will see, the soul is a far cry from what organized religions teach–that it comes into being at conception or birth, hangs in the background while you live your life, and then ascends to heaven, where it waits patiently for Judgment Day and assignment to the fiery pit or saintly eternity.

Sorry, it ain't nothing like that. As part of an unimaginably vast entity, you-the-soul have been around since forever and have undertaken cycles of lives on physical planes in all corners of Creation. You are currently living one life out of one cycle on one physical plane associated with one planet–Earth.

Can I prove any of this? I don't need to, because plenty of other people have already done it for me. For example, Dr. Gary Schwartz of the University of Arizona at Tucson has conducted countless tests on mediums such John Edward and George Anderson, who actually replicated each other's readings, satisfying a basic requirement of the scientific method–that the results be reproducible in the lab–thus proving the reality of life-after-death. However, life-after-death doesn't prove reincarnation; for that we turn to famous cases such as the stories of Bridey Murphy (documented by Morey Bernstein) and Shanti Devi (documented by Dr. Ian Stevenson) and countless other well-documented cases... and, by the way, all targets of failed debunking attempts. After being immersed in hundreds of such accounts, I have no doubts as to their unimpeachable authenticity.

And before the debunkers (sorry, skeptics) start foaming at the mouth, the Law of Occam's Razor states that: "The most plausible explanation of any phenomenon is that which is the simplest and most economical." So, given the accuracy of the TV mediums, how do they do it? Private detectives, genealogy researchers, microphones under your bed? No, too complex and too expensive. The simplest and most economical explanation is that they really are doing what they say they're doing... talking to those on the other side. But far from being full of 'dead people,' the 'other side' is alive, dynamic, vibrant and a whole lot more fun than we alleged 'live' people get to enjoy. The question should not be, "Is there life after death?" but, "Is there life after birth?"

Is thinking about what happens after death morbid? Should we be more focused on life? Does reincarnation reduce the importance of one lifetime? Absolutely not, for three main reasons:

  • You can better appreciate your current life if you see it in the context of a carefully planned progression on the part of you-the-soul. When you know that you lovingly crafted your life's circumstances and your personality for a specific purpose-soul growth–then you can set about discovering that purpose... and striving to achieve it.
  • The deaths of loved ones cause intense grief in those 'left behind' if you think you have 'lost' them, when in fact, they may be standing over your shoulder, grinning at you and waiting for you to join them back Home.
  • If you know a little of what to expect on the soul plane, your own crossing will prove far less confusing and disorienting, and you can immediately begin enjoying your new life on the soul plane.

The main reason why spiritual growth on this planet is so stagnant is that most of us simply do not realize we didn't incarnate just to hold a job, earn a living, have kids, get old and die. We have a much larger spiritual purpose down here–tackling challenges on the Earth plane that we cannot tackle on the soul plane. However, the same veil of amnesia (i.e., loss of memory) that makes this planet such a realistic school for learning and growing (by making us forget who we really are as souls) also makes us forget why we came here... and that is a tragic waste of opportunity.

We're here on an important mission but we've forgotten what it is, and worse, we've forgotten that we even have a mission. So we just wallow around in the muck and mire of the Earth plane, getting dirty, bloodied and bruised until it's time to go back Home. Hopefully, reading this two-book set will change all that for you, and have you 'living on purpose.'

'Living with Soul, An Old Soul's Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything - Vol. I,' is available through Amazon.

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