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Spiritual Guidance and Exercises for Financial Stability

It used to be a strong tradition for people to seek spiritual guidance and perform spiritual exercises to improve different parts of their lives. Nowadays, it seems that more and more people are reverting to this old habit, be it meditation, yoga, block solving, assertion, or the law of attraction. But can we also influence our finances in this way?

Problems with abundance are often based on a belief system inherited from our ancestors: we have either received a positive, supportive attitude, or a negative, destructive approach towards money from our family. Many people are unable to let abundance into their lives due to the limitations and restrictions set by themselves. If we look for spiritual guidance from a professional expert, our guru, kinesiologist, naturopath, or priest, we can be sure that they will give us advice about the following spiritual exercises.

The “results” of the self-limiting belief system

There was a man once, who did not believe that he could generate more than $7.25 an hour because his parents only earned the minimum wage. Over time, at the cost of his dedicated, hard work, he reached a position where he earned nearly doubled his earnings, but since then he has had extra, unexpected expenses every month that have completely washed away his financial capabilities.

This limiting belief system makes it impossible to attract money. This man, mentioned above, subconsciously did not want to earn more than the minimum wage a month because he thought he would not respect his parents. After overcoming this belief system, he started his own business and has since tripled that amount every month.

In almost all cases, it is some kind of blocking factor. To attract money, you have to forget the “I don’t deserve it” and “all the rich are greedy” statements, because if you associate money-making and wealth with a negative connotation, you will only create an invisible and impenetrable wall between yourself and your dreams.

Attracting money through hard work

Money is usually attracted, not pursued.” - Jim Rohn

As a result of the book and film The Secret, and other similar esoteric and spiritual resources, a lot of people have started to misunderstand the concept. A lot of people are waiting for overnight success, quick miracles; meditating on abundance, and using wealth mantras while doing nothing to reach their goals. These techniques only work if you are active towards your goal, if you act positively, add value to others, and use techniques that help your action be effective and efficient (e.g., visualization, meditation, even mantras, block solving), this will help you to achieve your financial goals and abundance faster and more effectively.

Abundance applies not only to material possessions, but also to relationships, family, career advancement, or even health. The fact is, however, that in today’s world, the concept of wealth is commonly identified with money. Because of this societal expectation, many overdo themselves and work 12-16 hours a day just to get their own apartment, their own car, or luxury items while forgetting about family and health. You too could fall into this trap if you worry about money, if you buy something almost every day that you later realize you don’t even need.

There is part of the world, where people live in poverty regardless of their positive beliefs: in 2015, more than 10% of the world’s population lived from less than $1.90 a day. Think about this: if you can read this article, you are most probably among the lucky portion of humanity having access to water, infrastructure, clean air, proper healthcare, and the job market.

The law of attraction as a helping factor

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” - Buddha

One suitable way to attract money is the ‘law of attraction’, the principle of which is that every thought emits vibrations, and similar things attract each other. According to the modern conception, people control their lives with their thoughts, whether they do it subconsciously or consciously. You may want to take advantage of this opportunity, but pay attention to what you are asking for. You should not formulate a sentence with a negative tone, as this will only attract more negativity into your life. It is worth working on your belief system mentioned in the introduction and transforming a negative attitude into a positive one. If you don’t do this work, whatever you ask the universe for, you’ll only get the negative side of it. To do this, don't be afraid to seek the help of a specialist, use life coaching and theta-healing techniques as well.

In visualization, you use your consciousness to create the life you desire through your creative thinking. Several times a day, you have to imagine what your dream life should look like, with every detail of it. How much money do you want to make? What do you do when you receive the longed amount of money? If necessary, mantra to yourself that “I deserve the money” so that over time you too will be able to believe this, and thus, let go of the negative blocks that are holding you back. Envy and dissatisfaction may also be part of the negative block, both of which you need to let go of.

Dealing with the lives of others takes energy away from building and developing your own, so instead of comparing the number of likes, comments, life events, and other rather incomparable aspects, find value in your own life. Everyone starts from elsewhere, gets different tools for life, so the competition between two people makes no sense.

Feng shui principles for attracting money

Feng shui is a thousand-year-old art of landscaping and space organization from China that says that buildings, rooms, their layout, and the things in them affect people. If you want to apply this in your life, the zero-step is to do a cleansing that any incense or candle is suitable for. It is worth throwing away the items that are broken or making you uncomfortable, and only then can you start sorting and reorganizing.

Based on the bágua map, categorize the front door into a “human relations, career” living space, and with that, look for the farthest left corner, as this will be the living space of wealth. This includes the wood element, so think of a greenish, purple, silvery hue and elongated, columnar shapes. Among the items, you can place any money related things (piggy bank, safe, credit card), but non-thorny plants are also recommended, while among the minerals, citrate is recommended. In addition to the “wealth” living space, it is also worth strengthening the “human relationships, career” living space, which includes water and asymmetrical shapes.

Show gratitude for what we already have

Hawaiian hula traditions have seven principles, one of which says that “energy flows where we have our attention”. Be it positive or negative, the attitude that most attention focuses on changes and the way attention is directed to it. That is, if we have negative thoughts about our money, then our finances will develop accordingly. Let’s turn it around and think gratefully about our money. Let's praise it, let's be happy for it. Experience has shown that those, who are grateful for their money and value it, have spent less on useless things and thus saved more.

Just as we treat other people’s money, so do we treat our own

According to the law of karma, what we give we get back. For our interest, we should exclude negative energy from our lives, negative thoughts from our minds — whether they apply to ourselves or others. This may also be true for finances. For example, if we lent it to someone, we should strongly believe we get it back. If we took out a loan from the bank, let’s believe we will be able to give it back. Because even a little uncertainty can attract the opposite.

Finding the right Spiritual Guide for support along this journey

We all have invisible guides in our life: our dreams, little thoughts while meditating are appearing for a reason independently of what we believe. As the first step, we should be open to our internal voice and angelic spiritual guidance. If we follow the above methods to attract money into our lives, we can be sure that positive energy will come through these sources.

Spiritual guidance does not always come in the form of a professional mentor. If you look around closely, you will find friends who help you, and even more importantly, support you along the road.

Professional spiritual guidance is also best to be found through friends. Ask around who they seek for support: the best solution is to find someone who can empower you to push away all the negative thoughts and energies related to money, earning, your job and wealth, from your life.

Breaking down negative belief systems is essential to embracing prosperity, wealth, and abundance, as they act as a barrier to your life. Once you have done this work, you can create the desired goal and live a happy life through active, value-creating actions, meditation, visualization, and feng shui.

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