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How Did Spiritual Crystals Become So Popular?

spiritual crystals

Spiritual crystals are more than a passing fad. They've been used for centuries by civilizations all over the world.

The Ancient Sumerians added healing crystals to their magic rituals in 2300 BC. Ancient Egypt frequently buried their dead with quartz healing crystals. Quartz was supposed to balance the energies of the Ka and Ba energies during one's journey to the afterlife.

China took crystal healing to another level when practitioners started to include crystals in acupuncture and eastern medicine. Healing stones, like Quartz crystal, symbolizes evolution and progression in eastern medicine. These crystals are still used today to attract, store, and produce energies in the body.

Healing crystals have been around a long time, but they've been enjoing renewed popularity with the current wellness boom. The worldwide wellness industry is valued at over $4 trillion thanks, in part, to crystals. Popular wellness practices, like Reiki and holistic massage, incorporate crystals to help clients relax, heal, and get rid of negative energies.

Are you curious to try crystal healing for yourself? Here's a closer look at the most popular crystals of 2020.

The Purple Power of Amethysts

Let's start with one of the most popular healing stones. Gorgeous purple Amethysts are used in a wide range of wellness practices, from Reiki to targeted crystal healing therapies.

The spiritual benefits of Amethysts are two-fold. For starters, they're relaxing crystals. Holistic practitioners use Amethysts to help clients with depression, anxiety, and anger management. It's also used to relieve sadness and neutralize negative energies.

After uplifting the soul, practitioners use Amethysts to increase spiritual awareness. This stage of healing helps improve intuition and consciousness. Since there are so many benefits, amethysts are part of every practitioner's crystal collection.

Get a Good Night's Sleep with Labradorite

Since Amethyst crystals stimulate relaxation, there often used by Reiki practitioners in insomnia healing sessions. Clients with severe sleeping disorders may also benefit from Labradorite.

Labradorite is another relaxing healing stone that's perfect for sleep. This gorgeous multicolored stone frees up energies in your body, so you can relax.

This stone is also recommended for dream therapy. Labradorite may help you remember your dreams and learn from them. Gain a deeper understanding of what's keeping you up at night, like fear or anxiety.

Improving sleep is one of the most popular uses of healing crystals. Check out other healing stones that stimulate sleep, like Lepidolite and Leopardskin Jasper.

Motivate Yourself with the Eye of the Tiger

Jasper is a sleepy crystal, but don't be fooled. Some Jasper stones have a wild side. If you need an energy boost, wear a tiger's eye jasper pendant around your neck.

Tiger's Eye is a courageous stone and is meant to encourage confidence and inner strength. This is the healing stone to use if you need to take action.

Tiger's Eye Jasper clears out the negative energies getting in your path, so you can focus on your goals. This is a good stone to have on hand when you're switching careers or going through a life change.

Tiger's Eye can also uplift your spiritual awareness. If you're trying to harness the power of your Chakra, for example, Tiger's Eye may help you tap into your subconscious better. Talk to a crystal practitioner to take your spiritual healing to another dimension -- literally.

Jasper is a versatile healing stone that works with other crystals. Learn more about spiritual stones that pair well with Jasper, like Celestite, Lapis Lazuli, and Peridot.

The Raw Power of Crystal Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the most frequently used healing crystal. This spiritual stone is still used in ancient eastern medicine sessions. In fact, it's regarded as the "Master Healer" crystal among healing circles.

Ancient civilizations used clear crystal Quartz, or white quartz, in sacred rituals. Some cultures saw Quartz as the physical manifestation of Gods or divine beings.

Since Quartz held so much spiritual power, it's was used in meditation practices from all over the world, including Africa, Asia, the early Americas, and Scotland.

Quartz is considered highly "programmable" among crystal healing practitioners. Therefore, healing practitioners infuse quartz with positive energies. These energies radiate throughout the space, in hopes of communicating with spiritual energies outside of the physical world.

Healing practitioners often start their sessions with quartz crystal healing. Of all the healing stones, Quartz is the best at clearing the mind. This is the best way to kick off a crystal healing session.

The fact that white quartz is clear holds significance as well. The more transparent a healing crystal is, the better that crystal is at generating positive energies and spiritual connections.

Protect Yourself with Obsidian

Do you want an extra level of spiritual protection in your life? Consider jewelry spiritual stone jewelry with sleek Obsidian stones.

Obsidian is the protection stone. Healing practitioners recommend for obsidian to keep harmful negative energies away from the body. This an excellent stone for overcoming major hardships.

Since Obsidian is the protector stone, people who struggle with depression or agoraphobia may find it helpful. Fear can be debilitating, but Obsidian healing can help fearful individuals take that first step out of the house.

How to Use Spiritual Crystals in Daily Life

You don't need to set up an appointment with a crystal healer to enjoy the benefits of spiritual stones. Start by building your own collection of beautiful healing stone jewelry. You can find healing crystal amulets, rings, and bracelets. 

Keep your healing jewelry in a special box or bag. This is an excellent way to keep your crystals charged with positive energies! You definitely want to keep your transparent crystals charged.

Discover the Benefits of Healing Crystals and Stones

Spiritual crystals are a fun and fascinating introduction to holistic practices. Make crystals a part of a complete wellness routine, along with healthy eating, exercise, and meditation. Use this crystal guide to build a healing stone collection that's packed with spiritual energies. 

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