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Through the Mirror

By Glenn A. Smith

While taking a break from my hectic job, I passed two fascinating young men standing on the corner of Church and Bank Streets. They were playing what looked to be, instruments from a foreign country. Their presence stopped me in my tracks and I watched and listened while they chanted and passionately plaid their instruments. Witnessing the beauty of human expression through music immediately centered my desire to merge with my essence.

If this truth aligning moment wasn't enough, two days later, I ended up meeting one of the men while parking my car in front of the Dobra Tea House in Burlington. He smiled at me as I struggled to parallel park in the narrow spot in front of him. He sat at a sidewalk table for two and the small wicker chairs placed outside the tea house matched his hand-made clothing. He greeted me as if he'd been waiting for me to sit with him. I asked if I could sit and he smiled and answered a kind, "yes"!

I ordered a pot of Masala tea and offered to share it with my new friend. As we sipped the spicy tea, a peculiar thing happened almost immediately; we talked in parables and acknowledged each other's lessons in life. Our spirits nodded yes as we spoke of similar philosophies and witnessed the miracle of life in and around us. Each moment was a playful exchange of knowledge, joy and a connection to love.

During a moment of deep silence between us, a small group of angry protesters marched up Church Street. They were holding signs and demanding answers about 9/11. I said to my new friend, "People are asking for justice." He smiled and responded, "If people want justice, they must BE justice." I laughed because I already knew this. He then said to me, "You laugh because you already know these things." I sadly nodded, yes.

Sadness came upon me because in that moment - I became acutely aware of how separated I felt and believed I was from my path in life. How I felt the whole world was off the path. My desire for reunion with my sacred path flushed over me like a river. The shadow between the path of the heart and mind amplified my illusion of separation from source. In an instant, I became transparent! All that I have learned from my teachers had rushed up to meet me and this gentle encounter in front of the tea house had literally, cracked me open! I awoke to the realization that I had fallen asleep in the collective dream.

Tears of joy fell down my face as I melted into public transparency and personal stories that needed to be freed into love became apparent. I sat raw and vulnerable among the noise of the city; my friend smiled and sipped his tea quietly. The lotus flower opened and the illusionary veil that separated me from the larger hologram lifted. The traffic noise faded, people walking by blended into the collective dream. Clearly, the relationship between life and total environment, both animate and inanimate merged into one. I became the harmonic tone that unites all that was, is and will be with the loving light of the cosmos.

My bedroom has a window on the ceiling and for the past 5 days since my encounter with the man at the Dobra Tea House, I have awakened and gazed into the sky in wonder. Rains of purification seem to be falling and the winds of accelerated transparency push the clouds on by. Questions arise: I wonder if the struggles in the world are simply the stage for all to align with the truth of love? I wonder if the current exaggerated emphasis of separation, as in the case of "us and them" being suggested by our leaders is a desperate effort to cover their panic of being transparent. Could the constant messages of "us and them" or "liberal and conservative" be a purposeful split? Maybe something deeper is asking to be revealed.

Could it be the "revelation" is simply a realization that humanities dissociated connection from Earth and body- is being projected upon the political concept of left and right? The left being the female, body and Earth; the right being the male, the patriarch, at war with nature as well as his own nature. Could the collective conscious of the universe be manifesting a shadow transformation of our world, right now? Transformation being, we reclaim all aspects of our collective selves in order to be brought back into universal balance. We cannot reclaim something if we forgot what it was we lost, so the stage is set.

The chaos we live in is perhaps proof of potential. Maybe the feminine has to hyper-express herself to bring us back into balance. The Earth is certainly speaking! I recall one of the many lessons of the Chanupa (Lakota for Sacred Pipe) - The pipe-stone bowl is the female, the receiver of the dream. The stem is the male aspect that pulls the dream into the physical realm. When smoked, the dreams and prayers mix with the 4 elements of the physical realm: Fire, Water of the mouth, Air in Breath and Earth represented in the sacred tobacco. One can see how beautiful this is when all is in balance.

The lesson I learned from this Chanupa teaching is when I dream too much, nothing manifests in the material world. When I do too much and don't make time for dreams and prayers, I have nothing of any substance in my life. When these things are out of balance, the universe seeks to bring things back into balance. For this to happen, a split occurs. This split manifests as chaos and a loving appeal that can bring and has brought me to my knees, only when I resist the truth. The more I deny, the more transparent I become. The more transparent I become, the sloppier my stories become and eventually, the choice between the cycle of pain or freeing myself into love is thrust upon me.

I think of my friends and family who have lost hope and the times I have lost hope in the world. Sadly, some have left the Earth and it is my dream that somewhere they get to see what part they plaid in our spiritual evolution. If you're reading this, you are still here and therefore you are playing your role and what an honor to be here with you. I am humbled by our journey.

For this journey, I remember the hawk who gets pecked by the small birds. Metaphor being; others attack those who soar above the illusion of separation from source. While we soar like the hawk, remember what the man at the tea house said, "If you want justice, be justice." If your life is coming apart and all seems to be falling away, trust this is the great "centering." Open to the winds of change and reconnect with the Earth. Become transparent and free yourself into love. Embrace the revolution inside yourself and know the intensity of your own process is healing the whole. Give your energy to those things that nourish you and be in service with your OWN visions and DREAMS so that your divine purpose allows the expansiveness of universal consciousness. Keep the vision of balance and truth.

Take rests during the acceleration of transparency and stay in the moment. If drama is ruling your life and you're obsessing over deadlines, shopping lists, the tailgater behind you, regrets about the past... this is simply a call to realign. Take your shoes off and feel the Earth under your feet! Connect with the greater whole!

Remain focused on genuine priorities. Try not to obsess over the environment, the world economy, politics, racial and religious differences, rather, follow your calling and know you will "be the change you wish to see in the world". Remember that nothing can separate us from the divine. We're all parts of the harmonic tone that unites all with the loving forces of the cosmos. Be the blessing and the rest will follow.

Glenn is a burgeoning personal growth writer who currently resides in the Denver, Colorado area. Glenn's writing serves as a voice that echos what humanity already knows: we are all co-creators of the emerging age of enlightenment. As foretold by Mayan elder, Eric Gonzalez, and the voices of Glenn's spirit-guides, Glenn's life purpose is to be one of the many voices of the emerging paradigm. Join Glenn in the great mystery as it unfolds for all of humanity.

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