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3 Things You Should Know About Angel Readings

Angel Readings

Tarot card reading and angel card reading are quite similar. Angel cards connect you with angelic figures and spiritual guides. People looking for direction in their lives can use angel readings as effective tools.

Angel cards offer solutions to people's problems. Whether you specialize in angel cards already, or are looking to learn more these three things are important to keep in focus while doing a reading.

What Are Angel Readings?

Angel cards feature the angels from the three Abrahamic faiths. A deck of cards can have as few as 22 cards or as many as 44 total cards. Angel cards help you connect with the spiritual realm through angel numbers and descriptions.

Angel cards are typically designed to facilitate communication with angelic beings who can serve as spiritual mentors or sources of higher instruction. Although the artwork in each deck will vary, all cards carry the same mission of spotlighting various angels and arch angels.

1. Choose the Deck You Connect With

When it comes to picking an angel deck the possibilities are endless. You can buy your bookstores from a new age spiritual store or online. Each deck comes equipped with a variety of angels and brief messages that explain the qualities of the card.

When you are getting your first few angel decks, you need to browse through your options before settling on your purchase. Ask the owner of a local store if they have open decks that you can look at and get a feel for before making a purchase.

Look online to see samples of some of the cards when ordering online. This will help you see if you have a preference or attraction to a particular set of cards. Any reliable online store will feature a contact form so that you may if you want to, ask inquiries.

2. Familiarize Yourself With Different Cards and Layouts for Readings

Depending on the author and illustrator, several definitions of angel cards will be given. While some angel cards emphasize the nine different categories of angels, others emphasize the seven archangels.

Single Draw Reading

A single card draw is a great way to connect passers by with spiritual guidance. You can keep a dish of cards nearby and do simple readings based on what the card means to them.

Two Cards Daily Reading

Place two cards on the table, one card spanning the other and both facing down. Ask a question and then look for the answer by pulling the bottom card first. The second card will provide you with further direction or show you where and how to look for more information.

Three Card Spread

A three-card draw should showcase the past, present, and future. The past is represented by the card in front of you, the present by the card in the middle, and the future is symbolized by the card that is furthest away from you.

Four Card General

One of the most dynamic ways to do a reading is to place four cards into a square layout. One card represents love, the second family, the third is your career, and the final should forecast your financial prosperity. These cards can be drawn one at a time or laid out in a single spread.

3. Calm Yourself As You Carry Out Readings

Reading angel cards is much more than just breezing through your cards. You must quiet your mind as you carry out the readings. You should ask angels for guidance to help guide you during your interpretation.

Hone Your Skills With Angel Readings

Angel cards act as a way for your angels to communicate with you and give you emotional and spiritual support. Angel readings can help you connect with your spiritual path.

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