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How to Self-Induce Transformative
States of Consciousness

When you think about entering transformative states of consciousness, you might think about consuming certain substances that help you get to altered states. While that’s definitely one way to change your state of consciousness, you can actually enter transformative states of consciousness on your own.

First, identify the state you want to experience

Whether you’re looking for a little relaxation or you want to venture beyond time and space, it’s critical to identify the exact state you’re aiming for in terms of brain waves. If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t know how to get there.

There are four main brainwave states that will change your state of consciousness:

  • Beta. Beta is a state of heightened alertness where your concentration is on full blast.
  • Alpha. Alpha is a state of deep relaxation where you’ll still maintain full conscious awareness. This state is where you can tap into creativity and intuition. You’ll pass through the state of alpha on your way to and through other states of consciousness.
  • Theta. Theta is the twilight state of consciousness where you’re between asleep and awake. This is the state of consciousness you pass through on your way to sleep and when waking up. In theta, you’re able to access your deeper mind. Some people can induce psychic abilities in this state. Theta is also a hypnotic state where you become susceptible to influence, which is why people listen to autosuggestions and self-hypnosis tapes as they fall asleep.
  • Delta. Delta is a state of deep sleep and the space of emptiness that comes from deep contemplation. Coming out of a meditation where you were in delta is revitalizing to the mind and body.

While there are other states of consciousness, these four are the most identifiable and absolute. What’s interesting is that from around age 2-6, a child’s brain is in theta all the time before moving into a state of alpha between 6-8 years old.

Next, decide how you’re going to induce your desired state

There are so many ways to induce altered states of consciousness. You can practice meditation or you can use tools that produce vibration like tuning forks and singing bowls. Meditating will be harder than using tools, but it’s still worth practicing if you’re determined.

If you’re going to focus on meditation as your main method for accessing altered states, consider doing basic and gentle pranayam to help you go deeper. Pranayam is an ancient form of breathwork that is said to gently raise your life force energy from the base of your spine up to the top of your head. Doing this breathwork helps you go deeper into meditation as it slows your hear trate, eliminates stress, and brings your focus to a greater depth.

Vibration will induce states of consciousness faster

Using vibration to induce states of consciousness isn’t new and it’s something many people do naturally. There’s something soothing about vibration, especially when it’s audible, like with singing bowls.

Soundwaves have healing properties, so it’s no wonder people can fall asleep or slip into altered states just by listening to wind chimes, soft music, or even a drum circle.

In recent years, people have been using the Wholetones music created by Michael Tyrrel. Wholetones music incorporates the solfeggio frequencies into each track with an overlay of beautiful, soothing music. While the music itself is wonderful, it’s the kind of music you listen to when you want to calm down or enter deeper states of relaxation. You can even use it before bed to drop into the twilight state faster and if the music keeps playing, the tones will influence you on a much deeper level as you enter completely into theta.

Achieving altered states of consciousness naturally is easy

At first, it might seem like it’s difficult to enter into altered states of consciousness naturally, but with the help of some tools – mainly vibration – it’s very possible. In fact, once you get better at entering into altered states of consciousness through meditation, focus, breathwork, or vibration, it becomes like second nature.

At first, it might take a long time to reach your desired state. Over time, you’ll get there faster as you practice whatever method you prefer. As you train your body to reach altered states, you develop a muscle memory for all that’s required to get there. In time, you won’t need extra time to quiet your mind – you’ll be able to quiet your mind on command and enter your desired state of consciousness.

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