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Working to Heal Humanity

By Mark Salzedo

A growing number of people, from all walks of life, are familiar with the healing influence of divine energy. So many of our present day ills stem from blocking the natural flow of energy from our higher natures, from the God within. The need to re-connect, to re-create the circuit through which Soul energy can flow, is a crucial step in the healing process.

What is true for the individual is equally true for humanity as a whole. Many of the problems that we face in the world exist because we have distorted or blocked the divine circulatory flow from our higher, spiritual nature. Humanity today needs to strengthen this inner connection to enable the soul energies of light and love to qualify human thought, activity and relationship. Our separative thinking has led us to lose sight of the reality of inner connectedness. The split between humankind's spiritual essence and its outer form has generated many forms of disease. Not only does it cause physical disease, but also psychological disturbance. The effects of this split can be seen too in other forms of disease such as the pollution and the environmental degradation that threaten so much of life on earth.

One initiative that is working to establish this re-connection, and which involves tens of thousands of people throughout the world is Triangles. Triangles is an idea for using techniques of meditation and visualization to create a unifying web of light and goodwill through which spiritual energy can flow into human minds and hearts. People link each day in thought in threes, seeing each person in the triangle as a point of light and visualizing goodwill flowing between them. Having linked up in this way, light and love are visualized pouring into the triangle, energizing it, vitalizing it until it becomes a triangle of scintillating brilliance. The energy is then released, directed out from each point of the triangle as light and goodwill, to flow across the network of triangles being created by people around the world, to irradiate human consciousness with spiritual life.

The Triangles service is challenging, yet really quite simple: a few minutes of dedicated thought each day. It is not necessary to be physically present with your two co-workers or to synchronize the timing of the link. Because the work is activated on subjective levels it transcends the space-time equation.

All thinking people of goodwill are acutely aware of the challenges that lie ahead of the human family. Triangles is a project that is helping to reconnect humanity with its divine source and so bring about a more balanced and holistic approach to life.

Triangles workers use the Great Invocation to focus their appeal for light, love and spiritual direction. The Great Invocation voices in a simple and direct way humanity's need for light on its path, love in its relationships and the spiritual will to work for the good of the whole. The work is an act of service, a service to humanity and a service to the evolutionary process working out on our planet.

If you would like to be a part of this growing global network of light and love, and contribute to a process of healing and renewal, please visit the website Triangles or contact Triangles by Email.

Triangles is a network of light and love. It is a spiritual initiative launched in 1937 to help foster right relations within the human family. The triangle is an ageless symbol of the nature of divinity and echoes throughout many of the world's spiritual traditions. Today, there are thousands of men and women of goodwill drawn from many races, faiths and sections of society who link up daily in their triangles to heal humanity and the planet.

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