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Real Moldavite Stones: Features and Use

Moldavite is a high-quality crystal stone that possesses healing energy. These stones originated in the lands of the Czech Republic. According to scientific studies, these stones are believed to have descended on Earth in a cosmic disaster millions of years ago. Ancient history suggests that these precious gemstones were used in the paleolithic age as weapons and protection guards. Early humans also used it for healing and fertility rituals.

Do you need one too? Well, you must know that the stones are genuine and authentic before making the purchase. If you’re buying from a certified company, then there’s no hassle. You can still keep a simple tip in your knowledge to check for its authenticity. Real moldavite stones will have some bubbles of any shape and size, along with lechatelierite inclusions. Now, let’s check out the features and uses of this precious stone.

Features of Real Moldavite Stones

There are some unique and exciting features of real moldavite stones that you should know, such as:

  • It is made up of silica-rich glass with green, yellowish-green, and greenish-brown colour.
  • These stones have a vitreous lustre with a white streak.
  • Real moldavite stones have trapped gas bubbles along with flow structures, visible under the magnification range of 10x and even with unaided eyes.
  • One of the most diagnostic features of moldavite is the high relief inclusions of lechatelierite, making it an amorphous crystal system.
  • These stones can be either transparent or translucent. In rare cases, these stones can be opaque in their appearance.
  • A natural moldavite stone possesses a much higher melting point and ensures excellent medical and ornamental benefits.

Uses of Real Moldavite Stones

Following the trend from the ancient period, people are still using these stones for their beneficial factors. Some of the uses of real moldavite stones are:

  • Meditation and Astral Travelling: You must know, moldavite is a healing crystal that emits high vibration energy. This energy goes up and beyond the earthly plates and gives a tingling feeling to those who hold it. Thus, you can ideally use this tone for the purpose of meditation. These stones are a result of a cosmic disaster, so they can be used for astral travelling, which is connecting your soul to travel and synergize positivity.
  • Handcrafted Jewelry Products: Moldavite is a lustrous, radiant and exceptional-looking crystal stone. Nowadays, it is in huge demand for its ornamental uses. These stones are used to make handcrafted jewelry products. You can wear such moldavite jewelry to display a royal and attractive charm in your appearance.
  • Showcase For Art: These stones are often used to study geological aspects. Many museums around the world use moldavite to display its features and natural appearance. You can use a moldavite stone to showcase the art to other people.

Ending Note

From this comprehensive guide, you can summarize the essential details about a real moldavite stone easily. If you wish to buy these stones, look for the best, authentic, and certified seller. Get your moldavite stone today.

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