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An Aquarian Guide

By Gina Ravenswood

After 30 years as a psychic medium counseling people, I became very aware that if a person changed their thinking so would their life change. However, towards the end of the 90s I noted many of my clients using positive thinking and sincerely trying to manifest their ideals, were getting nowhere - I decided to look at why. The first thing I observed was people's destinies were changing to work in with the new energy during the planet's transition into the Aquarian Age. Yet, many clients were holding on to predications made in the past that still hadn't manifested - leaving them unfulfilled.

Much knowledge had come in around the 70s about the New Age, yet people didn't seem to relate or know the affect this would have on the personal self and the subtle bodies. People accepted we were multi-dimensional but didn't understand or know the difference between the Higher self, the Light Body, or any of the terms used to explain the many selves. I observed people linking with their own Higher Self and thinking it was a guide; and I also observed people linking with a guide and thinking it was their own spirit.

The many parts of people were all exposed to me whilst I was in trance. I wanted to help people come into alignment but my guide at that time wasn't an expert in that field. Constantly I observed people's links short-circuiting in the aura - cutting out. Their reaction to this happening, was going back to the old ways of working with spirit. I didn't want to go back to old wisdom because of what I could see; I knew all the different aspects of the spiritual self had a part to play.

So at the year 2000 like many others I waited for the 'change'. Because I was a medium I was more open to the changes in energy than physical changes, and I am sure anyone working with awareness understands it s the energy behind physical happenings that make them manifest. I was trying to sense this new energy. Nothing happened, the shift didn't occur. Then about three days later I lay down to have a rest and the moment I closed my eyes I felt myself being propelled towards a Band of Color and Light and in what seemed like a split second I was inside this light, consciously looking at planet Earth. The love I experienced whilst nestled within this color and light permeated my mind. I was conscious, I could feel and see.

Then a beautiful Being of Light started telepathically speaking to my mind saying that this Band of Color and Light contained the New Aquarian vibration, and how every month a color containing pure Aquarian energy would be released into the Earth's auric field. She went on to say how the congestion (old thinking) surrounding the planet was blocking its flow, therefore it would take until 2003 before it would be felt. But this was the new energy containing guidance for the New Age.

I telepathically inquired what her association with me was, and almost instantly I was back in my body lying down with the name Lalesha in my mind. From that day on everything I'd planned went wrong: my relationship failed, my house I put on the market, didn't sell, nothing seemed to flow. It was like I was repelling everything that wasn't in harmony with my new energy. The moment I thought the words 'new energy' - I worked it out. This new guide had dosed me with New Aquarian energy; my past awareness wasn't needed anymore.

So after deep meditation I dedicated myself to receive the Guide Lalesha's knowledge about the New Age. Even though her teachings cover the same topics that those, like me, already on a spiritual path are aware of, i.e. karma, true destiny, psychic perception, telepathic communication, soul's blueprint, angels etc., viewed from the Aquarian viewpoint it all changes. For example, Lalesha teaches how to clear karma using the Higher mind, instead of living through it. Whereas the Piscean perspective was geared to awakening the soul, the Aquarian Age is all about becoming a living soul.

Often Lalesha has said, 'spirituality shouldn't be complicated' and 'one should be aware of who and what they are giving over or linking with'. Lalesha has compiled this knowledge into Twelve Teachings where she goes into depth explaining the different bodies or centers that you can go to for specific guidance or energy to manifest your dreams. Every teaching and its color relate to a different aspect of life. Every teaching contains visualizations and exercises to help people merge with the Aquarian vibration, which she goes on to explain in detail.

This is my favorite exercise I would like to share with you from the August Teaching on the Higher Self:

Stretch yourself way into the future. Ask yourself how long you think you are going to live - another ten, twenty, forty, fifty years?

Look at the time. Maybe break it down into ten-year-cycles, then break it down to five-year-cycles, then break it down even further to one-year-cycles, break it down again to one-month-cycles. Look at the month of August and come right into the NOW.

You are living a life with other people and all of those people have led a journey of many lifetimes. Each one of them have been very rich and very poor, very emotional and very cold, very selfless and very selfish, full of belief and full of doubt.

You are living with parts of yourself right now, and when you live through the day with other parts of yourself —-

WHO knows what is going on?
WHO knows what tomorrow may bring?
WHO can see the time you will depart your earth life? And,
WHO can see when you will breathe again as a new baby?
And this is my favorite visualization from the July Teaching on the Astral Body - which she describes as our original body of telepathic communication:
The Waterfall
Picture a waterfall surrounded with deep green flora, beneath a blue sky. Absorb the Blue and the Green of this natural scene, then gaze at the flowing water that is creating a pool of Turquoise liquid.

Feel yourself immersed in this crystal clear Turquoise water, until you feel you have a Turquoise body, and are part of its flow. Then visualize the Aquarian Water Bearer pouring liquid Turquoise Light through the open channels on this planet - become an open channel and merge with her 'flow'. When you have absorbed enough consciousness, return to feeling your physical feet on the pebbles beneath. This is a good visualization to clear the mind and inhale the Aquarian vibration.

Gina Ravenswood, psychic medium for the Guide Lalesha, is presently living in New Zealand.

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