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Resonance of the Stars

By Henry Ramsey

This is a clear and concise road map to self-improvement and self-empowerment.

There is nothing new under the sun except for our interpretations. Much of what is written here was learned and explained in different venues over the millennia. This present interpretation is enhanced with new knowledge gained by scientists and physicists exploring the makeup and workings of the cosmos. We now understand, for example, in Quantum Physics, that all existence is made up of quanta or energy with potential. We are also stretching our minds around the concept that it is by and through the observations of life, that causes the physical world to manifest.

We now realize that there are great new horizons to explore when we consider that spiritual power may very well be the controlling power over all the other powers of energy like electro magnetism, nuclear and gravity.

On a personal note, it is the thought of your compiler and narrator that countries around the globe face monumental shifts in economic and political realignment going forward as the decline of US empire creates its sinking wake. In addition to adopting new and more synergistic social models to live by, many people will come to realize that the next great frontier will be the exploration of inner-space, the wondrous powers of the human mind.

Your Thoughts and the Law of Attraction

THE Universe is governed by Law — one great Law. This is a spiritual law that is supreme over all the physical laws like gravity and electro magnetism. You are no doubt familiar with some of its manifestations, but probably not all.

Through science, you are generally familiar with nuclear forces that holds together the atoms of which matter is composed — you also recognize the power of gravity that attracts bodies to the earth, that holds the circling worlds in their places, but most of us close our eyes to the mighty law that draws to you the things you desire or fear, that makes or mars your life, the Law of Attraction.

When you come to see that Thought is a force — a manifestation of energy — having a magnet-like power of attraction, you will begin to understand the why and wherefore of many things that have heretofore assumed was chance. There is no study that will so well repay you for your time and trouble as the study of the workings of the power of Thought, the Law of Attraction.

Thought produces vibrations or resonance which are as real as the quanta manifesting light, heat, electricity or magnetism. That these vibrations are not evident to your five senses is no proof that they do not exist, the same way you do not see magnetism but are fully aware of its awesome power and force.

These thought vibrations, likewise, cannot be sensed in the ordinary tactile way; although many of us can testify that we have distinctly felt the thought vibrations of others, both while in the presence of the sender and at a distance.

Thoughts set into motion vibrations of a very high degree, but just as real as the vibrations of light, heat or sound. And when you understand the laws governing the production and transmission of these vibrations you will be able to use them in your daily life, just as you do the better known forms of energy.

You are sending out thoughts of greater or less intensity all the time, and you are reaping the results of such thoughts. Not only do your thought waves influence yourself and others, but they have a drawing power — they attract to you the thoughts of others, things, circumstances, people, “luck,” in accord with the character of the thought uppermost in your mind.

Thoughts of Love will attract to you the Love of others; circumstances and surroundings in accord with the thought; and people who are of like thought.

Thoughts of Anger, Hate, Envy, Malice and Jealousy will draw to you the foul brood of kindred thoughts emanating from the minds of others.

A strong thought or a thought long continued, will make you the center of attraction for the corresponding thought waves of others. Like attracts like in the Thought World. The people who are filled with Love see Love on all sides and attract the Love of others. People with hate in their hearts get all the Hate they can stand.

And so it goes, each gets what they call for over the transmitter of the Mind. Those who rise in the morning feeling “grumpy” usually manage to infect their tribulations onto others with whom they come in contact..

This matter of Thought Attraction is a serious one. When you stop to think of it you will see that people really make their own surroundings, although they will blame others for it. Persons of calm thought can be unaffected by any disharmony surrounding them. They can remain aloof, unaffected and calm while tempests rage about them. One reassuring aspect of this study is that you are not at the mercy of these fitful storms of Thought once you have learned the workings of the Law.

We have passed through the age of physical force on to the age of intellectual supremacy, and are now entering a new and almost unknown field, that of spiritual power.

This field has its established laws and you should acquaint yourself with them or you will be left behind in a world of bewilderment. Following are the rules for making use of this great power and how to apply it for legitimate and worthy purposes, just as people are using electricity and other forms of energy today.

The Process of Reproduction

LIKE a stone thrown into the water, thought produces ripples and waves which spread out over the great ocean of being. There is this difference, however: the waves on the water move only on a level plane in all directions, whereas thought waves move in all directions from a common center, just as do the rays from the sun.

Just as we are surrounded by a great sea of air, so are all of us surrounded by a great sea of Mind. These thought waves have other qualities differing from the waves on the water. They have the property of reproducing themselves; in this respect they resemble sound waves rather than waves upon the water.

Just as a note of the violin will cause thin glass to vibrate and “sing,” so will a strong thought resonate in minds attuned to receive it. Many of the “stray thoughts” which come to you are but reflections or answering vibrations to some strong thought sent out by another. But unless your mind is attuned to receive it, the thought will not affect you.

If you are thinking high and great thoughts, your mind acquires a certain keynote corresponding to the character of the thoughts you have been thinking. And once this keynote is established, you will be tuned to catch the vibrations of other minds keyed to the same thought.

On the other hand, get into the habit of thinking thoughts of an opposite character, and you will soon be echoing the low order of thoughts emanating from the minds of the multitudes all thinking along the same lines.

You are largely what you have thought yourself into being, the balance being represented by the character of the suggestions and thought of others. Your general mental attitude, however, determines the character of the thought waves received from others as well as the thoughts emanating from yourself. You receive only such thoughts as are in harmony with the general mental attitude held by yourself; the thoughts not in harmony affecting you very little, as they awaken no response in you.

Those who believe thoroughly in themselves and maintain a positive strong mental attitude of Confidence and Determination are not likely to be affected by the adverse and negative thoughts of Discouragement and Failure emanating from the minds of other persons in whom these last qualities predominate.

At the same time, these negative thoughts, if they reach people whose mental attitude are pitched on a low key, deepen their negative state and add fuel to the fire which is consuming their strength, or, conversely, serve to further smother the fire of their energy and activity.

You attract to yourself the thoughts of others of the same order of thought. Those who think success will attract others thinking likewise. Those who allow their mind to dwell constantly upon thoughts of failure brings themselves into close touch with the minds of other “failure” people, and each will tend to pull the other down still more. Those who think that all is evil is apt to see much evil, and will be brought into contact with others who will seem to prove their theory. And those who look for good in everything and everybody will be likely to attract to themselves the things and people corresponding to that thought.

You generally see that for which you look. You receive only that which corresponds to your mental attunement. If you have been discouraged, you may rest assured that you have dropped into a negative frame of mind, and have been affected not only by your own thoughts but have also received the added depressing thoughts of similar character which are constantly being sent out from the minds of other unfortunates who have not yet learned the law of attraction in the thought world.

And if you occasionally rise to heights of enthusiasm and energy, you will find encouragement in the acts and deeds of the courageous, daring, energetic, and positive thoughts from great thinkers who have gone before you.

The mind has many degrees of pitch, ranging from the highest positive note to the lowest negative note, with many notes in between. When your mind is operating along positive lines you feel strong, buoyant, bright, cheerful, happy, confident and courageous, and are enabled to do your work well, to carry out your intentions, and progress on your road to Success. You send out strong positive thought, which affects others and causes them to co-operate with you or to follow your lead, according to their own mental keynote.

When you are playing on the extreme negative end of the mental keyboard you feel depressed, week, passive, dull, fearful and cowardly. You find yourself unable to make progress or to succeed. And your effect upon others is practically nil.

In some persons the positive element seems to predominate, and in others the negative quality seems to be more in evidence. When two people first meet there is generally a silent mental conflict in which their respective minds test their quality of positiveness, and fix their relative position toward each other. This process may be unconscious in many cases, but it occurs nevertheless.

Remember, you possess the power to raise the keynote of your mind to a positive pitch by an effort of the will. And, of course, it is equally true that you may allow yourself to drop into a low, negative note by carelessness or a weak will.

There are more people on the negative plane of thought than on the positive plane, and consequently there are more negative thought vibrations in operation in our mental atmosphere. But, happily for us, this is counterbalanced by the fact that a positive thought is infinitely more powerful than a negative one, and if by force of will you raise yourself to a higher mental key you can shut out the depressing thoughts and take up the vibrations corresponding with your changed mental attitude.

Do not allow yourself to be affected by the adverse and negative thoughts of those round you. Rise to the upper chambers of your mental dwelling, and key yourself up to strong pitch, away above the vibrations on the lower planes of thought. Then you will not only be immune to their negative vibrations but will be in touch with the great body of strong positive thought coming from those of your own plane of development.

Through the proper use of thought and will, you can have yourself well in hand be able to strike the positive key at any moment you may feel it necessary. It is not necessary to strike the extreme note on all occasions. The better plan is to keep yourself in a comfortable key, without much strain, and to have the means at command whereby you can raise the pitch when the occasion demands.

With this knowledge you will not be at the mercy of the old automatic action of the mind, but have it well under your own control. Development of your will is very much like the development of a muscle — a matter of practice and gradual improvement. At first it will be tiresome, but at each trial you grow stronger until the new strength becomes real and permanent.

Many have made themselves positive under sudden calls or emergencies. Many of us are in the habit of “bracing up” when occasion demands. But by intelligent practice you will be so much strengthened that your habitual state will be equal to your “bracing up” stage now, and then when you find it necessary to apply the spur you will be able to reach a stage not dreamed of at present.

It is well to be able to relax and assume a certain degree of receptiveness, knowing that you are always able to spring back to the more positive state at will. The habitually strongly positive person loses much enjoyment and recreation. Positive, you give out expressions; receptive, you take in impressions.

Positive, you are a teacher; receptive, a pupil.

It is not only a good thing to be a good teacher, but it is also very important to be a good listener at times as well.

Mind Building

YOU can build up your mind and make it what you will. In fact, you are mind-building every hour of your life, either consciously or unconsciously. The majority of people are doing the work unconsciously, but those who have seen a little below the surface of things, have taken the matter in hand have become conscious creators of their own mentality.

They are no longer subject to the suggestions and influences of others but have become masters of themselves. They assert their “will, or I Am” and compel obedience from the subordinate mental faculties. Your “I” is the sovereign of your mind, and what we call WILL is the instrument of your “I.”

The Universal Will is higher than the Will of the Individual, but the latter is in much closer touch with the Universal Will than is generally supposed, and when you conquer your lower self, and asserts the “I,” you become in close touch with the Universal Will and partake of its bounty.

The moment you assert your “I,” and “find yourself,” you establish a close connection between your Individual Will and the Universal Will. Before you can assert your I” in its full strength you must obtain the complete mastery of the subordinate parts of your self. All things are good when you learn to master them, but no thing is good when it masters you.

As long as you allow the lower portions of your self to give you orders, you are a slave. It is only when your “I” mounts his throne and lifts the scepter, that order is established and things assume their proper relation to each other.

And the time to do it is Now. You have been allowing your rebellious subjects to keep your King from his throne. You have been allowing your mental kingdom to be misgoverned by irresponsible faculties. You have been the slave of Appetite, Unworthy Thoughts and Negativeness. Your Will has been set aside and Low Desire has usurped your throne.

Surround yourself with the glorious company of Courage, Love and Self- Control. You may put down the rebellion and secure peace and order in your mental kingdom if you will employ these concepts.

I AM Asserting the Mastery of My Real Self.

Repeat these words earnestly and positively during the day and particularly when you are confronted with conditions which tempt you to act out your lesser self instead of following the course dictated by the Real Self.

In a moment of doubt and hesitation say these words earnestly, and your way will be made clear to you. Repeat them several times after you retire and settle yourself to sleep. But be sure to back up the words with the thought inspiring them. Form the mental image of your Real Self asserting its mastery over the lower planes of your mind — see your King on your Throne.

You will become conscious of an influx of new thought, and things which have seemed hard for you will suddenly become much easier. You will feel that you have yourself well in hand, and that YOU are the master and not the slave. The thought you are holding will manifest itself in action, and you will steadily grow to become that which you have in mind.

Fix your mind firmly on your higher Self and draw inspiration from it when you feel led to yield to the prompting of the lower part of your nature. When you are tempted to burst into Anger — assert your “I,” and your voice will drop. Anger is unworthy of the developed Self.

When you feel vexed and cross, take note and rise above your feeling. When you feel Fearful, remember that the Real Self fears nothing, and assert Courage.

When you feel Jealousy inciting, think of your higher nature, and laugh. Assert your Real Self and do not allow the things on the lower plane of mentality to disturb you. They are unworthy of you, and they must be taught to keep their place. Do not allow these things to master you —they should be your subjects, not your master.

You must free yourself from this plane, and the only way to do so is to cut loose from these phases of thought which have been “running things” to suit themselves. You may have trouble at the start, but keep at it and you will have that satisfaction which comes from conquering the lower parts of your nature. You have been a slave long enough — now is the time to free yourself.

Follow the exercises mentioned here faithfully you will be a different being soon enough and will look back with a pitying smile to your former condition. It takes work. This is not child’s play but a task for the earnest. Will YOU make the effort?

The Secret of the Will

WHILE psychologists may differ in their theories regarding the nature of the Will, none deny its existence, nor question its power. Everyone recognizes the power of strong Will — all see how it may be used to overcome the greatest of obstacles.

But few realize that the Will may be developed and strengthened by intelligent practice. They feel that they could accomplish wonders if they had a strong Will, but instead of attempting to develop it, they content themselves with vain regrets. They sigh, but do nothing.

Will Power, with all its latent possibilities and mighty powers, may be developed, disciplined, controlled and directed, just as may be any other of Nature’s forces. It does not matter what theory you may entertain about the nature of the Will, you will obtain the results if you practice intelligently.

You who have developed your mind so that it will allow Will Power to manifest through it, have opened up wonderful possibilities for yourselves, finding a great power at your command.

This secret of the Will is the magic key which opens all doors. Many feel that if they would but exert their Will, they might accomplish wonders. But somehow they do not seem to want to take the trouble. They put it off and talk vaguely of “some day,” but that some day never comes.

They instinctively feel the power of the Will, but they haven’t enough energy to exercise it, and so drift along with the tide. Essentially, They don’t “want to” hard enough.

That is the trouble. Let people be in danger of losing their life — let people be in danger of losing a great love — and you will witness a startling exhibition of Will Power from an unexpected source. Let a parent’s child be threatened with danger, and he or she will manifest a degree of Courage and Will that sweeps all before it.

And yet the same parent will quail before a domineering spouse, and will lack the Will to perform a simple task. Strong Will follows strong Desire. If you really want to do a thing very much, you can usually develop the Will Power to accomplish it.

There is a price to be paid. You must be able and willing to pay the price of attainment. The first test is resolve. You must resolve to make the effort.

The power of suggestion is the secret to the development of the mind so that it may become the efficient instrument of the Will.

I AM Using My Will Power

SAY these words several times earnestly and positively. Then repeat them frequently during the day particularly in circumstance that calls for the exercise of Will Power.

Also repeat them several times after you retire and settle yourself for sleep. Now, there is nothing in the words unless you back them up with the thought. In fact, the thought is “the whole thing,” and the words only pegs upon which to hang the thought. So think of what you are saying, and mean what you say. You must use Faith at the start, and use the words with a confident expectation of the result.

Hold steady the thought that you are drawing on your storehouse of Will Power, and before long you will find that thought is taking form in action, and that your Will Power is manifesting itself. You will feel an influx of strength with each repetition of the words. You will find yourself overcoming difficulties and bad habits, and will be surprised at how things are being smoothed out for you.

Perform at least one disagreeable task every week.

If there is any especially disagreeable task which you would like to shirk, that is the one for you to perform. Anyone can do a pleasant thing cheerfully, but it takes Will to do the unpleasant thing cheerfully; and that is how you must do the work. It will prove a most valuable discipline for you. If you shirk this exercise you had better stop right here and acknowledge that you do not want Will Power.

THE first step on the road to mastering will power is to begin to “cut out” Fear and Worry. Fear-thought is the cause of much unhappiness and many failures. You have been told this thing over and over again, but it bears repeating. Fear is a habit of mind which has been fastened upon us by negative thought, but from which you may free yourself by individual effort and perseverance.

Strong expectancy is a powerful magnet. Your strong, confident desires attract to you the things best calculated to aid you — persons, things circumstances and surroundings; if you desire them hopefully, trustfully, confidently and calmly. And, equally true, he who Fears a thing generally manages to start into operation forces which will cause the thing he feared to come upon him.

Those who Fear really expect the feared thing, and in the eyes of the Law it is the same as if he really had wished for or desired it. The Law is operative in both cases manifesting the thought regardless for good or ill. The best way to overcome the habit of Fear is to assume the mental attitude of Courage, just as the best way to get rid of darkness is to let in the light.

The best, surest, easiest and quickest method is to assume the existence of a positive thought to replace the fearful; and by constantly dwelling upon the positive you manifest it instead into objective reality. Do not use a negative like “I’m not afraid,” but say boldly, “I am full of Courage,” “I am Courageous.” To overcome fear, hold firmly to the mental attitude of Courage.

You should think Courage, say Courage, act Courage. Hold the ideal firmly before you and you will gradually grow to its attainment —the ideal will become manifest.

Live on the “I Can and I Will” plane, and before you are aware of it, you will feel the new vibrations manifesting themselves in action; will see them bring results. You will become conscious of a new point of view and will realize that empowerment is coming to you. You will feel better, act better and be better.

The only way to be Free is to get rid of Fear

THE conquest of Fear is the first important step to be taken by those who wish to master the application of Thought Force. So long as Fear masters you, you are in no condition to make progress in the realm of Thought. You CAN do it—if you only go about it in earnest. And when you have rid yourself of it, life will seem entirely different to you — you will feel happier, freer, stronger, more positive, and will be more successful in every undertaking of Life.

Start it today, make up your mind that this intruder must GO— fill your mind with good, strong, Fearless thoughts — keep yourself busy thinking Courage and Fearlessness, and Fear will die of his own accord.

Fearlessness is positive — Fear is negative, and you may be sure that the positive will prevail. So long as Fear is around with its “but,” “if,” “suppose,” “I’m afraid,” “I can’t,” “what if,” and all the rest of his cowardly suggestions, you will not be able to use your Thought Force to the best advantage. You will be surprised to see how a changed mental attitude will clear away obstacles from your path, and will make things very much easier than you had anticipated.

Forsaking Negative Thought

WORRY is the child of Fear — if you kill out Fear, Worry will die for want of nourishment. This advice is very old, and yet it is always worthy of repetition, for it is a lesson of which all of us are greatly in need.

Worry never helped one to accomplish anything; on the contrary, it stands in the way of accomplishment and attainment. The motive underlying action and “doing things” is Desire and Interest. If you earnestly desire a thing, you naturally become very much interested in its accomplishment, and are quick to seize upon anything likely to help you to gain the thing you want.

More than that, your mind starts work on the subconscious plane that brings into the field of consciousness many ideas of value and importance. Desire and Interest are the causes that result in success.

Fear and Worry must go before you can do much. You must proceed to cast out these negative intruders, and replace them with Confidence and Hope. Transmute Worry into keen Desire. Then you will find that Interest is awakened, and you will begin to think things of interest to you. Thoughts will come to you from the great reserve stock in your mind and you will start to manifest them in action.

Moreover, you will be placing yourself in harmony with similar thoughts of others, and will draw to you aid and assistance from the great volume of thought waves with which the world is filled. You draw to yourself thought waves corresponding in character with the nature of the prevailing thoughts in your own mind — your mental attitude.

You then set into motion the great Law of Attraction, whereby you draw to you others likely to help you.

To succeed in anything you must want it very much — Desire must be in evidence in order to attract. Those of weak desires attracts very little to themselves. The stronger the Desire the greater the force set into motion.

You must want a thing hard enough before you can get it. You must want it more than you do the things around you, and you must be prepared to pay the price for it. The price is the throwing overboard of certain lesser desires that stand in the way of the accomplishment of the greater one. Do you want the thing as much as a prisoner wants freedom — as much as a dying man wants life? Work for the desired thing as if your life depended upon it.

The key to attainment is Desire, Confidence, and Will. This key will open many doors.

You do not need to fight Worry — that isn’t the way to overcome the habit. Just practice concentration, and then learn to concentrate upon something right before you, and you will find that the worry thought has vanished. The mind can think of but one thing at a time, and if you concentrate upon a bright thing, the other thing will fade away. When the mind is full of worry thoughts, it cannot find time to work out plans to benefit you.

Keep your mental attitude right, and all things will be added unto you. There’s no sense in worrying; nothing has ever been gained by it. Bright, cheerful and happy thoughts attract bright, cheerful and happy things to us — worry drives them away. Cultivate the right mental attitude.

The Law of Mental Control

YOUR thoughts are either faithful servants or tyrannical masters — just as you allow them to be. You have the say about it; take your choice.

Take charge and they will go about your work under direction of your firm will, doing it the best they know how, not only in your waking hours, but when you are asleep. Your mind is given to you for your own good and for your own use — not to use you. There are very few people who seem to realize this and who understand the art of managing the mind. The key to the mystery is Concentration.

A little practice will develop within you the power to use the mental machine properly. When you have some mental work to do concentrate upon it to the exclusion of everything else, and you will find that the mind will get right down to business — to the work at hand.

Furthermore, there is only room for one thing at a time in the focus of attention; so put all your attention upon one thought, and the others will dissipate.

Asserting Life-Force

MANY people go around with no ambition — no energy — no vitality — no interest in life. They are stagnating; a good general awakening is what is needed.

You must let Life flow through you, and allow it to express itself naturally. Do not let the little worries of life, or the big ones either, depress you and cause you to lose your vitality. Assert the Life Force within you, and manifest it in every thought, act and deed, and before long you will be exhilarated and fairly bubbling over with vitality and energy.

Put a little life into your work — into your pleasures — into yourself. Stop doing things in a half-headed way, and begin to take an interest in what you are doing, saying and thinking. It is astonishing how much interest you may find in the ordinary things of life if you will only wake up. There are interesting things all around us — interesting events occurring every moment — but you will not be aware of them unless you assert your life force and begin to actually live instead of merely existing.

Fix in your mind the thought that the “I” within you is very much alive and that you are manifesting life fully, mentally and physically. Make it part of you by constant repetitions of I am Alive.

Don’t let this thought escape you, keep pushing it back onto center stage. Make it part of your mental vision as much as possible. Repeat I Am Alive in the morning — say it when you retire at night. Form the mental picture of yourself as filled with Life and Energy. Live up to it as far as possible. Use an earnest, vigorous affirmation: “I AM Alive,” and mean it when you say it. Let your thoughts take form in action.

Training the Habit-Mind

MAKE your nervous system your ally instead of your enemy. For this you must make automatic and habitual, as early as possible, as many useful actions as you can and carefully guard against growing into ways that are likely to be disadvantageous.

In the acquisition of a new habit, or the leaving off of an old one you must take care to launch yourself with as strong and decided initiative as possible. Never suffer an exception to occur until the new habit is securely rooted in your life. Seize the very first possible opportunity to act on every resolution you make and on every emotional prompting you may experience, in the direction of the habits you aspire to gain.

It is most vital to pass on to the subconscious mind the proper impulses, so that they will become automatic and “second nature.” Our subconscious mentality is a great storehouse for all sorts of suggestions from ourselves and others. It is the “habit-mind,” and you must be careful to send it the proper material from which it may make habits.

If you get into the habit of doing certain things, you may be sure that the subconscious mentality will make it easier for us to do just the same thing over and over again, easier each time, until finally you are firmly bound with the ropes and chains of the habit, and find it difficult, sometimes almost impossible, to free yourself from them.

You should cultivate good habits against the hour of need. The time will come when you will be required to put forth your best efforts, and it rests with you today whether that hour of need shall find you doing the proper thing automatically and almost without thought, or struggling to do it bound down and hindered with the chains of things opposed to that which you desire at that moment.

Certainly, you must be on guard at all times to prevent the forming of undesirable habits.

In forming a new habit, or in breaking an old one, you should throw yourself into the task with as much enthusiasm as possible. You should start in by making as strong an impression as possible upon the subconscious mentality. Then you should be constantly on guard against temptations to break the new resolution “just this once.”

This “just once” idea kills off more good resolutions than any other one cause. The moment you yield “just this once,” you introduce the thin edge of the wedge that will, in the end, split your resolution.

Equally important is the fact that each time you resist temptation the stronger does your resolution become. You are adding to the strength of your original resolution every time you back it up with action. The mind has been likened to a piece of paper that has been folded. Ever afterwards it has a tendency to fold in the same crease — unless you make a new crease or fold, when it will follow the last lines.

The Psychology of Emotion

YOU are apt to think of the emotions as independent from habit. You easily may think of one acquiring habits of action, and even of thinking, but you are apt to regard the emotions as something connected with “feeling” and quite divorced from intellectual effort.

Yet, not withstanding the distinction between the two, both are dependent largely upon habit, and one may repress, increase, develop, and change one’s emotions, just as one may regulate habits of action and lines of thought. It is an axiom of psychology that “Emotions deepen by repetition.”

If you allow a state of feeling to thoroughly take possession of you, you will find it easier to yield to the same emotion the second time, and so on, until the particular emotion or feeling becomes second nature to you. If an undesirable emotion shows itself inclined to take up a permanent abode with you, you had better start to work to get rid of it, or at least to master it. And the best time to do this is at the start; for each repetition renders the habit more firmly entrenched, and the task of dislodging it more difficult.

Were you ever jealous? If so, you will remember how insidious was its first approach; how subtly it whispered hateful suggestions into your willing ear, and how gradually it followed up such suggestions, until, finally you began to see green.

Then you will remember how the thing seemed to grow, taking possession of you until you scarcely could shake it off. You found it much easier to become jealous the next time. It seemed to bring before you all sorts of objects apparently justifying your suspicions and feeling. And so it is with every feeling or emotion.

If you give way to a fit of rage, you will find it easier to become angry the next time, on less provocation. The habit of feeling and acting “mean” does not take long to firmly settle itself in its new home if encouraged.

Worry too is a habit. People start by worrying about big things, and then begin to worry and fret about some smaller thing. Then the merest trifle worries and distresses them. They imagine that all sorts of evil things are about to befall them.

Worry — each indulgence making the habit more at home. After a while the continued thought shows itself in action. Not only is the mind poisoned by the blue thoughts, but the forehead shows deep lines between the eyebrows.

The condition of mind known as “fault-finding” is another emotion that grows fat with exercise. First, fault is found with this thing, then with that, and finally with everything. The person becomes a chronic “nagger” and a burden to friends, relatives, and others.

Envy, uncharitableness and gossip are all habits of this kind. The seeds are in every human, and only need good soil and a little watering to become lusty and strong. Each time you give way to one of these negative emotions, the easier you make it for a recurrence of the same thing, or similar ones.

Sometimes by encouraging one unworthy emotion, you find that you have given room for the growth of a whole family of these mental weeds. If you wish to choke out these habits, there are two ways open to you. First, whenever you find yourself indulging in a negative thought or feeling, take immediate hold of it and recognize it for the villain it is. Each time you ‘expose’ a tendency of this kind to yourself, the weaker it will become.

Refuse to express a passion, and it dies. Count ten before venting your anger, and its occasion seems ridiculous. Whistling to keep up courage is no mere figure of speech.

There is no more valuable precept in moral education than this, as all who have experience know: if you wish to conquer objectionable emotional tendencies in yourself, you must expose and confront the offender and then boldly replace it with outward dispositions you prefer to cultivate. An effective technique is to cultivate the feeling or emotion directly opposed to the one you wish to eradicate.

It is true that the majority of people are slaves of their emotions and feelings, and are governed by them to a great degree. They think that feelings are things that rule, and from which one cannot free himself, and so they cease to rebel. They yield to the feeling without question, although they may know that the emotion or mental trait is injuring them, bringing unhappiness and failure instead of happiness and success.

Instead, tell yourself that you are master of your emotions and feelings, instead of being their slave. You can make yourself over, and change your entire nature. This is not mere idle theory. Mental attitudes may be acquired and cultivated, changed and discarded, at will.

There is no longer any excuse for you manifesting unpleasant and harmful mental states. You have the remedy in your own hands. You acquire habits of thought, feeling, and action, through repeated use.

You are a bundle of mental habits. Each time you indulge in an undesirable thought or habit, the easier it becomes for you to repeat that thought or action. On a cheerful note, one positive thought will counteract a number of negative thoughts. The best way to overcome undesirable or negative thoughts and feelings is to cultivate the positive ones.

Of course the negative thought will set up a vigorous resistance at first, for it is a fight for life with it. The best way is to pay as little attention as possible to these weeds of the mind and attend to the new and beautiful plants therein.

For instance, if you tend to hate people, you can best overcome the negative thought by cultivating Love in its place. Think Love, and act it out, as often as possible. Cultivate thoughts of kindness, and act as kindly as you can to everyone with whom you come in contact. You will have trouble at the start, but gradually Love will master Hate, and the latter will begin to droop and wither.

If you have a tendency toward the “blues,” cultivate a smile, and a cheerful view of things. The “blue-devils” will set up a fight, of course, but pay no attention to them — just go on cultivating optimism and cheerfulness. Let “Bright, Cheerful and Happy” be your watchword, and try to live it out.

These recipes may seem very old and timeworn, but they are psychological truths and may be used by you to advantage. You may make yourself energetic instead of slothful, active instead of lazy, by this method. It is all a matter of practice and persistence. It is necessary to “hold the thought” in order to accomplish results. But something more is needed. You must “act out” the thought until it becomes a fixed habit with you. Thoughts take form in action; and in turn actions influence thought.

So by “acting out” certain lines of thought, the actions react upon the mind, and increase the development of the part of the mind having close relation to the act.

Each time the mind entertains a thought, the easier becomes the resulting action — and each time an act is performed, the easier becomes the corresponding thought. It works both ways — action and reaction. If you feel cheerful and happy, it is very natural for you to laugh. And if you will laugh a little, you will begin to feel bright and cheerful. If you wish to cultivate a certain habit of action, begin by cultivating the mental attitude corresponding to it.

Take an interest in the doing of something you aspire to — study the best way to do it and you will find yourself doing the thing with a considerable amount of pleasure and interest — you will have cultivated a new habit. The important thing in this work is to keep cheerful and stay interested. If you manage to do this, the rest will be easy.

The Attractive Power and the Force of Desire

IN order to attain a thing it is necessary that the mind should fall in love with it, and be conscious of its existence, almost to the exclusion of everything else.

You must get in love with the thing you wish to attain, just as much as you would if you were to meet the girl or man you wished to marry. You must be so “set” upon the desired thing that all else will seem of secondary importance.

You must get in love with the thing you want, and you must get in love with it in earnest. When you are in search of success it must be your ruling passion — you must keep your mind on the main chance. Success is jealous. It demands your whole affection. Mental Force operates best when it is concentrated.

You must give to the desired thing your best and most earnest thought. Just as those who are thoroughly in love will think out plans and schemes whereby they may please the intended, so will you who are in love with your work or business give it your best thought, and the result will be that a hundred and one plans will come into your field of consciousness, many of which are very important. The mind works on the subconscious plane according to your ruling passion or desire.

But if you scatter your thought-force, the subconscious mind will not know just how to appropriately respond, and the result is that you are apt to alienate or subvert this source of aid and assistance. Beside this, you will miss out on the powerful result of concentrated thought assisting in the creation of your plans.

Also, those whose minds are full of a dozen interests fail to exert the attracting power that is manifested by those of singular ruling passions, and they fail to draw to them persons, things, and results that will aid in the working out of their plans, and will also fail to place themselves in the current of attraction whereby they are brought into contact with those who will be glad to help them because of harmonious interests.

Some scientists have claimed that something that might as well be called “Love” is at the bottom of the whole of life. They claim that the love of the plant for water causes it to send forth its roots until the loved thing is found. They say that the love of the flower for the sun causes it to grow away from the dark places, so that it may receive the light.

The so-called “chemical affinities” are really a form of love. And Desire is a manifestation of this Universal Love. So love the thing you wish to attain. Nothing but intense love will enable you to surmount the many obstacles you will invariably find in your path.

The Great Dynamic Forces

YOU have no doubt noticed the difference between the successful and strong in any walk of life, and the unsuccessful followers around them. There are widely differing characteristics between the two groups.

Energy and invincible determination — these two things will sweep away mighty barriers, and will surmount the greatest obstacles. And yet they must be used together. Energy without determination will go to waste. Lots of people have plenty of energy — they are full to overflowing with it; and yet they lack concentration — they lack the concentrated force that enables them to highly focus their desires.

People have within them a giant will, but the majority are too lazy to use it. They cannot

get themselves nerved up to the point at which they can say, truthfully: “I Will.” People, as a rule, have only a faint conception of the power of the Will. However, those who have studied it know that the Will is one of the great dynamic forces of the universe, and if harnessed and directed properly is capable of accomplishing almost miraculous things.

“Energy and Invincible Determination”: aren’t they magnificent words? They will be a constant inspiration to you. If you can get these words to vibrating in your being, you will indeed be invincible. Say these words over and over again, and see how you are filled with new life — see how your blood will circulate — how your nerves will tingle. Make these words a part of yourself, and then go forth anew to the battle of life, encouraged and strengthened. Put them into practice. “Energy and Invincible Determination” — let that be your motto in your everyday life, and you will be one of those rare persons who are able to actually “do things.”

People who accomplish have belief in themselves and in their inherent power. They have belief in their ability to concentrate on the work at hand when they are working, and in their ability to prevent leaks of power otherwise. They believe in themselves, and make every effort count.

A not very wise wise man spills his wisdom on every corner, and talks to a lot of fools; when if he really were wise he would save up his wisdom and place it where it would do more good.

People who accomplish are not very different from you, or me. You have only to meet them to see how very “ordinary” in fact they actually are. But, don’t forget the fact that they know how to use the material that is within them. Those who accomplish, usually start out by realizing that they are not so very different, after all, from the successful people that they hear so much about. This gives them confidence that they are just as able to “do things.”

People of true stature store up energy, and concentrate it upon the task at hand; while their companions are scattering their energies in every direction.

One of the reasons that people who associate with successful people often manifest success themselves, is that they are able to watch and emulate what they observe. They start to work and put the lessons learned into practice in their own lives.

Nothing is too good for YOU — no matter how great the thing may be — no matter how undeserving you may seem to be. You are entitled to the best there is, for it is your direct inheritance. So don’t be afraid to demand what is rightfully yours.

The good things of the world are not the provision of any favored sons. They belong to all, but they come only to those who are wise enough to recognize that the good things are theirs by right, and who are sufficiently courageous to reach out.

Many good things are lost for want of the asking. Many splendid things are lost to you because of your feeling that you are unworthy of them. Many great things are lost to you because you lack the confidence and courage to demand take possession of them. If you keep on repeating that you are unworthy of the good thing, that it is too good for you, the Law will take you at your word and believe what you say.

That’s a peculiar thing about the Law — it believes — what you say — it takes your thoughts and words literally.

The more in earnest you are about demanding what you want — the more confident you are of receiving it — the more willpower you use in reaching out for it — the surer you will be to obtain it.

Strong desire — confident expectation — courage in action — these things bring to you your every desire. But before you put these forces into effect, you must awaken to a realization that you are merely asking for your own, and not for something to which you have no right or claim.

So long as there exists in your mind any doubt as to your right to the things you want, you will be setting up a resistance to the operation of the Law. If you persist in regarding the desired thing as if it belonged to another, instead of to yourself, you will be placing yourself in the position of covetous or envious people. But when your realize that the best the Universe holds belongs to you as a Divine Heir, and that there is enough for all without your robbing anyone else; then the friction is removed, and the barrier broken down, and the Law proceeds to do its work.

True strength does not exhibit itself. The blusterer is a self-confessed weakling — he blusters to disguise his weakness. The truly strong are calm, self- contained, and carry with them a consciousness of strength which renders unnecessary the bluster and fuss of assumed strength.

And this applies to your mental attitude, as well as to your outward demeanor. See yourself as standing erect and facing life without fear, and you will gradually grow into your ideal.

There is nothing that is too good for you. The great things in the Cosmos await your coming of age. Children instinctively recognize that nothing is too good for them. They want all that is in sight to play with, and they seem to feel that the things are theirs by right. And that is the condition of mind that seekers after the Divine Adventure must cultivate.

Unless all of us become as little children we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The things you see around you are the playthings of the Kindergarten of God. Help yourself to them — ask for them without bashfulness. Demand as many as you can make use of — after all, they are yours. And if you don’t see just what you want, ask for it . Play to your heart’s content. Learn to weave mats — to build houses with the blocks — to stitch outlines on the squares — play the game through, and play it well.

But remember this! While all this is true, the best things available are still only game-things. Never lose sight of the fact that these good things are but playthings — part of the game — and you must be perfectly willing to lay them aside when the time comes to pass into the next class, and not cry and mourn because you must leave your playthings behind you.

Do not allow yourself to become unduly attached to them — they are for your use and pleasure, but are not a part of you — not essential to your happiness in the next stage. Do not tie yourself to things — they are good to use and play with, but not good enough to use you and to make you a plaything. Don’t let the toys turn the tables on you. This is the difference between the masters of Circumstances and the Slaves of Circumstance.

Slaves to possession think that these playthings are real not realizing that there are plenty more where these came from. They attach themselves to the trinkets that have come their way, and allow themselves to be made slaves to them. They are afraid that the toys may be taken away from them at anytime yet they are too afraid to toddle across the floor and help themselves to more.

The Masters know that all is theirs for the asking. They demand that which they need from day to day, and do not worry about over-loading themselves; for they know that there are “lots more,” and that they cannot be cheated out of them. They play, and play well, and have a good time in the play — and they learn their lessons in the playing.

Do not become too much attached to your toys. Be willing to fling away the worn-out toys, and reach out for a new one. And when you are called into the next room for promotion, drop the toys of the day, and with glistening eyes and confident attitude of mind, march into the next room — into the Great Unknown — with a smile on your face. You are not afraid, for you hear the voice of the Teacher, and know that the Teacher is there waiting for you — in that Great Next Room.

The Law, not Chance

Successful people believe in themselves and their ultimate success, and, paying no attention to little setbacks and stumbles presses on eagerly to the goal, believing all the time that they will get there. Their views and aims may alter as they progress, and they may change their plans or have them changed for them, but all the time they know in their heart that they will eventually “get there.” They are not steadily wishing they may get there — they simply feel and believe it. By doing so, they set to motion the strongest forces known in the world of thought.

Those who just as steadily believe they are going to fail will invariably fail. How could they help it? There is no special miracle about it. Everything they do, think and say is tinctured with the thought of failure. A state of discouragement is not the one in which bright ideas come to you.

It is only when you are enthused and hopeful that your mind works out the bright ideas which you may put to good use.

Clear up your Mental Atmosphere! There is no such thing as chance. Law maintains everywhere, and all that happens does so, because of the operation of Law.

You will attract all sorts of trouble because of your ignorance of or opposition to the Law. Or you may fall in with the operations — get into its current, as it were — and Life will seem a far different thing to you. You cannot get outside of the Law, by refusing to have anything to do with it. You are at liberty to oppose it and produce all the friction you wish to — it doesn’t hurt the Law, and you will remain on the wheel of perpetual trial until you learn your lesson.

Your thoughts are real things. They go forth from you in all directions, combining with thoughts of like kind — opposing thoughts of a different character — forming combinations — going where they are attracted and flying away from discordant or opposing thoughts.

And your mind attracts the thought of others, which have been sent out by them consciously or unconsciously. But it attracts only those thoughts which are in harmony with your own. Like attracts like, and opposites repel opposites, in the thought world.

If you set your mind to the keynote of courage, confidence, strength and success, you attract to yourself thoughts of like nature; people of like nature; things that fit in the mental tune. Your prevailing thought or mood determines that which is to be drawn toward you — picks out your kindred spirits.

You are today setting into motion thought currents which will in time attract toward you thoughts, people and conditions in harmony with the predominant note of your thought.

Your thought will mingle with that of others of like nature and mind, and you will be attracted toward each other, and will surely come together with a common purpose sooner or later, unless one or the other of you should change the current of his thoughts.

Fall in with the operations of the law. Make it a part of yourself. Get into its currents. Maintain your poise. Set your mind to the keynote of Courage, Confidence and Success. Get in touch with all the thoughts of that kind that are emanating every hour from hundreds of minds. Get the best that is to be had in the thought world. The best is there, so be satisfied with nothing less. Get into partnership with good minds. Harmonize with greatness, resonate with the Stars.


There is a common theme that runs through all considerations of spirituality and that is that we, as human beings, are endowed with the power of thought and given free will and choice. Each of us will no doubt approach the study of spirituality from differing perspectives, but one truly hopeful aspect of mastering spirituality is that manipulation, corruption and hoarding are not possible.

Those whose idea of success is getting rich, more power to you, but be sure that you don't create your well being at the expense of others or to the degradation of general welfare or the environment. What goes around comes around. We now know that we can manifest and enjoy the toys of physicality, for there are no shortages, but we must always be mindful of balance in all things, and that our next destination is determined by the lessons we learn in the present.

Henry Ramsey is writer and former renewable energy systems designer and car collector who now rides an ebike.
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