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Did You Volunteer for This?

By Sheree Rainbolt-Kren

I WONDER IF THERE ARE humans on Earth who agreed to undergo certain kinds of deeply challenging human experiences in order that they may come to a Light Filled Resonance with the signatures of darkness and illusion? Some of you will immediately understand my question. What if a difficult 3D is something we volunteered for, on purpose, in advance of our arrival on planet earth? Imagine that idea. Imagine an earlier, lighter intention to face cancer or paralysis head on in 3D, for a Divine Purpose. Give this idea some air.

Jesus, the greatest Mind Master of all time, was clearly one who raised his hand. Why on earth did he do this? Why did he make a choice for his physical experience? Was it intentional? Who would set an intention for this brand of consciousness were it not for something very important? A conscious and fearless flight into the lower frequencies. Was it so he could be the light that dispels illusion? For how long have we had the example of such Light, only to trade it for guilt and blame for things we could never really understand from this limited human view? The Multiverse is a big place. But, our cherished idea of Karma seems to settle all the dust. Magnetism explains everything. What goes around comes around. Game over.

But, wait! What if that's not the whole picture? Would you be interested in learning more? Are you courageous enough to Love yourself? I ask you now because these ideas will ask you to release the ideas with which you have been brainwashed since you were a child.

No one here in human form would elect to vibe with cancer willingly, if they really had a choice. We would all pick perfect health; it's a no-brainer. No one here in human form would choose Parkinson's disease, Autism, poverty, or homelessness. What idiot on two legs, if they had free will, would choose to be miserable with crisis and illness?

Humans go to extraordinary lengths to avoid disease, poverty and insanity. But, do some Souls choose these things on purpose, before they descend into 3D? Are there any Masters of Light who would find value in facing the darkness again, head on, for a Divine reason? What Angel in Heaven would want to return to 3D for another round of ego consciousness? Can you even imagine an Angel volunteering for such a thing?

Why would they? I'll attempt to answer this question, as best I can. It's time we opened our mind.

Is it possible that some have actually elected to be a shining example of the Truth, The Life and The Way for those temporarily confused? Did some make a conscious choice to enter 3D and become a moving picture of what we are in Truth? Could they have viewed it as an opportunity to bring light and higher mind influence... even knowing it may kill them when their light was discovered, or threatened some earthly 3D faction? Can you imagine an Angel choosing such a thing - especially, if they understood that the Veil Of Forgetfulness would remove their heavenly intentions? Earth from scratch... hmm...

Jesus comes to mind.

Is such high-minded consciousness reserved for just one man, at one point in time? Does no one else have this Light, or this Power? Did Jesus have no students who would become Masters? What if they are walking the earth in droves, but, understandably, have forgotten their Divine Mission?

They are the sick and the tired, the lonely and the homeless. They are the depressed and the insane. The meek among us. How many of them are the Angels among us? One? Fifty? All?

The Angels have so many different faces, don't they? How many Angels are paralyzed? How many are missing limbs? How many are fighting for their lives right this moment? How many are starving? It's hard to imagine Angels can't do more to help themselves, huh? After all, we know Jesus turned water into wine. But, then there is that itty-bitty issue with the nails. Why wouldn't Jesus produce his Super-sonic-electro- wave-fixxer-upper-doodle-thingy, and get off that darned cross?

You might already know this, but it's because the lesson was in his death. The lesson was FORGIVENESS, AT ALL COST. Sorry for the caps. Bookmark this paragraph.

Do you think the plight of Jesus was painful on all levels of his being? Do you think he felt no doubt, no reservation, no angst? His journey to the desert for 40 days and 40 nights was activated by his own uncertainty. The Veil Of Forgetfulness threw Jesus for a loop. But, Jesus had Divine Strength, and he had Divine Power, and he remembered why he came. How is it he remembered? Because of whom he was in his heart. He did not spend 40 days and 40 nights fighting those who hated him. He did not spend 40 days and 40 nights buying weapons. He did not spend his time blaming the world for his pain. He went to the quiet of his soul and remembered who he was and why he came. With Love and Courage comes Vision and Knowledge. It was now a done deal.

Jesus is a wonderful example, but there are many others who faced the darkness at all cost, even when they knew it could end their human life. There are many others in history who endured enormous pain and suffering for a Divine Purpose. The famous ones we learn about in school. But, the not-so-famous are still lighting this Multiverse with their Love.

  • Think of the Amish community who took a murderer under their gentle wing and offered complete forgiveness. What Karma could explain the gruesome murder of a schoolhouse full of children within a community of such Light? If we are asking the Law of Attraction to answer, then, what dirty little secret darkness could the Amish hold that would attract such horror?
  • What about Nelson Mandela? An eternity in prison for simply being the wrong person, at the right time? I posit he was the right person at the right time. But, what Karma brings such horror to such a beautiful soul? Imagine his years in captivity.
  • Imagine the childless parents and the pain of crucifixion. What Karma is this? Or could these incidents be something else; something far more Divine? Maybe Karma is not a factor here at all. Is that possible?

We know that Light Filled Resonance (Christ Consciousness) with anything from a place of knowledge, gratitude and trust raises energy. We know this from our own personal journey and we know this from Science. Light Filled Resonance with illness and crisis, on all levels, has a unique power. It is a power unmatched by any other healing tool we light-workers might employ to bring relief, even beyond prayer. Prayer, as powerful and useful as it is, implies that you do not truly know your Power. That's going to work fine for now... If prayer is teamed with Perfect Love, for an extension of Perfect Love, then prayer works miracles. But, when we pray in fearful asking, wanting, and pleading, then we have forgotten our earlier intentions. Our intention, perhaps, to be The Light Of The World. But, to remember this would require us to release our self-hatred. Not everyone is there yet.

We need more moving pictures to show us.

What if willing humans, who seem to undergo such trauma, pain, suffering and tragedy, do so as an opportunity to perform miracles for humanity? Can you even imagine that? A sacred opportunity to be an example and a witness for what is True, only because you were strong enough and ready enough to boldly go where few will go? A hand up when asking for volunteers. Who would be these amazing entities?

The whole world has taught us that crisis, pain and suffering is a bad thing, and the entire world fights like hell to avert its horrific grasp. The poor souls we judge as down-trodden are the "unlucky" ones. We pray we will not end up like them. But, my friend, what if these unwashed masses are part of the Angelic Kingdom? What if they are the evolved? What if it is their strength that allows for this journey - not their weakness? What if they know what matters?

As we look upon the life Jesus lived, we see that hardship came to the brightest light who ever walked the earth. From the day Jesus was born, in a manger, he knew challenge. It was his time. A soul without fear can save the world from its misperceptions.

Jesus understood his mission. His calling came straight through the darkness that we might see what illness, pain, tragedy and death are for: for seeing, feeling, knowing, and forgiving it. But this lesson is not for everyone at once. What if there is a sacred moment when we know we are ready to become The Light Of The World? What would that look like, truly? How would one go about teaching humans what this means? Would it have been a better plan to have Jesus show up, fully manifested in the Divine Perfection he is? What could he prove by his desperate birth and death? Think about that. Witnessing is a powerful lesson.

Anyone with a search engine has learned that the only path to Light is straight through the darkness, which is going to look circular before it's over. One cannot know the Light, until one knows and forgives the Darkness, and decides to say, I bless it, but no thanks. Learn at your own pace.

The wind that carries our Mind through darkness is called fearlessness. A fear of darkness builds rooted structures where humans set up camp in order to avoid the "through" line. The shortest distance from here to Light is a straight line. A willingness to release fear of all that looks and feels unpleasant is the straight line. There is no shortcut around the One Human Construct. We built it; we get to sleep in it. We have our wood pile, our folding chairs, our campfires, and a million songs of judgment to comfort us while we wait for some Teacher's courage and Truth. The lesson is sometimes in death, at all cost. Death of one aspect of one's human life, or all of human life.

Illness is not for perpetuating more illness. It is not for showing us our evil and stupid ways. It is not for making us weep and crawl on our belly. Illness and crisis has a Divine Purpose. Crisis beams in like a point to prove another human will fail to remember what they are. Oh, but you have been underestimated! You remember what this is for. It is for your loving and cool witness to the fact that you are Everlasting Life. You go within to the quiet of your eternal soul and you come out with clarity. You are infused with your Original Divine Purpose. You remember who you are and why you came. It's about Self Knowing. It's a done deal.

If you can come to Light Resonance with your crisis or illness by surrendering its faulty meanings to The One Mind Who Knows, then you suck huge power from what has imprisoned us all since time began. YOU become The Light Of The World.

You are not here by accident. Have you set an appointment to witness the Truth? Even though you knew you would be blamed for your illness and crisis? Even though humans would not know the secret you are holding? Welcome to your sacred moment. What are you truly capable of... now that you're here in the mix? Can you look upon illusion and define it not. Are you willing to breathe? Are you able to keep from projecting your angst and fear into the dense fog of discontent? Will you allow Everlasting Life to live and breathe within your mind as Truth, at all cost? Will you put down that creating-your-own-reality book and release the craving for guilt?

This is your Sacred Holy Moment to remember what you are - without 3D supposition and archive to tempt you away. The effect of your remembering lifts us all.

A Light Filled Resonance with illness, on any level, is lightspeed healing for the individual, the planet, the universe, and the multiversity. Once we perceive darkness as illusionary fear, we are free. Illness has no nest from which to hatch more fear, over and over, generation to generation.

All it takes are temporary angelic humans willing and able to set a spiritual intention to come to Light Resonance with 3D when the moment arises. The key is to know it when you feel it. When the cancer appears, when the paralysis arrives, when hunger strikes, and more. But, too often, humans lose sight of their own Divine Purpose. There is no clarity, only enormous fear and bitterness for this lot in life. By the way, this is quite understandable.

Making matters worse are the Metaphysical Humans who teach us how we are attracting painful illness into our lives, and guilt is born again of the sleeping mind. Humans forget there is much at play and we are still uneducated to the ways of the Multiverse, and the God Field, as hard as it is to believe. We have come to depend so heavily on our best-selling books. So many are sadly blaming themselves for all things painful, even if it makes no sense. What if, instead, there was an immediate recognition of pain's True Purpose? Imagine suffering has Divine Purpose. Remember that paragraph I told you to bookmark?

But, there is too much resistance, shame, horror, anger... and too many seminars to teach us that this crisis appears again to prove our ignorant worthlessness. To tell us that we are creating our own reality, that we deserve to be starving.

Get over it and start visualizing some food! Decorate your walls with pictures of food. Affirm that food is finding you today. Try real hard to think this thought: I am worthy of food. Soon, you will be fat as house and you will need to manifest a Nutri System.

Don't tell Jesus that he deserved his crucifixion. Don't tell Martin Luther King he deserved his bullet. Don't tell Mandela he deserved his prison sentence. Don't tell Pope John Paul he deserved Parkinson's Disease. Don't tell the Amish they deserved to bury their beautiful innocent children. Ok, so much for that debate.

Self-hating activation points are explosions of fear that ripple through the ego mind for what has felt like an eternity. We are all paying for our fears. If one is of Light Resonance with themselves, nothing harms. Bullets cannot convince us to hate ourselves. Nails cannot tempt us to blame ourselves. Death is an illusion.

We only think our human expressions are to blame for our earthly lot in life. They are not. It is a sad lesson indeed. There is no blame, remember? If you vibe to blame, you vibe to illusion. Illusion is not remedy. Instead, come to Light Resonance with yourself. You do not know what anything is truly for. You know not what you do.

But, you can come to know this: You are The Light Of The World. What is before you is the Sacred Holy Moment to witness for Love. Nothing more. Blame and guilt will never get you there.

What if you are A Chosen One, my friend?

What if you, as one of the Awakened Ones, volunteered for this mission, as Jesus did? What if you came to dive into hell, smell the roses, and come out smelling like Light? For all of us to witness? Would it impact this fearful planet? Our courage can save the world; Jesus showed us how. But, we feel Jesus was special - and indeed he was - but no more special than you are. Jesus morphed a new imprint that, to this day, reverberates across all of time and space - past, present and future. The power of one man as witness to Truth has been here for a very long time. Where did we get sidetracked?

Jesus never turned a finger on himself and asked why he must have attracted nails to his hands. He surrendered to Love. In the moment he surrendered to Love, all illusion was brought to Light.

What if I am right, and your crisis, or illness, is not only a blessing, but a Sacred Holy Moment where you get to rise up and Light the Multiverse, solely because you said you would do this for humanity? Is it so impossible to imagine? Would you prefer only one man capable of witnessing for Love? Are you not made in the image of Love? Are you not capable of Love? Maybe you prefer the Law of Attraction format to keep you busy fishing for your evil deeds, to justify this suffering? It feels so much better to live with guilt. We are comfortable with it. It is our home.

Perhaps you have unknowingly chosen to instill blame and guilt in others to teach them what they are not, for it is too painful to be alone here. After all, you have learned the secret to a joyful life... Manifesting physical pleasure and teaching others what they are not. Teaching that the low are low because they crave lowliness, or do not understand the secret to High-ness. Teaching that the Universe is a giant vending machine. It can be! But, there is a Higher Game Room accessible with only the willingness not to be distracted from what matters.

What if the mentally challenged, physically challenged, financially challenged are the Pioneers who continue to volunteer? What if these souls choose challenge as a way to share the True Secret with the world? The meek shall inherit the earth and the wood piles will return to dust.

What if, rather than fight the darkness, or fix the darkness, or curse the darkness, there was no desire for more than what needed to be? For what needed to be was the shocking realization that Love does not defend itself, fix itself, or pink itself into human joy. What needed to be was a Vision of Everlasting Life that illuminated by way of a perfect defenseless death.

Jesus did not teach that you are the cause of darkness. He taught that you are The Light Of The World. Your crisis is not only a unique blessing, but a Sacred Holy Moment where you get to rise up and Light the Multiverse.

If you are facing crisis of any kind, please remember what it is for. Wave off the temptation, from within and without to blame yourself for your situation. Toss any teaching that shows you your guilt, shame and more 3D illusion. These are not Movies Of the Light.

Finally, Know that if you were not strong enough to weather this Divine Mission, you would not have been so entrusted with this important potential. If you can only remember what this crisis is for, which is Love and Forgiveness, at all cost, you can save us all.

Copyright © Sheree Rainbolt-Kren, 2007
Sheree Rainbolt-Kren is a certified Reiki Master and an Ordained Minister with World Reiki Ministry. She teaches Reiki and spiritual dowsing. Ms. Rainbolt-Kren also facilitates online healing workshops for the Inner Child and Weight Issues. No one is ever turned away for the inability to pay. All is well.
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