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Dancing With Dead Bodies

By Sheree Rainbolt-Kren

If you are not happy, you are not dancing. It's a "Where two or more are gathered" thing. Notice I didn't say, "Where two or more are gathered, but one is always lazy." I didn't say, " Where two or more are gathered, but one is always broke, sick, dazed or confused." Or, "Where two or more are gathered, but one is constantly buried under all they have taken, or haven't learned to Tango after 30 tries."

I have gone back through this article several times and looked for places where I could be more delightful, but didn't have any luck. There is a fine line with these concepts and I may cross it more than once. I always do my best.

Can you count all the energy vampires in your life? Yes, it will be a judgment call, but go with me. It's for the higher good, ultimately. Your higher good. Do the takers have names? Make a list right now. Just for the fun of it.

How many people are gladly sharing your sharing space, and not sharing. Over and over? How many are soaking up every last morsel of you, over and over again, without giving anything back? Yes, they have personal issues that keep them from dancing with you right this second. They need more time, more money, more inspiration and much more understanding. You shouldn't be here or there unless you can give everything forever right? You not only invited this, but you are creating more and more of it.

Want Joy? Expect a dance. Every single relationship you have, with every single person you interact with regularly, has the potential for a High Light Gig. We all have a responsibility to do our part. It is important for you to know what a dance looks and feels like. Until every energy on the planet is in balance, 3D will be here to teach us to dance.

If you can't find dance partners, ready and able to rumba, night after night, it's time to give the Valet your ticket and scoot. When is it time to go? The time is up when your heart has left the building, but your body has stayed behind.

You've heard the saying, "Everything you give comes back to you tenfold." It's true. If you are giving and giving from a place of lack, you will receive lack, ten fold. What is a place of lack? This would be the place within you that is trying mightily to save the world, trying mightily to make up for your mistakes, trying mightily to pay the rent, or pay back the Universe, trying mightily to make the Universe like you, trying mightily to prove your worth. This is not really giving. This is slow-mo self destruction. No one sent you here to dance with dead bodies. Why would a loving Creator dress up a downtowner pool hall, fill it with a reeking, comatose sucking energy, then ask you to love it into wellness each and every night and day? Maybe you were asked to just *pass through*. That's a nice thought. A worthy hello and a helping hand. A healthy dose of Light Service. You weren't asked to set up a corner blood bank and be the only donor.

Expect a dance.

One of the essential elements of the spiritual journey is about TIMING. A good sense of timing is key. How long have you been struggling to find real dance partners? People who get it. Relationships that prosper you and them, and thrive on give and take? Many of us don't pay attention to timing when it comes to the dance. We would rather dance into eternity with dead bodies, than switch dance halls. I know that doesn't sound very nice, but it's the visual I just got, as low vibe as it may be. Trying to make a point here.

Imagine your yourself in a dark and dusty dance hall, long time running, doing everything from spinning the records, sweeping out the restrooms, mixing the smoothies, taking the free tickets, from the same people, at the door and dreading the dances to come where you will carry the weight of the same dead bodies. Those who need you. Those waiting....and waiting.....Those who always have excuses as to why they can't dance right this second, but soon. You are doing this to yourself. And, even if you suddenly wake up to what you are doing and vibe elsewhere, there will be another willing Joe come along with even higher styled threads to reaffirm in dead body consciousness. This dance hall has been around forever, and it will be around, long after to move on.

Stop right now and look at where you are. What does your hall look like? Look at the line up of chairs along the wall. Are they full? Everyone cozy? Got their smoothies? Just waiting on your next move? Feel any bitterness setting in? If so, it means you have done enough and your work there is done. It's a timing issue. The choice to invite groovier dance partners will be painful because it will require some very hard choices on your part.

Many will not be able to leave their old dusty dance halls. They don't know anything else. It's their identity. They rather like being the all around great guy, always ready to save the day. It may not pay off in joy, but it pays off in martyrdom, and anything is better than nothing. If this sounds eerily like you, please read me again and take a leap of faith.

If you have now discovered that you have been surrounded by dead bodies, or those comatose, for a long period of time, it is imperative that you bless them with love and move on. Now. For their good and your own. No need to make anyone feel bad. No need to close the place up. Just go. Bless the moment with all your heart and put one foot in front of the other until you are walking out the door. The undancers will not rot quickly. The place will not fall down, for there is much emotional support in the world for such a place. One or two may manage to escape their chair in time, but it will not be you who saves them. As you lovingly vibe away from the undancers, a new spandex will find you.

Giving is a beautiful thing. Honest Service does in fact help us all. But, there is a point in time where service is something else. You are Light. You deserve to dance. Have faith and courage that there are indeed some kick-ass discos rockin' the planet. Spin your last Donna Summer album, slurp the last of your mango fizz, offer a prayer and change the toilet paper; then kiss it good-bye.

Don't look back. And from here on out, honor yourself.

Copyright © 2006
Sheree Rainbolt-Kren is a certified Reiki Master and an Ordained Minister with World Reiki Ministry. She teaches Reiki and spiritual dowsing. Ms. Rainbolt-Kren also facilitates online healing workshops for the Inner Child and Weight Issues. No one is ever turned away for the inability to pay. All is well.
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