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Your Final Answer Please...

By Sheree Rainbolt-Kren

In the realm of spirituality, final answers can be miraculously freeing, or they can be devastatingly limiting. Perhaps that is why they are so difficult to activate. Our past experience has, seemingly, shown us that our decision making process isn't flawless. What could be more stressful than a final answer to a relationship, a career, a friend, an investment, health, projects, a child's needs, and on and on.

As I speak to the slippery art of firm decision making, I wish to stipulate that the polarity principle is always at work. The world is Bipolar. You're going to have to accept that and be ok with it. In the realm of the physical, there are always exceptions, and nothing is black and white. Whenever good rears it's head, the no so good immediately invites itself to the contrast party. This is truly a blessing in the long run. So, to speak to this issue fully, I would need 367 more pages, but I only have 1200 words or less. I will need to take on one important element for today. That element is: What is your final answer?

What is a final answer?
Throw away your rear view mirror and the binoculars. Take a long deep breath, call in your Highest Self, affirm with all your Light, in the truth of what you are, and stand bare ass naked in trust - for a long enough period of time to let the MultiVerse help you. That could be a while. The trust thing is kinda hard to pin down. Humans have charted trust to be ok for 2.4 months.

When is it time for a final answer?
There is a sticky, muddy vibration called the Tweener Ethers. It lives and breathes between yes and no. Most people live in the Tweener Ethers in a house made of should I or shouldn't I; can I or can't I? If you truly want to help yourself, just ask yourself this one question: How much food and water do you have to last you at this location before you perish? For most, the answer is: a long time. That should scare the crap out of any true seeker.

Why give a final answer?
You already know the answer to this, but I have 589 words left and I hate falling short of my highest potential. Regis Philbin says it's because the show is only a hour long. That's partly true. How long have you been reaching deep within and contemplating a decision? A month? A year? Two years? Three years? An entire married life? At some point, the mud and the slime of the Tweener Ethers become heavier and heavier from deep, deep contemplation. Sometimes, contemplation is a handy dandy reason to buy a Tweener Recliner. Funny how there is always some kind soul around to pull the lever and bring us a coke. We do need to be comfortable as we weigh everything and plan well mapped exits and entrances. As my dear husband says, "Geography is everything!"

Of course, good decision making, of any kind, and especially on matters of the heart, includes thoughtful introspection and planning. A good measure of self knowing is important. Have you done the self knowing thing yet? If so, and you have been reclined a long time, you are long range Tweening. Long range Tweening shuts down joy, promotions, new romance, new places, a new home, Divine projects, not to mention, the path to your ultimate desires. Long range Tweening is hell. That's not in the bible, but you know it in your heart. It's where ugh lurks and ack feeds.

How do you do a final answer? I will coin a phrase from Nike. Just do it. Eeeek. Really? Just do it? Isn't that reckless? Well, we have already talked about the importance of self knowing. That comes first, although that is a lengthy and laborious process. It is the first step however. There is no, so called, final destination while in human form, necessarily. But, at some point, and this is your call, you will know enough. It's in that single moment, where you truly do know enough, to escape the Tweener Ethers, where magic awaits. You might be surprised to learn that the very act of making a firm decision catapults you to even more self knowing than you ever imagine possible. Oh my, what dreams may come.

The most important aspect of escaping the Tweener Ethers is to let go and trust. Spread your wings and ask Divine Wind to carry you. Surrender. Yes, have your first two or three steps mapped out, with Divine help, but let go after that and follow your instincts. Trust your instincts. Don't look back. Do not look back. You will often be tempted to do so. Alert your shadow self that you are in charge now. Do not worry about tomorrow for a while. One small, willing step into your full Divinity is all that is needed. The Divine Wind of your Soul is strong and intelligent. Trust. Pay close attention. Watch for synchronous events. Act on your intuition. Be brave. The other side of the Tweener Ethers is Heaven.

Whether you decide you can or can't, or whether you should stay or go. It matters not. The final decision is all that is required. You will know your next move from there. If you decide to go, go. If you decide to stay, stay. Define what both looks like for you. Not by the world's chaotic and failed standards, but by your own self knowing standards. Each day you awake, awake in the new world.

I know a few wonderful and amazing men and women who escaped the Tweener Ethers by giving their final answer. Some stayed, some went. Those that stayed, found beautiful and soulful energy to grow them. Those who went, found new frontiers of adventure and potential.

Remember: there is no way you can get it wrong. Your faith in yourself, on all levels, is a shot of full blast Divine Air. Just do it.

What is your final answer my friend?

Copyright © 2006
Sheree Rainbolt-Kren is a certified Reiki Master and an Ordained Minister with World Reiki Ministry. She teaches Reiki and spiritual dowsing. Ms. Rainbolt-Kren also facilitates online healing workshops for the Inner Child and Weight Issues. No one is ever turned away for the inability to pay. All is well.
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