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Why Here, Why Now, Why Again?

By Sheree Rainbolt-Kren

The Law of Attraction will always bring us what's next. You can bet that whatever is blazing on your ego radar, will appear before you for a healthy dose of introspection and growth. The key when using this law and the concept of *Letting Go* concurrently, is to become aware of what you are asked to see. This is a wonderful system the Highest Self has for guiding us home to peace. It may not always look and feel that way, but it really does depend on how you look at it.

If you perceive the oncoming traffic with fear, you might get mowed, but if you know where to walk, how fast, when to stop and when to proceed, and the distance from here to there, you will find your way through to the other side. Not by taking the bus instead, or the train, or a plane, or the subway. You will walk with confidence right across the busy avenue of life and make it to the other side with a smile. This is not an easy thing to do, and it does take time to Know Yourself. You will only come to know yourself by trusting your intuition and then proceeding from there. The more you trust in yourself, at all cost to your identity as the world wants to define it, the more you will come to know yourself as you really are.

How do you know what everything is for? You don't. Nothing is really what it appears to be. That's why all the enlightened beings in the world, with no issues of their own, would be well advised to allow people to roam at their own pace. I get questionable advice from well meaning people. I also receive loving care from many others. At some point, you come to learn some things about yourself, and until you test those ideas, you will not come to know them. These ideas need to originate in your own head, from your own vibe, based on where you have been and what you currently believe. Otherwise, the ideas and solutions offered to you by well meaning friends may do more harm than good. There is just no way for them to see past their own projections, into your unique mind wave, for the Answers. Of course, most people care about you, and it's hard to allow you the space to grow on your own. I know this feeling very well.

I am sometimes told by my closest friends and colleagues to "Let Go Sheree." Let It Go. I have followed this advice more often than not. I have been all about Letting Go for a long time. Then, a couple of very important things dawned on me. The first is: Letting Go is about TIMING. Now, we are working with words here, and everyone has their own definition. Semantics aside, there are always things to see and learn first. We love to Let Go before it's time, in the interest of getting our trip to the mall in. Why suffer through the misery of knowing what our lesson is when we could just as easily release it to Source and be on our way? Here's why: You are asked to Know Thyself. There is a time and place for everything, as they say, and there is no time like the present, as they say.

Sometimes our Highest Self will bring us lessons to light our hair on fire and burn the city down. You likely understand what I mean. These major lessons look and feel awful. They surely can't be blessings, you think. Then your ego jacks into overdrive and convinces you that you got it all wrong and these are the sad and sorry consequences, simply because you are hateful and continually stupid. I can assure you, from the core of all that I AM, this is never ever the message of spirit. If you are hearing this inside your head, blow it off.

The Universe is always kind. Source is always loving. All you are asked to do is to consider yourself first. Yes, you have all the light of heaven to lean on, all the time, but, this does not abdicate your own responsibility for Knowing Thyself. Letting Go to a Source you deem to be outside yourself is a useful answer for many, depending on where they are in their spiritual development. But, there is much more to letting go than hopelessness.

What is the lesson? The pattern? Why here, why now, why AGAIN? Is it because you haven't let go soon enough before, so a host of humans could romp their way across your head and feet? Perhaps you were always meant to see the pavement up close and personal, like a fire hydrant? Or maybe, there is something more you need to decide about yourself. Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to send off that which is not even identified. Would you send God a present without knowing what it is?

Before you Let It Go to someone/something else, try to determine what you are releasing. If you have taken the time to look into things, and still can't come with something that speaks to you, then fine...let it go and stay tuned for more info. But, if you are further along on your journey, you would be very well served to take the reins of your mind.

I recently had an emotional pattern reappear that is as ancient as the Dead Sea Scrolls. How blessed a Universe to give me another chance to understand. I have spent many moments in my life letting this particular pattern *go* and looking for something to be grateful for and happy about so as not to feed the Monster. This worked well for a time, and then the pattern would reemerge down the road, like a reliable fruit stand.

I identified this pattern several years ago; or so I thought. I forgot that there is generally more to things than meets the eye. When this moment arose again recently to kiss my sweet cheeks, I knew there was something I was missing in this pattern. I decided not to Let It Go this time and surrender it just yet. I felt a power in me that I can honestly say I have rarely felt. I suddenly had the answer all by my Self. I knew I was connected to the smartest, most loving part of myself, and all the Light of Heaven was watching.

In letting something go and surrendering it to Source before it's time, you are proclaiming to the Universe: "Oh poor little me, I have no idea why this has happened, and I don't have the bigger answer, and I am to tired to tie my own shoes. Please take it from me and make it all better." This is NOT what Letting Go means. It doesn't mean surrendering to forces that want their own way with you, at all cost to your Self. When you turn your sacred moments over to anything, without honest reflection and action to rise up in your light, you are letting go of your own Power.

What I came to understand this time, the second point, is that I was being asked to take the opposite route for once. Stand UP! Know who you are and BE that. Know what you want and BRING that, and Stand In Your Light, alone if you have to. It wasn't really something conscious I decided to do, it was rather automatic, based on the lessons I have learned this far. I could not have taken this route even 3 years ago. I wasn't ready. I was afraid people wouldn't like me if I disagreed, or spoke my truth, or expected them to honor my personal boundaries. I couldn't bare the thought of loneliness and mass rejection.

Oh Baby, what a difference a fresh new thought makes. I managed this moment very differently that the previous 10 moments. I could have laid down, thrown my head on the pillow and surrendered. Then, I could have gone shopping, or hopped on the computer for a nice little distraction for a while, or whatever. But this time, I thought to myself, "I MATTER. My thoughts matter. My feelings matter. My time matters. My desires matter. And there really is no one better than the ME, standing right here and right now, to surrender to."

Once I remembered what I really AM, I got it. I didn't shut down. I didn't take the subway. I stepped off the Curb Of Danger and rode the wave of *Catch Me If You Can*. Exhilarating !!!

From the other side of the street, things look so very different. Please understand that you cannot bring friends and loved ones with you as you walk the avenue of life. This may be painful to them, and perhaps to you. But, maybe they will see your courage and know there is a way across. You may need to move on without them for a while. If this feels scary to you, it's understandable. Some of those you may leave behind seem ready, act ready, and say they are ready, and you may even insist that they should go ahead of you, after all, they are more ready than you. A host of thoughts will meld into one major life decision.

You will make your own decision to stay where everyone will happily approve of your disabled beingness, or you will take a leap of faith and go. When you get across, you will have new friends and lovers that show you a higher Starbucks.

Will this pattern reappear? Maybe. Maybe not. We often test ourselves to make sure we are sure about things. As my own vibe on this pattern strengthens, I will no longer need it in my portfolio. But, of this you can be certain. I got it.

I do wish to say that the concept of surrender and letting go is something we all can do at points along the way. But, there will come a time in your journey when you will surrender to Your Self, the sacred God Essence that you ARE within, and your answers will light up like the top of the Chrysler Building. There will be some that mock you and perceive you as arrogant. Pay it no mind please.

In closing, please remember that a good law is Do No Harm. If you take this enormous and glorious power and do harm with it, it will backfire. When we come from an honest vibe of self love, we are always protected. Your light shining does not dim another. It amplifies it for all. Do no harm. Be kind and patient. Be helpful and look for the light in others. But, if you have done these things, from your center, and life repeats familiar nightmares, you might need to stop surrendering your power and rise up with all the love of heaven, and Know What You Are. At all cost.

Copyright © 2006 Sheree Rainbolt-Kren
Sheree Rainbolt-Kren is a certified Reiki Master and an Ordained Minister with World Reiki Ministry. She teaches Reiki and spiritual dowsing. Ms. Rainbolt-Kren also facilitates online healing workshops for the Inner Child and Weight Issues. No one is ever turned away for the inability to pay. All is well.
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