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The Unthinkable Lies Ahead

By Sheree Rainbolt-Kren

As a human race, on the brink of significant energy changes, we are faced with one monumental question. What is our individual role, as it relates to planetary evolution and the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects? Clearly, the major weather changes alone could keep us all on topic 24/7. What is a human to think and do in these times?

Before you have your discussions in your homes, churches, internet groups, and other gathering places, it will be helpful to open the mind to more than what we have always known to be the truth of our existence. Without the willingness to be honest, and allow for the unknown and the unfamiliar, the discussion will likely evolve into nothing more than tiresome debates, one side defending the way things have always been viewed, and the other side exposing hypocrisy and defending new and bold ideas.

There is going to be a lot of heated debate about Mother Nature in the years ahead, from the spiritual perspective. This can be useful to a degree. I no longer believe one can argue for something and gain peace or allies in agreement. As soon as you find yourself arguing a point with someone equally passionate about their own position, you have moved out of the zone of productive discussion. I am finding that it is useful to speak one's truth, once. Maybe twice, under special circumstances. If you have more to add after that, perhaps you could write articles and books, and move out of debate mode. Sometimes, silence is golden and the last word is no prize.

I often wonder why so many of our great spiritual leaders and counselors left their private practices to write books and travel the world with their passionate ideas. I knew it had to be more than about money. I sense they became tired of arguing their point with one person at a time. They understood it was fruitless and enormously draining. They believed in their message and decided to fly high enough to clear the electric lines.

Those who are solid in their beliefs that there is a vengeful God, and a Mother Nature with a taste for death and destruction, in whatever form, need not be convinced by those of us who believe otherwise. It is a waste of spiritual resource to spend time in ongoing disagreement. There is a considerable amount of positive energy needed now, from people willing to see and understand that only Love is real.

Some believe it is best to allow for *whatever* to unfold on Mother Earth, in the name of honor and respect of The Earth's Karmic Balance. As if this is the high road. Where is the honor in eating living things, wearing dead animals, generating garbage that ends up in landfills, driving a car that pollutes our air, using paper from murdered trees, and looking the other way as our lakes and rivers become dumping grounds for carcinogens? Where is the respect for Mother Earth's natural oil resources, as we pay our taxes that help support a killing and thieving war? We can have an honest discussion about God anytime. But a debate about upsetting the balance of Mother Earth could get interesting. People can't have it both ways.

Since Hurricane Katrina, there is a flurry of activity on the internet from some New Thinkers. We are gaining some interesting perspectives about our possible roles in Hurricanes, Tsunami's and Earthquakes. I am not here to judge who is sincere in their desire to bring light to darkness, or who is just trying to sell some books and teleclasses. I am only here to say, the Jig Is Up. We can step into our active creative Role as beings of light and instruments of love and peace, or not. Everyone gets to pick how they will respond to the changing Earth.

If you have read the same books I have, you know about the Power of Mind. You know about our power to create our past, present and future.The fountain of new and bold ideas is abundant with an unlimited flow of stunning information, for those interested. It's not for everyone. In fact, it can be down right scary to learn that you can go, in your loving mind, to the center of a Category 5 hurricane and intentionally pray it to a Category 3 within hours. This scares the living daylights out of many people, even as Jesus set the initial example. Most are willing to send their own special brand of prayer, and they do, but they draw the line at taking an active role to consciously work with the higher light realms to help dissolve unloving energy. It's just too weird. Again, many fear that *messing with Mother Nature* is unwise and warns of the doom to follow from such efforts. Thankfully, there are some different views and more than enough brave souls to boldly go where we are going anyway.

No Mother or Father tells his child, "Ya know, you really messed up this room. Look at this place! You are a bad child. It looks like a cyclone hit it. You have no respect for your clothes, your bed, your lamp, your desk or your computer. Everyone knows you don't do things this way and upset the balance of energy in bedrooms. You have way too many plugs in that outlet. You need a fire in here to teach you a lesson. So, guess what? I am going to light this baby up until all that is left is ashes, as a way to cleanse and balance the energy in here and teach you to be a loving, honoring, respectful presence in here. Ya better go to the garage now and take your pillow and blankets with you!"

I guess I should just go ahead and get this out of the way. Mother Nature is a reality man made. It isn't real. The earth and Mother Nature is a holographic movie. A perfect and loving Creator did not create the physical Universe. We are dreaming a dream of fear, away from the perfect Garden of Serenity. We never left our Father's side. We just think we did. We could never be apart from our Source in truth. So, the discussion about Mother Nature and her justified wrath is a non starter for me. God did not create death and revenge, or balance. Why would Love need to balance itself? Mother Nature's Wrath, as it is expressing in this material realm, is nothing more than the culmination of mass human hatred, fear and guilt. It's all energy. Mother Nature is not something outside ourselves. We, the collective human consciousness, is the experience we are having called, Mother Nature. We create her wrath, and we can uncreate her wrath, in many ways. Enough on that. Suppose I have already lost half of you by now anyway. You really don't have to get with me on these beliefs to benefit from the rest of this article. If you want to know more about these ideas, please read an awesome text called 'A Course In Miracles.' You can find it freely online. So that's that.

There is a vast awakening taking place on our planet. What could you wake to but Love; the truth of your Self? The awakening is about Knowledge. Awareness. Vision. Power. If none of this is your cup of tea, that's cool. As you were. Those who are willing to pack a bag and journey the expansive path do not need to tow resistant ticket holders. Release them now please. Be on your way, and know that you are not alone. Those who choose different paths are welcome to do so without scolding. We are all on unique journeys and all are valid for the person walking them.

But, for those of you like me, who are holding a different Vision, I invite you to cut the rope to the known. I invite you to release the need to argue and defend yourself. I invite you to allow the other human minds to evolve as they will. You are free to roam about bold new thoughts and realities, as if you knew what the hell you were doing, and you are free to do so without fear. Go in light. If you are honestly centered in Love, with a sincere willingness to be a positive light effect for the planet and all living things, you're going to be amazed at the unthinkable that lies up ahead.

In light.

© September 24, 2005
Sheree Rainbolt-Kren is a certified Reiki Master and an Ordained Minister with World Reiki Ministry. She teaches Reiki and spiritual dowsing. Ms. Rainbolt-Kren also facilitates online healing workshops for the Inner Child and Weight Issues. No one is ever turned away for the inability to pay. All is well.
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