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8 Places to Arrange Your Crystals

Crystals have been used for centuries to cleanse and purify the environment. You can use them to heal, protect, energize, and recharge.

As such, the placement of your crystals is important. You want them to be in a space that feels good to you. They also should be in a place where they can benefit from the sun’s energy.

Are you wondering where to arrange your crystals to get the most from them? Here are some of the excellent places:

Place them on a pedestal

Putting your crystals on a pedestal is an excellent way to keep them out of reach of children or pets. Arranging them on a pedestal also ensures that you always see them when you enter the room.

It also helps maintain their energy levels by keeping them away from negative energies in the house, such as those coming from televisions or computers. 

When arranging the crystals, don’t put them under direct sunlight, as it will destroy their vibrational frequencies.

Put them in a box

An excellent way to arrange your crystals is to place them in a box or basket, so they are easy to see and pick up when needed. You can also place them around the house or office where they can be easily seen by all who enter.

If you want to use them for meditation, it is best to place them where you will meditate each day so that you don’t forget about them.

A box made from sturdy cardboard or wood is an excellent choice because the weight of the crystals will help keep the box stable and prevent it from tipping over when someone bumps into it or knocks against it accidentally. 

Are you a classy person and would want your arrangement to look fancy and expensive? Use boxes that have been spray-painted gold or silver.

Place them in water

Crystals love water. You can place them in bowls with water or add them to an aquarium or water fountain. It’s amusing if you have several different stones that complement each other, so try placing some rose quartz next to amethyst or garnet, for example.

The energy from each stone will blend and enhance each other’s powers.

Hang them up

One of the easiest ways to display crystals is to hang them up in a window, on a wall, or from the ceiling. This is especially good if you want to harness their healing powers in your home or office space.

You can use string or twine, fishing line, or even ribbon to hang them. If you’re using a fishing line or string, consider tying knots between each crystal, so they don’t bounce around too much.

Put them in a crystal grid

You can also use a crystal grid, an arrangement of crystals on a flat surface in sand or water. The crystals should be placed in a pattern that makes sense and gives you positive energy. For example, you may arrange them in the shape of your astrological sign or according to their healing properties.

Place them in fabric bags

The best way to display crystals is to place them in fabric bags or on specially-made stands. Remember that crystals are natural, and they can easily break if they are not appropriately handled.

The fabric bag you put them in protects them against accidental breakage and allows you to move the crystal from room to room without worrying about it getting damaged by dust or sunlight.

When in the store, choose a bag that’s big enough for several crystals. You can get these at most craft stores and online retailers. 

The pouch size you go with depends on how many crystals you want to display simultaneously.

If you want just one or two crystals on display, go with something smaller than five inches square. A larger bag can hold more than one crystal while still being easy to carry around the house if you want more than one crystal in that particular room or area of your home.

Put them in a bowl

If you have a collection of stones, try putting them in a bowl on your altar or by your bedside table. This makes it easy to see and care for them. If you don’t have an altar, find a place where they’ll be visible daily, such as on the television or beside the sink.

If you have many crystals and don’t want them all out at once, choose one or two that represent what you want most from that group, for example, healing, and place those out first. Then add other stones as needed for specific purposes. For example, bring out the protection crystals if you are looking for protection. 

Incorporate in everyday items

Crystals can be used for many purposes, from healing to meditation. You can place crystals anywhere in your home or office, but there are some specific places where they will be most effective.

Here are some suggestions for where to place crystals among everyday items:

  • In your living room - Crystals are great for bringing energy into any room of the house. They’re a great addition to any living room because they bring peace and harmony.
  • In a bedroom - Placing crystals in your bedroom is an excellent idea if you want to sleep better at night. When placed under the pillow or on top of the bedside table, they help promote peaceful sleep while creating a calming atmosphere in the room.
  • In the kitchen - If you want to enhance your cooking skills or are interested in learning more about cooking with crystals, placing them in your kitchen is a great idea. The energies emanating from these stones can help enhance creativity and promote better health regarding what you eat.

Bottom Line

When arranging your crystals, ensure they face up because they need sunlight, like plants. Otherwise, they might get sickly pale colors from not getting enough sunlight.

Put some thought into how you arrange them. Thankfully, there’s no right or wrong way to arrange crystals — follow your intuition.

Would you love to know other tricks to arrange your crystals? Visit this page.

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