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Omni Reveals the Four Principles of Creation

By John L Payne

Are there any laws governing the Universe?

Yes, but not in the sense that a lawmaker has devised a law. Laws exist which are natural laws, similar to the Laws of Physics that your scientists recognize. The primary law is the Law of Love; all things exist within this law and are created out of it. Love is the total and complete acceptance of what is. Love allows. Love is about allowing yourself to be who and what you are and allowing that same right to all others. Without the Law of Love, free will could not exist, for free will is free will. It cannot and does not come in portions, for you either have it or you do not have it. The Universe is a place of creation; it is a place of experience. And you have come to this world by choice to experience yourself just as you have done in many other worlds and will do again in many other worlds after this one, whether they be physical or non-physical. As a creator through experience, you have complete free will to create what you wish, and you create through the process of magnetism, the process of attraction, which is the second law, the Law of Attraction, or the Law of Increase, whichever term communicates this concept to you more strongly.

The Law of Attraction states that all that is like unto itself will be drawn to it. In other words, all things similar in nature will naturally gravitate to one another and magnetise one another into their own field. This applies to all things in the Universe; it applies to thought. All energy, and thought is energy, is magnetic to those things with a similar vibration.

"The Law of Attraction states that
all that is like unto itself will be drawn to it."

It is through the utilization of this law that you have come forth into this and many other worlds in order to experience yourself. For as you experience your world unfolding around you, you are experiencing yourself, for your world unfolds in accordance with your thinking. Quite literally, what you think is what you get, and what you think is what you are. So many of you are so convinced that life just happens to you and that things impose themselves upon you that you have built whole societies and cultures upon this premise. As you are the center of your Universe, you are the creator of it, not of some of it, not of most of it, but all of it.

See the Universe as being a large hollow sphere. It does not matter where you stand on the surface of this sphere, you will always be at its center, and so it is with you. All emanates from you, for you are a magnet, drawing experience unto yourself so that you may know yourself in this particular experience. This is why it generally takes the average human being several lifetimes, even hundreds of lifetimes, to master this game called Earth. The reality that you have created for yourself is so convincing that it appears that there is nothing else and that you are merely a collection of gases, chemicals, and water drawn together to form a planet and your physical apparatus, your body. However, I would offer to you that even the body you have created, every last cell, every contour, every hair, is an expression of who you are, an expression of your consciousness.

The Law of Attraction does not simply disappear in the physical world; it is as active there as anywhere else in the Universe. At another time we will offer ways for you to consciously utilize this law.


What is Karma? How does it work? Many have told us that we suffer or pay back in this lifetime for what we did in a past lifetime.

This belief in Karma could not be further from the truth. It is not a law designed to punish you or to bring you into balance as some may have suggested, but it is merely the Law of Attraction expressed in different terms and interpreted through religious structures that for many millennia have been based on the concept of redemption.

Many teach that, if you abused your wealth in one lifetime, you will be poor in this one, or if you murdered in your last lifetime, you will suffer in this one. This is only true if you don't change your mind! What we mean is: The Universe springs forth from thought, and all action is preceded by thought. It is a thought that has led one to steal, abuse, or murder. So what are the thoughts of the robber? Clearly this individual does not understand the Law of Attraction, does not understand that he or she is God, does not understand the infinite love of God, and does not believe in his or her own ability to create wealth.

Your experience on Earth is not one lifetime after the next, it is one total physical experience and it is one physical experience that has many forms. Therefore, if you hold the belief in one lifetime that you are unable to create wealth, or are not worthy of wealth, and this belief is strong enough to motivate you to steal, then it is this belief that will follow you into the next episode of physical experience. It is not the deed that draws karma to you; it is the belief that led to the deed, and the thought behind the deed. As you re-enter this current life experience, you are automatically drawn to those parents who are magnetically attracted to you; you are drawn to them through the process of resonance. You will be drawn to parents who share similar beliefs and experiences †concerning wealth, therefore setting up a similar pattern, until you decide that this no longer serves you.

However, you may make an agreement with the soul whom you robbed that you will share an experience in an upcoming life. If, however, you change your thinking, and therefore your vibration and your magnetic attraction, it is highly unlikely that you will meet this soul, or if you do, that there will be an interaction between the two of you similar to the past life experience. In saying this, what we want to communicate to you most of all is that all the answers you seek concerning yourself are to be found in this lifetime experience, with very few exceptions. We say this, for your beliefs are in the present; you hold onto them in this current time and space. Change your beliefs, and you will change your karma!

"Change your beliefs, and you will change your karma!"

No one is obliged to suffer hardship for anything. And as difficult as it may be for many of you to hear this, there is no punishment, no judgment, no failure, no negative karma. There is only experience. In the highest sense, there is no right and wrong, nothing that can turn away the magnificence of God's love for you.


There is no judgment?

No, not in the sense that most of you think of judgment. Yes, you have teachers and advisors who guide you in making choices based upon your last lifetime. But they are not there to discipline you or to point out your faults. You decide what you are happy with, you decide what you want to create next, no one else. You are in charge. Their role is to assist you in seeing a greater vision of yourself. Part of our being has been present on what has been called the afterlife, or the astral plane, as teacher and guide to those who are offering guidance to you while you are in both the physical and in the non-physical states. Our experience tells us that humanity's belief in its inferiority is so strong that it has also become part of the consciousness of the Astral Plane. Meaning that the Astral Plane of reality that 'surrounds' the Earth is a reflection of the evolution of your entire species. Therefore, those beings who enter the Astral plane at lower vibrational levels make choices concerning future lives that are 'unnecessary' in terms of hardship, for there is still a very strong belief that suffering is necessary to reach a higher spiritual goal.


Are there any other rules that apply in the Universe?

The Law of Love and the Law of Attraction are the primary laws that govern all worlds, physical and non-physical. What we would offer also are principles. A principle tells of the nature of things, an action or a flowing of energy, more of a state of being.

The principles that we offer are the Four Principles of Creation, principles that express the very nature of God and of who you are: Love, Health and Well-Being, Abundance, and Creativity.

Universal Laws do not 'govern' you, for there is no external consciousness that has decided that you must adhere to such laws. Rather there are universal principles, somewhat like the laws of physics, that describe the nature of the Universe. The 'laws' in themselves are a description of the nature of things.

The primary Law is the Law of Love; all things that exist rest on this law. It is not that love is an action, for it is also a state of being, it is also a description of the nature of things, and it is a description of the Universe, of All-That-Is. This word, love, has been misinterpreted by many, and misunderstood by all of you at times. We would define love as the complete and total acceptance of what is; we would describe love as 'allowing.'

"We would define love as the complete and total acceptance of what is."

The Universe is one vast consciousness that has subdivided itself into smaller units, and further into even smaller units. This subdivision has been for the purpose of the creation of experience, for it is through experience that the whole begins to experience itself. If you are a point of light in the center of everything that is also a vast nothingness, you cannot know who you are unless you can view yourself from outside of yourself. Then, as you gain that perspective, you then truly learn who you are through experiencing yourself as All-That-Is whilst holding onto the experience of being singular. In order for the Universe to grow through experience, 'allowing' or love must be in place, for there cannot be any limitation to the experience. For you to experience what you are, it is also necessary for you to experience what you are not. This comparison pushes you forward, for comparison is one of the most efficient ways to assist you in deciding what you want. This comparison leads to desire, and desire is the mother of creation, for without desire, nothing would come into existence.

"Free will is the natural result of love."

You are beings of absolute and total free will. Free will is the natural result of love, for love is the total and complete acceptance of what is. As love is the very nature of the All-That-Is, it is also your deepest desire, for it acts like a magnet upon your personality. All that is not love is not natural to whom you are, and all things seek to operate according to the natural laws of the Universe. Your physical reality was created so that you may experience that which you are not. In experiencing that which you are not, you began to experience that which is not love, that which is not acceptance, that which does not allow. As a soul you began to focus yourself more deeply into the physical world; you began to associate yourself more fully and completely with physical existence. This has led you to believe that the physical you is the total you, and that this you which you know will die along with the demise of your body.

The body seemed frail and vulnerable, and initially you sought to protect the body from the elements, from cold and from heat. As you observed the animals defending their physical selves against predators, you too began to see your own body as weak and something that needed protection from predators. And so it went on, until you began to see others of your own kind as potential threats, and so the lack of 'allowing' firmly rooted itself in your psyche. This was the birth of the lack of love.

The comparison drama was in place so that you could experience love, which is total allowing, as you were drawn like magnets towards it. For love is the very nature of who you are, and even though the personality self has developed so strongly that it thinks it is the real you, it cannot dominate and prevail forever, for nothing can deny its true nature forever. Love is like a magnet, it draws you towards it, and it grows within you.

"Love is like a magnet; it draws you
towards it, and it grows within you."

As you look back at human history, you can observe that you have been gradually moving towards greater levels of allowing. This movement has become increasingly more apparent in the past 100 years and the momentum of this directional move is increasing exponentially with each passing decade.

Embedded in each of you is something we can best describe as an atom. This atom holds within it your will to love. You have this will to love, for that is the very nature of the Universe. Love is the prime quality of universal consciousness, so there is not a consciousness that does not have this atom. Your will to love draws you automatically towards the state of love, of allowing. You cannot deny this will to love, you cannot resist it and you cannot flee from it, although you can pretend that you don't have it, and indeed act as if it were not there. You may even fully experience a reality or a range of feelings that may seem to be devoid of love. This atom, however faint it may appear, is within you, and is magnetic to the greater expression of love, universal love, the love of God. It is this will to love that draws you forward in your development; it is what stimulates you to growth through your many incarnations, and from one cycle to another.

This is the game of the Universe; you have decided that you want to experience many different ways of going home to love, of returning to love. This is why you embark upon new cycles and new adventures. Just as you have had many lives on planet Earth, you have completed this entire cycle from 'lovelessness' to unconditional love in many forms, on many worlds, each one adding to your experience and knowledge of total and complete love. The Universe seeks to experience itself in love in all its forms. In order to do this, the Universe holds within it the experience of "not love", the experience of darkness, the experience of separation, all for the sake of love.

With this atom within you, it does not matter how far into the 'darkness' you go, you will always eventually be drawn home to love. This is a given, it is not any other way, and cannot be any other way. As love is the very nature of God, and as all exists within the mind and being of God, then all within it is of God, and therefore is of love. This is the highest truth. All is love. All action, all beings, all things are love, for that is the foundation of all creation.

"This is the highest truth. All is love. All action, all beings, all things are love, for that is the foundation of all creation."


Tell us more about the Four Principles of Creation and how we can align ourselves with them?

The Four Principles of Creation are a description of your Divine nature; they are who you are. They are summarized thus:

  • Love: Love is your greatest longing. You seek to accept and allow. The Universe, or that unifying field of consciousness that you have come to call God, is a benevolent place that operates with equality and fairness, and operates according to universal laws. Love is the complete and total acceptance of what is: it is allowing—allowing all others to be who they are, and allowing yourself to be who you are. You are a being of free will, and as such, you are held in a place of total acceptance and allowing. You are dearly loved! By beginning to know that you are loved and accepted beyond all measure, you can begin to master the Universal Laws to create the life you want.

  • Health and Well-being: Health and well-being are your natural states of being. Illness and disease are the result of mass beliefs, or individual beliefs, and the resulting fears that block emotional flow. The original fear that humans carry deep within is the fear that they are separated from their Source and are ultimately alone. Through understanding that your fears are simply that, fears, not reality, you can free yourself from the original cause of illness and disease.

  • Abundance: Part of your life's purpose is to move beyond lack, scarcity, and limitation. Although the experience of lack can be valuable in terms of learning certain lessons at certain times, it is not required as a learning tool. Poverty, lack, and scarcity stem directly from your primal fear, the fear that you are separated from your Source. You are the source of your own abundance. Through uncovering your beliefs concerning lack and scarcity, you can begin to create abundance in every area of your life, including financial freedom.

  • Creativity: Creativity is at the very core of each soul, each person. You are driven to create experience. Creativity is also part of your service to the greater whole. As you create, you discover more of who you are through observing your creation. It is the very nature of the soul to be creative, but many of you have forgotten your creativity by believing that the ways in which you can express yourselves are limited to certain jobs, roles, and functions in life.

The Four Principles of Creation describe in essence who you are. They cannot be gained, earned, or awarded to you. They are the governing principles of all life. It is for you to remember that this is who you truly are. Each one of you desires these things, desires to express yourself in these ways, to live a life filled with love, to experience health and well-being, and abundance, and to create freely. Your soul's purpose, in choosing to come into the physical mode, was to manifest itself through you in harmony with the four principles.

As a non-physical being, you exist in perfect harmony with these four principles. You are a vast being, a being of vast consciousness. You are already a master of many dimensions, of many realities. Beyond the physical world, the energies are lighter, more malleable, of a higher frequency. As you adventured into consciousness, building different worlds for yourself, you developed and mastered many skills. The non-physical world from which you originated is devoid of fear. That does not mean that fear does not exist in the non-physical, for certainly it does. But beyond the astral plane, there are many planes of light. In these planes of light you have existed forever. In these realms of light, you discovered and plaid with your creative abilities. You plaid with color, with vibration, creating many forms and scenarios in which to discover yourself. You are creator, and it is through that which you create that you learn to know yourself.

As you are such action-oriented beings, we seek to offer you tools that can enhance the emergence of these principles in your life. The tools are Self-Appreciation, Allowing, Gratitude, and Forgiveness. Each tool has equal importance; no one tool is more important that the other. To assist you in remembering who you truly are, we encourage you to begin the daily conscious practice of these qualities, meditating upon them, writing things down. When you write things down, you bring into form a thought or an idea. This is the first step in manifesting the subject of your attention, making it real for you.


The Four Keys to Happiness

  • Self Appreciation: Enhances your ability to create through the acknowledgment of your gifts.

  • Allowing: Is the key to living a life full of love.

  • Gratitude: Makes you magnetic to abundance. What you focus on, increases.

  • Forgiveness: Leads to health and well-being. If you are unwell, there is always something to forgive. Forgiveness is remembering the truth of who you are.


Can you tell us more about the Law of Attraction?

We have already shared with you that you are the physical extension of a non-physical being, and as such you are tapped into the same pure God force energy that creates worlds. The Four Principles of Creation are qualities that are a part of you, but at the same time they are qualities that you inherently strive towards. The reason for your striving is that you have forgotten that you are a soul having a human experience, and instead hold the illusion that you are only the you that you experience on the Earth plane. The greater part of yourself, your Inner Being, your soul, has prescribed an intention to master Earth life. Mastering the Earth experience entails moving beyond fear and living an abundant life of great joy.

Thought is the basis of all creation. Everything was thought into existence. Even those physical things made by others were first born in thought before they became matter. The fourth principle is the principle of creativity. You are the creator of your experience, and it is your thinking that creates how you experience life. Energy follows thought, and matter is energy condensed. Therefore, everything in the world of matter is a result of thought. Your entire world, the world you see as being real and very alive, is energy that has been condensed into form by thought. It is as real as you wish to make it. Collectively, humanity and others species have created this reality, this dimension of existence, in order to create another unique experience. This is the experience you call Earth. Each and every one of you has the power to create whatever it is that you are wanting through what you are thinking. All energy follows thought, and as matter is energy, it too will follow thought. The speed at which things follow thought on the Earth plane depends on your focus, skill, and practice. It does not matter how many negative thoughts you may have had in the past; it is the thoughts you are thinking right now that have the power.

The Law of Attraction states that everything draws to itself that which is like itself. In other words, all things draw to themselves that which is similar or identical. Energies of a similar nature will always be drawn towards each other; that is the principle of magnetism. All thought attracts, and thoughts attract other thoughts of a similar nature until they begin to compound and gather momentum, eventually leading to the manifestation of something very 'real' in your experience.

You are using the Law of Attraction all of the time. There is not one moment when you are not using this law. It does not need for you to be conscious of it in order for you to experience its results. Every experience, every object, every person in your life is present in your life because you have drawn them into your experience. There are no exceptions to this rule, no chance meetings, no coincidences, no accidents, no divine intervention, no external forces stopping you from having what you want, and no one rewarding you. Your experience is all created by you, you are responsible for all of it, not just some of it, or most of it, but all of it. We hear you say, "But I did not want this circumstance to come into my life." And we would agree that there are many things that you would indeed not purposefully invite into your life. Once you come to understand the Law of Attraction, you will begin to understand that whatever you direct your attention to is invited into your experience. You will also begin to know that there is no difference between negative attention and positive attention.

Your intention is sufficient to create, attract, and invite. Once you realize this law, you can choose to react in one of two ways. You can either see yourself as a victim of your own limited and fearful thinking, or you can celebrate the knowledge that you can have whatever you want and that you indeed have all the power you need to create it. This knowledge is a great source of freedom, for you no longer need to look outside yourself for that which you desire. No longer do you need to seek permission, either consciously or subconsciously, because knowing that the four principles are part of who you are, you can surely know that there is no higher authority in your life than you. You are it! The buck stops with you. In fact, it begins there, too. You are the sculptor, and your life is your sculpture. You are the artist, and your life is your canvas. You are the playwright, and your life is your script. So what scene are you going to write for yourself next?

Everything you have in your life can be traced back to an idea or belief. This applies equally to those things you consider to be positive and those you consider to be negative. In truth, there is no positive or negative, right or wrong, good or bad. There is only experience. Your primary motivation for coming to this planet was to master the experience of life on Earth. Therefore, all experience is valid. It is your interpretation of the experience that makes for happiness, or otherwise. You can choose to see yourself as a victim of circumstances or you can choose to reframe the negative into the positive and learn from your creations. As you begin to learn from your creations, you begin to define more clearly what you want, and as you do this, you begin to focus more clearly on your goals and desires. Then that which you long for begins to come into your life much more rapidly, because your attention has shifted away from that which you do not want towards that which you do want.

Thoughts are energy, and like all energy, attract similar energies unto themselves. This is the principle of resonance. That which you think of has a corresponding resonance, or energy match, with many objects and circumstances. As the entire Universe is energy, including the matter that makes up this book, this principle applies to circumstances, material objects, and people. Your unique way of viewing the world will affect the way in which you experience it as well as affecting the things and people that manifest in your life. For example, if you consider money to be a great source of freedom and you feel very free to express yourself, free to be who you are, then you will automatically draw more money into your experience because there is a vibrational match between the object, in this case money, and what you think and believe.

To understand this law more fully, you need to understand that the creative energy that is at your infinite disposal is completely neutral. We have said that you are the physical extension of a non-physical being, and that being, rather than being a raindrop that has sprung forth from the rain cloud of God, is an extension of All-That-Is that has projected itself into physical reality. As this extension, you are tapped into the unlimited source of life force energy, the same energy that created the physical Universe in which you have placed yourself, the same energy that is used to create all that you see in your reality. This energy could not be anything other than neutral because it allows itself to be formed and moulded by your thoughts. As this energy is neutral and because it is moulded by your thoughts, it does not know the difference between what you want and what you do not want.

Because you have been given free will and you exist in a Universe of free will and choice, this energy, which is the All-That-Is, can only, and will only, be formed by what you are thinking. So when you want to attract something into your life and you do nothing but think of the lack of that thing, then the Universe can do nothing but bring you more of what you are thinking, more lack of the very thing that you say that you want. The Universe does not judge whether or not what you want is good or bad; it simply is, and it responds to your every thought, to your every whim. This life force energy does not understand the difference between 'want' and 'don't want.' It only follows and supports thought. Energy follows thought, not the other way around. So as your thoughts are focused on what you fear, or things you do not want, or are displeasing to you, the ever faithful life force energy of the Universe, that very same energy that creates worlds, accurately follows your thoughts to bring into your experience that to which you have directed your attention.

Understanding this, you will begin to see that each thing you can think of is rather like a coin. It has two sides. On the one side you have the having of the thing, and on the other side you have the not having of the thing. As far as Life Force Energy is concerned, there is no difference between having cancer and not having cancer. There is no difference between having money and not having money, love and not love, etc.

Money is a great example to illustrate this point. With modern banking and computers, you calculate the amount of your money and your experience in having money in more ways than just the amount of currency notes and coins in your wallet. Your money has largely become a set of figures. Your employers transfer money directly into your bank account or your clients give you a cheque. All these things are still money, but not the currency itself, they are simply things that represent the currency. When you receive your bank statement, it can come in two forms; it can have a positive balance or a negative balance. If you have a negative balance and you now owe the bank #1,000, it is still money, is it not? You simply have a balance of 'not #1,000'. This example makes it easier to grasp this universal experience, because most of you see an empty wallet as simply being empty; "there is no money." But having a bank account 'in the red' illustrates that not only does money exist, but 'no money' exists as well, and that both things are still money.

So when you do your thinking and imagining, align your thinking in accordance with what you want to draw into your life. If you focus on the lack of anything, anything at all, you will get it. If you fear ill health, you will attract ill health. If you fear loneliness, you will attract loneliness. The Universe is not only totally equitable, it does not judge or make decisions on your behalf. You are in charge, you are the boss, the king pin, the ruler of your own experience, and the Universe cannot, and will not, do anything contrary to that unalterable fact.

Without this neutral response from the Universe you would not have true free will. So which is it? Do you have free will or do you not? It cannot be both. You cannot be both the creator of your destiny and simultaneously subject to the will of another. The one defies the other. Free will is the basis upon which there is growth, evolution, and experience in the Universe. Without it, all future would be predetermined and every soul would merely be a puppet in a grand theatre. It is our intention to help you know that you may have what you want, and do what you want, and be who you want to be. You have extended yourself into physical reality not to prove yourself worthy of a higher authority, but to add to your uniqueness and beingness through the experience of creating in this reality.

On the Earth plane, because matter is dense, and the vibrational rate of energy is somewhat slower, you experience that things come to you in a way that seems delaid. Most people, just as they have launched a new thought about what they want, within a few days begin to think about something different. The Universe responds to you instantly, yes, instantly, and as you think about what you want, it begins to immediately bring it to you. However, it seems that the majority of you change your mind on a regular basis, so the Universe receives as many order cancellations as it does orders!

The main reason, in fact, just about the only reason that your desires do not manifest instantly when you want them to, even as you think about them, is because of the other thoughts you are also offering. It all comes down to the balance of your thinking. The Life Force Energy cannot do anything but follow the thoughts you are having. Offer a thought concerning the lack of money, and that is what you will get. Offer a thought concerning an abundance of money, and that is what you will get. The same applies to love, health, and every aspect of your life. So when you look at your life and you see a lack of love or experience a lack of money or experience a lack of health, it has been the balance of your thinking concerning those subjects that has created the current circumstances. If it is love that you want more of, then your life will reflect that want accurately and proportionately according to the balance of your thinking.

So if your thoughts have been more towards the 'not having' of the thing you want, then that is what you will get. If your thoughts have been more towards the 'having' side of what you want, then that is what you will get. Each circumstance in your life accurately reflects the balance of your thinking. It cannot be any other way, for without this accurate command of Life Force Energy, you would not have free will. And as you are a being of free will, the very creative powers that you assign to God are at your fingertips. It is merely a question of adjusting the balance of your thinking towards the 'having' of what you want and you will have it. As you think more and more in terms of having, you will tip the balance of your energy into the 'having' state, and away from the 'not having' or lacking state.

As this happens, the Law of Attraction begins to work for you repeatedly. As you arrive at a greater state of 'having', you will begin to attract more of this experience to yourself, and the more you attract, the more you will attract, and so on and so on, until you move away from the experience of scarcity altogether. You then begin to realize through your experience that you are indeed God, that you are indeed creator, and that you do indeed have the command of the Universe at your fingertips, and that nothing can stop you from having what you want except your very own thoughts on the subject. As you think, so it is. It cannot be any other way; it is law.

The above passage was excerpted from
"Omni Reveals the Four Principles of Creation"
published by Findhorn Press, 2001; ISBN 1-899171-88-6

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