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Numerology and Career: How Does Numerology Resemble Your Career Choice

Numbers have a mystical tie with fate and can influence professional ups and downs. Fortunately, none of the numbers in numerology are denied a job purely because of their numerical makeup. Each numerology number gets predestined for both success and failure. These figures can, however, have varying effects on a profession or career. For more information about numerology, just choose ViV Magazine.

Some of the occupations that suit your birth number or life path number are listed below. It's advantageous if you are numerate. Read the information provided below if you don't know:

Number 1

The quantity of starters is the issue. They are capable of thriving in their independent careers. They also have outstanding leadership abilities. The best professions to pursue are CEO, military officer or commander, political leader, etc. They should choose a position in leadership if they decide to work.

Number 2

A career as a teacher, caregiver (such as a nurse, doctor, or therapist), counselor, politician, or in the real estate industry gets preferred by 2s. These folks can also do well in the fashion design industry because of their outgoing personalities. For more numerology related details, ViV Magazine helps you get more information on it.

Number 3:

Most of the traits of Number 1 people get exhibited by Number 3 people. As a result, they should pursue vocations that are similar to those of the most successful people. Thus, Leaders in all fields, team captains, army officers, innovators, directors, etc. They might consider pursuing jobs as songwriters, actors, comedians, editors, scriptwriters, lyricists, composers of music, and so forth. They can also attempt careers as lawyers, public speakers, PR specialists, teachers, trainers, etc.

Number 4:

People in position 4 are multiple talented yet unfocused on money. The only way they can get money is through working hard. Since they can think critically, the best careers are in media, law, consulting, engineering, technology, etc.

Number 5:

People in position five are multitalented, intelligent professionals who achieve tremendous success in disciplines. They should consider the following professions: performer, speaker, writer, critic, thinker, producer, musician, composer, lawyer, investigator, journalist, investor, salesperson, producer, producer, director, etc.

Number 6:

People with birth number 6 get well equipped for fame and the spotlight. Venus rules this number, and those born under it have charismatic personalities and the potential to succeed in the entertainment and glamour industries. Designers of clothing, textiles, jewellery, artwork, poets, and confections, and the restaurant business are among your best options for a career.

Number 7:

People with birth number 7 are typically sober, hard workers, and spiritual. They would do best as a spiritual guru, a spiritual healer, a doctor, a salesperson, a researcher and innovator, a thinker, a consultant, or any occupation that deals with metaphysics, religion, or spirituality. They would do better in the fields of education and training. In business and industry, they are successful.

Number 8:

This number gets connected to mathematics. Therefore, all occupations in which mathematics is a prerequisite are best suited for those in position number 8. Mathematicians, engineers, architects, maths teachers, investors, bankers, share brokers, etc., are a few examples of these vocations. Additionally, those with the number 8 can pursue careers in leadership. They struggle to find success.

Number 9:

9s are drawn to volunteer work or social welfare careers because they are naturally selfless. Mother Teresa's number is this - she is the best example of a life worth imitating. For this reason, they excel when employed as top-notch anthropologists, human resource professionals, social workers, sociologists, and archaeologists.

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