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Myths and Realities of Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is a different experience, which can be enjoyed with your partner at any time. Many people think that tantric sex can only be enjoyed when the couple starts to fall into a routine, but this is not so. Any time is an interesting moment to enjoy the experiences of the tantric world.

But before going into details about the realities and myths, we want to make clear that tantric sex is not a kind of philosophy of life, but a very ancient science. Through tantric sex you can exchange energies and thus achieve maximum enjoyment as a couple.

Is tantra a sexual practice originating in India?

It is a myth to think that tantric sex is millenary and has its origin in India. And to prove it we have to look for the meaning of the word.

We can verify that the word means "something that stretches". The main goal in the Buddhist tradition is to reach the stage of enlightenment. With that meaning, we can say that tantra in the sexual world is an expression of union of two opposite persons, i.e., a man and a woman. In that case, sexuality should be understood as something spiritual.

Of course, tantric sex has left aside the original idea of Buddhism to become something different. But the energetic essence is still present in this kind of reality.

Can tantric sex cause orgasms that last many hours?

This is another of the most common myths. There are many people who think that when tantric sex is done correctly, pleasure is assured for hours and hours.

But as the erotic massage experts at Tantra Palace tell us, the orgasm is long, but it does not last for so many hours. It is important to keep in mind that orgasm in tantric sex should be understood as a mystical experience, that is, it is not like the orgasm we are used to.

The orgasm in the tantric world can be achieved at the moment in which the mind manages to reach stillness and consequently a union is achieved between the two people who are exchanging their energies. For this reason, it is necessary to eliminate the idea of an infinite orgasm and see it as something different, but also very pleasant for the person who gets to enjoy the experience.

In order to reach tantric orgasm, it is important to concentrate, enjoy and above all to be in the company of someone who knows how to achieve it. It is not easy to get the results, so sometimes it is important to try several times to achieve success. But with patience and experience, everything can be achieved. For this reason, going to a tantric massage center today is presented as the best option at all levels.

To enjoy tantric sex, it is necessary to practice yoga.

Another of the myths that have spread and that are false. To enjoy a good tantric sex session, it is not necessary to practice yoga or to be really flexible. Everyone who wants to can practice it.

As we have mentioned before, the main objective of tantric sex is to exchange energies and to achieve it, it is necessary to create an emotional connection for this exchange of energies.

That is to say, the reality is that energies can be exchanged without the need of having to perform really complicated postures. For example, the first energies can be exchanged simply with a long-lasting look. In fact, many people begin to exchange energies without realizing it.

For example, a boy and a girl in love stare into each other's eyes without touching. At that very moment, the energies begin to flow, without the need to make love. That small pleasurable experience that both parties live is part of this world and is to be enjoyed. Remember, penetration is not the most important part, there are small acts much more pleasant if you know how to appreciate them.

Later on, if the relationship goes further and both parties get together, they will be able to perform different positions to enjoy each other's pleasure. But we can assure you that, if the energy flows between the two parties, it is not necessary to implement complicated positions.

Tantric sex is a very complicated methodology.

This is another myth. Sometimes tantric sex is easier than it seems, especially when we get carried away by the love and pleasure of the moment. Sometimes it is much easier to reach orgasm when things are spontaneous and really lived. That is to say, to reach orgasm, excitement and emotion are very important. For that reason, couples in love enjoy more than those who make love for the sake of making love.

Since the goal of tantric sex is not orgasm, pleasure will never be the goal of tantric sex.

It is important to know that, in tantric sex, orgasm is a means, rather than an end. The main goal of tantric sex is to achieve pleasure through physical contact, breathing and eye contact. When practiced, we realize that penetration is not necessary to reach orgasm and achieve pleasure.

When the sexual energy that is created between two people who really feel something is exchanged, it creates a pleasure that cannot be described with words. That is, pleasure can be achieved when we learn to give and receive, without the need for orgasm to be present. Can orgasm be given? Yes, but it is not the main part of this experience. Sometimes the exchange of energies can offer much more pleasurable sensations than an orgasm. For that reason, people who encounter those sensations want to enjoy them again.

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