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Myths About Different Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs

Do Taurus really don’t care about anyone’s feelings? Is Cancer really emotional or just pretends to be so to get some sympathy? Well, once we start living with a person, we tend to judge them. And this judgement either gives birth to misconceptions or simply debunks the myths. 

Similarly, there are many myths about different zodiac signs. And while you can always avail a free chat with astrologer to debunk those, but to make the process even simpler, here are some common misconceptions about the different sun signs, which we tried to debunk. 


People often believe that an Arian is loud and lunatic who literally shouts at anyone and everyone. Well, to be honest, spend some time with the Aries and you would know that trait is called being energetic and not lunatic. 


A Taurus is often called materialistic. And yes, they are. However, most of the Taurus out there are really family-oriented and thus usually want to acquire all sorts of comfort for their loved ones, even if it means being dubbed materialistic. 


The myth is that a Gemini has a split personality problem. Do you feel that too? Well yes. Gemini does have the ability to change their decisions at a snap of the finger but that is usually the result of their understanding of what others usually don’t. 


Cancerians are believed to be calm, sweet and peaceful people. However, this would come as a surprise for many that they too have the tendency to give you a fight, and one that you would remember forever. 


Leo is usually seen as a bubbly creature who keeps the crowd enthralled. People think that how can these people be happy 24/7? But the fact that any best astrologer will tell you is that Leos too have their share of sad moments and feel ‘human’. It’s just that they are alone in the act. 


People have a misconception that Virgos don’t know how to have fun. Well, only if you had seen them finishing a bowl of chips in that comfy night suit with Netflix on, your misconception would have shattered. 


Libra is often said to be the confused one. People really are not able to decide what to make of them. To be very honest, the Librans are not really confused, only not so stringent about equality and balance. 


Scorpio is usually believed to be self-centred, who use their sensuality to lure you into doing things. Honestly, they are the types of people who don’t want anyone else to enter their world. All they are usually busy with is luring themselves. 


Sagittarius is said to be the happy one. The sign is one that works without a pay to make everyone else smile. However, though the Sag may look happy from the outside but they are not always that way. It’s just that they bounce back quicker than anyone else. 


As a Capricorn, I took a free kundli reading session and found that how people usually see Capricorn as boring and not so sexy. Tbh, Capricorns are quite passionate and sensual creatures. They, however, are good at hiding it.


Aquarians have that “I don’t care” hard shell, which makes people uninterested in them. But happens, on the inside, they are as gentle as gentle could be. They only use that hard shell attitude to protect themselves from the world.


They may look like they are going round and round in a loop unnecessarily, but in reality, they are often trying to figure out solutions rather than crafting stories as opposed to common perception.

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