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Meditation and Marijuana

Meditation has always been a part of human civilization, but today, it is reserved for those who like to dig deeper. To a place where you can't find yourself running desperately in the currents of your own thoughts, making decisions, fulfilling responsibilities, or worse, doing absolutely nothing. Meditation is not for everyone, but for every mind, soul and body. Surprisingly, even traditional medicine says that regular meditation is beneficial for many aspects of physical health (mental health is apparently not of much interest to medicine). Historically, marijuana has been a pretty familiar company for meditation. "As a duo, they can work wonders," say practitioners. Are they miracles? Let's look into it.

Marijuana calms the mind

Indian sadhus (true experts in marijuana, yoga and meditation) are revered for their knowledge and ability to combine these things properly

The Yoga Sutra says that cannabis is the source of siddis, that is, psychic powers.

Consequently, cannabis and meditation themselves have similar effects, and when combined, meditation is clearly improved.

This also came to light when several religious groups in South Asia, including Buddhists and Shivaites, introduced marijuana smoking into their meditation practice. Practitioners claim that marijuana helps them "slow down their minds" and enter a state of "deep silence" with increased awareness.

What's the bottom line?

Marijuana affects each of us differently. Trying to meditate combining with weed can show the effects of cannabis on you. For people with an overactive brain (which counteracts the main purpose of meditation), marijuana can help calm a mind overloaded with thoughts. If the approach is initially correct, cannabis can certainly help achieve the desired effect.

What does the right approach mean?

First and foremost, it's about understanding the effects of marijuana, clearly defined goals, and choosing the right kind of cannabis.

The use of sedative indica calms the synapses, simply put - the transfer of information between nerve cells slows down. Several ways to smoke prove that. This is the main reason why mental fluctuations are reduced and concentration is improved as a result.

Choosing the right amount will make it easier for you to concentrate before your next meditation. Still, whichever way you choose to consume, it's important to make sure that the variety, strength and amount of cannabis are in line with your goals and, most importantly, induce inner peace.

From words to practice!

Before you meditate, try focusing on your breath. This will allow you to watch your thought processes slow down, fade into the background and eventually disappear altogether.

Observe your thoughts from the outside, try not to develop them. Focus on your breathing for at least a few minutes. To begin with, it is enough to get rid of extraneous thoughts and start practicing "on the breath" meditation. It's best to meditate every day to make it easier for you, to calm down, to develop razor-sharpness and mental stability. The more you practice, the more you feel the benefits. Over time, you will begin to establish your own criteria for meditation.


As for cannabis, it has traditionally been used for years in ancient civilizations and religions for meditation and yoga. For example, in Tantric Buddhism, cannabis still plays an indispensable role in meditation rituals to achieve deep meditation and greater awareness.

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