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The Duality

By Kenneth James Michael MacLean

The human race is at an evolutionary crossroads. We know that we live in a duality; even skeptics and materialists cannot argue with this. We know that polarization and separation is the hallmark of duality; hot cold, light dark, misery joy, etc. This is part and parcel of a physical experience at this density. And so it is easy to insist that life and events on the planet Earth have a light side and a dark side. Therefore, it is obvious that there are groups of people on the planet working to raise the consciousness of the human race, and that there are those who are working to enslave us. It's just part of the duality.

It sounds evil when you use the word enslave us; how about "influence us" or "control us." Whatever word you want to use, there is a group or groups of people on the planet with hidden agendas who are determined to take us down the path of collective security and a hive-like or Borg mentality where individual freedom and a shared consciousness based on connection to Source are missing. There will be a connection all right; but it will not be biological or spiritual. It will be electronic or have to do with technology that can be controlled from above. This is the real issue here in the duality, ladies and gentlemen: will we choose cooperation and love, or collective security and protection from (fill in the blank - whatever straw man is put forward to scare people) based on some fear-based agenda.

My friend in Australia sent me a message that was written on a traffic box. It said, "Love life and life will love you back." Apparently in Australia the councils actually hire artists to paint stuff like this, in order to brighten the place up. I think Australia is way ahead of us here in the U.S. This idea, which uses love as its basis, is also applicable to everything in a vibrational universe. What you place your attention on you get more of.

Benjamin Franklin said, "Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." This is precisely the theme that is being acted out within the species consciousness right now. Security represents a de-evolution back to the old paradigm of thought, and to a deprecated existence. Security represents protection from (fill in the blank with your favorite boogeyman). Freedom represents a celebration of the individual as a divine aspect of the One consciousness, an animating principle based on love and cooperation and joy. Freedom is a quintessential aspect of any service-to-others consciousness. Without freedom we will turn into slaves, it's as simple as that.

So why am I going on about this, some might say ad nauseum? Because IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP. We are in a window of opportunity right now to influence the next 10,000 years of human evolution. We are in the zone of chaos where the variables and the energy are coalescing. The choices we make RIGHT NOW are the ones that are called, in chaos theory, the initial conditions upon which the entire system will evolve around. We are setting up the equations (memes, thought patterns, vibrations, choices) in the mental plane around which the fractal pattern of human evolution will initiate and evolve.

Remember what Esther Hicks always used to say, "there is never a crowd on the leading edge." Hicks did humanity a great service by promoting concepts like the Law of Attraction; getting people to see that a vibrational universe is arranged to support the decisions we make, and to get us to understand that we have power and that we have to step into it. This is the key concept in transcending those on the other side of the duality, who will ALWAYS use fear, terror, and violence, and propaganda and persuasion based on these themes, to promote their hidden agendas.

The other side of the duality operates on these principles: Secrecy. Stealth. Covertness. Subtlety. Guile. Deceit. These principles are all mired on the negative side of the emotional/vibrational scale. This tells you that all "national security" establishments are the tools of the dark side, because they are all secret. The justifications for them are themselves based in fear. "We have to have a national security establishment because our enemies will strike us down if we don't." Oh for gawd's sake, isn't this tired old theme getting boring by now? Isn't it just stupid? Well, we look around and say there's nothing we can do about it, except that we CAN do something about it.

The real action is on the mental plane, within the programming that comprises the virtual realm. There is a physical universe and, alongside the physical is the virtual world that is invisible to the five human senses but which contains the programming and the sets of possible realities that can be manifested. You might think of these possible sets of reality as virtual holodecks. If you've ever seen the program "Eureka" (highly recommended, especially the last season, season 5) you see how virtual realities can be constructed and how consciousness can experience in them. These realities are just as real as the physical universe we live in. In fact, it can be argued that all physical realties are virtual constructs. This is what Esther Hicks was trying to say when she talked about how reality, in a vibrational universe, is an interpreted reality. Consciousness can enter into any virtual reality and it will be just as solid and real as our physical universe.

In the Matrix, your consciousness was installed in the virtual program. When you removed your consciousness from the virtual program you returned to your body in another virtual reality, the physical universe. And when you remove your consciousness from the physical body, (this is called "Death," by the way, in case you are interested) you return to Native State, a condition where your self-awareness is not associated with a physical body. Native State itself may be a construct of an even higher reality. We will all find out when we "die."

And so we have to look at the physical universe we live in as a programmable construct. Because it IS. And if something is programmable, then it is malleable. It can be changed. And the way we change it is by consciously making choices about how we want to live our lives. As we keep saying over and over on the show, there are 7 billion of us creating a huge collective reality on the planet earth. Until now, the dumbasses who were playing the game (us) had no clue that we were anything more than pieces of meat walking around on the gameboard, and that our consciousness was dependent on the body, and that when we die, we're dead.

OK, so that was a really, really fun game that we plaid for a really long time. But it is time to play a bigger and a better game. We as individuals can help everyone, and the Earth herself, by selecting (programming) the highest possible set of possible realities for our lives. By doing this we choose a higher set of possible manifestations from the collection of all possible manifested realities. This all happens outside the body reality, outside mainstream science, and the other side of the duality. These guys cannot stop us from choosing a bright future, but they can attempt to persuade us from choosing a true fourth-level consciousness, through cleverly designed propaganda and persuasion.

The most important area in this choosing-a-potential-future is communications and electronics. The advertisements I see for phones show people totally immersed in a digital or virtual reality (created by others) and completely ignoring the "real world." These advertisements show people totally and completely dependent upon their electronic device. This is a subtle way of showing you that you don't really have any power, that the real power lies in the operating system of the phone and the apps created by others. And of course, because we live in a duality, there is also the bright side of the power of these phones: the power to share information, video, and experiences on your network, and to connect with each other on a planetary basis. This is why I say that we are in the most important time in human history.

Collectively we are on the cusp of making individual decisions that will affect the collective for the next several millennia. The time is now, as Charlie Parker, the great saxophonist, expressed in his song, "Now's the Time." Most of us are not consciously aware of how important this time is in human history. That's how it's always been. There are always a few visionaries like Hicks and Chopra and others who are pointing out the correct path, and a few on the other side who are engaging in doom and gloom. And then there is the one standard deviation in the middle, the 2/3rds of the population who don't seem to be able to think for themselves; who, like sheep, are moved one way or the other by the latest fads and fashions and meme structures.

Well, boys and girls, as Esther Hicks always said, "there's never a crowd on the leading edge." Most people aren't even aware that there IS a leading edge! In other words most people just think that life is life and that there's nothing special about today as compared to 30 years ago or a hundred years ago or a thousand years ago. They just look around and think that life is life and human nature is human nature and that nothing has really changed much over the years except that we live more comfortably now.

Well, that's the APPARENCY. That's what the guys on the other side of the duality want us to think, while they dream up and put online more Utah data centers to monitor and control the entire population of earth. We are working in a very powerful system that we are unaware exists: the power of the virtual world to reprogram physical reality. The other guys know about this. They understand that we are heading to fourth-level consciousness and they want to control the way we live, with them at the top. But this is a pathetic, deprecated existence that does not tap into human potential: it requires for its success that individuals never reach their higher potential.

We have the power, if we will only become aware that it exists, to influence the mental plane (the virtual world) on a truly massive scale. Again, there are 7 billion of us and a few thousands of them. Sure, those thousands control exotic technology, but the reason it remains hidden is that the human population is still comatose. If we ever woke up we could literally shatter the old paradigm of thought and create the potential for an entirely bigger game based on the realization of humanity's higher potential.

The only thing stopping us isn't THEM, it's US. Right now is the critical window of opportunity. The further we travel along this time line past the December 21, 2012 marker, the more powerful are our decisions. We are going to come to a point in the near future when events on the planet will force us to make a collective decision, IF we do not consciously do it now.

In other words, we are here on the timeline where the apparency is that there is no necessity to make a decision about where humanity is going at the fourth level. "Oh, who cares about that," people say. "I have so much to do in my life, nobody has time for that metaphysical crap." But remember, a no-decision is a vote for the status quo, for no change, for things to go along just as they have always gone along. We don't want future generations to tell their kids, a few generations from now, that we were just too stupid to understand how important this time in human history was. "My great grandparents just didn't see it coming," we might say to our kids five generations down the line. "If only we had woken up in time to prevent the creation of skynet and the collectivization of humanity." Or something along those lines.

Look, we've been warned. The Terminator movies, The Matrix, science fiction, these have all told us of our deprecated possible future. But it's only possible if we choose it. Of course there's no necessity to choose now. But why not do the smart thing and prevent the potential coming of future "leaders" who will try to organize humanity in order to save us from resource depletion, or the problems brought about by a collective security mindset? We talked about the potential for a future charismatic leader or leaders. We made the analogy to humanity being on a huge airplane with no pilot. This is the future scenario IF we don't collectively (collective = the sum of individuals) choose NOW. People will always make a choice if things come down to a crisis. But let's not wait for that, because there is the potential for a lot of unnecessary turbulence.

On a sidenote, the reason we would experience a charismatic leader is if we were going down the wrong path. In other words, there will be no need for charismatic leaders unless we are hitting a crisis point. The idea is not to become dependent on leaders! The idea is that everyone steps into their power and begins to think for themselves.

This doesn't mean we don't need leadership. We do need that! Inspired leadership. But not charismatic leaders who draw attention to themselves and who are promoting an agenda. If we see this we will know that the agenda, even if it masquerades as spiritual or religious, is bogus.

All right, we've been trying to describe that there exists a virtual world and that it is interwoven seamlessly (and invisibly) with the physical world. It's what Esther Hicks promoted for decades: the idea that the universe is vibrational and responsive to our thoughts and choices, and that these choices have meaning. Here we're trying to show practically how that mechanism works. My book, The Vibrational Universe, describes the practical application of seemingly (but actually powerful) esoteric principles to daily life. These principles only seem esoteric because they are associated with consciousness and the invisible virtual world. But in a cosmic twist or cosmic joke, that which is invisible (beyond the body reality) is actually the most important arena. The physical universe is just where the programmed changes show up.

Does that make sense to you guys?

When you use the program's menus and buttons you create a beautiful brochure layout. That layout is strictly digital until you print it out. But really, 99% of the work and the conception, the REALITY, of the layout is in the electronic impulses of the machine. And those impulses are a direct creation of your THOUGHTS. Printing the brochure is trivial once the system is set up to allow you to push the print button.

Well, that's how it works in life! The system is set up to allow us to change the layout. And then that layout manifests eventually in the physical universe, just like the brochure. What we want to get across to you is how fast the layout can change. In other words, millions of people consciously making decisions to elevate themselves and the human race and the planet literally changes the virtual programming very very quickly. It is possible, then, to quickly and powerfully reach a "tipping point" where the system goes out of the chaotic state (where there are lots of possible choices from the potential set of zillions of possibilities) and into a coalesced state that is the result of the decisions of the collective.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that the Powers That Be can do about this. It is simply a fact of the way the system is organized. The only power the other side of the duality has is to get us to change our minds. That's it. We're in it right now, the period where the battle is persuasion and influence. Keep the sheeple sleeping is the theme of the day from those who are promoting the manipulated side of the duality. But even here they are severely limited, for even a small subset of a 7 billion human population, if we make conscious choices, can create the tipping point and an instantaneous change in the consciousness of all 7 billion. That's why the other side of the duality is so afraid, because they know they are really powerless.

Their emphasis, therefore has been on elevating technology (and science) to the position of unquestioned god. If the pronouncements of science can be elevated to the status of a god-like oracle coming down from on-high (in reality from the top of the pyramid of the Old Order) then whatever establishment science considers valid, is valid. Which means that ideas like consciousness being non-physical are simply absurd. Scientific ideas such as the experimenter can influence the results of an experiment are taboo, because this leads inevitably to the idea that there is some kind of non-local (or possibly local) intelligence beyond the physical that can influence the physical. If this idea were ever to be widely accepted we'd see a change for the better in science, and a paradigm shift in every area of human endeavor.

It can happen, because all we need is a paradigm shift. We can influence the future direction of science even if we know nothing about science. We're talking about the Big Picture here, the picture beyond the physical and into the virtual; we're talking about the correct definition of consciousness. Once the true definition of consciousness becomes accepted widely enough, we'll see structural changes to the entire foundation and frame of human existence, to use a building analogy. That's why we've been boring on and on on the show about fourth-level consciousness and the importance of the individual in consciously making decisions to better their lives. The key is CONSCIOUSLY. When you consciously make a decision to have more love or joy in your life, you select a higher reality from the virtual space. When you do visualizations or meditations on a future earth and a future life that looks full of joy and prosperity and abundant, clean energy, you select from the virtual set of possible manifestations, a higher dimensional reality.

This virtual space, again, links to and programs the physical world we see around us, just as the virtual holo-program is influenced by the choices of the actors within it. And it's exciting to think that the designers of the holo-program are the same guys who are IN the holo-program!

From the Spiritual Wisdom Newsletter by Ken MacLean. Ken is freelance writer and researcher who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Since childhood, Ken has been thinking about the Big Picture and how to increase spiritual understanding in the world. His book, The Vibrational Universe, is a detailed and practical explanation of consciousness, the five universal principles, and how to use them in daily life. Underlying science, metaphysics, politics, and human relationships is the vibrational universe concept.

It turns out that the universe has been designed to directly interface with your thoughts and your intent. If you are unaware of this user interface, however, you are like a person who tries to use a complicated computer program without having any idea how the menus work! The Vibrational Universe describes the universe's simple but powerful interface in clear, easy to understand language and with plenty of examples from real life.

Understanding this concept enormously simplifies the complexities of life, and explains the sometimes mysterious workings of human relationships. It also explains phenomena like karma, coincidence, and ESP. The Vibrational Universe clarifies the relationship between thought, consciousness, and the "real world."

Here are three free ebooks from Ken MacLean, for you to download...

  • The Story of Interview with Spirit by Kenneth J. M. MacLean and Neil Longley
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