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The Law of Attraction and Common Sense

By Kenneth James Michael MacLean

The Law of Attraction has two different aspects, or "harmonics." The first aspect lies within the obvious, observable activities in the physical universe. The second aspect is invisible, involving a subtle, non - local phenomenon that occurs invisibly within the field of consciousness that composes and surrounds all things. It is this second aspect that is often considered "magical."

Both aspects of the LOA, however, are united in that they operate under the rule of "like attracts like." Not only people, but the atomic structure of matter itself reflects this principle. From this we can understand that both aspects of the Law of Attraction are necessary for manifestation.

Matter and energy, and thought itself, can be considered vibrational in nature (see the book The Vibrational Universe for details). The rule of "like attracts like" simply matches vibrations. Both aspects of the LOA work together, but it is important to understand that even on the level of matter, vibrational matching is the key.

For example, two companies might have an identical advertising budget, be involved in the same market, and advertise over the same media. Yet company A's sales program generate terrific sales, while company B's sales are flat. The difference, of course, is in the message. But what is the message? It is, essentially, a template of thought communicated through a physical medium. Thought and intention create the blueprint that determines how others respond to your message. They are characteristics of consciousness; immeasurable qualities, but the most essential ingredients for manifestation.

In other words, a series of actions is utterly dependent upon a blueprint of thought. The magic of LOA occurs when one understands the operation of the universe's vibrational matching property on both harmonics.

"Common sense" is just the codification into language of universal principles. Common sense describes the innate understanding all of us have about the way the universe works. Each and every one of us has this understanding. Why?

Because human beings are, first and foremost, non-physical, Native State personalities associated with physical bodies. All of us are intimately connected with the universal medium and higher consciousness. When we become passionate, inspired, and creative, we allow that connection to become stronger and stronger.

It is impossible to prove the second aspect of the Law of Attraction, because it defines something that is (at least at present) immeasurable by the instruments of science. Some people have to die to discover their higher spiritual nature, but that is their problem, not yours! Skeptics and nay - sayers live under the same universal principles as do we all. Every human being is subject to these laws. When you begin to awaken spiritually, these things become more and more obvious. So don't let anyone tell you that what you believe is invalid. Successful people have a vision and follow it, regardless of the opinions of others.

The Law of Attraction is both esoteric and practical, uniting spirit and matter. Both aspects work together to create a universe that is utterly fair, and empowering to all who experience in it.

If you pay too much attention to either aspect and neglect the other, things will go slower for you. Some believe that merely by thought alone, a person should be able to procure a new job, or more money, or a better relationship. Even though the second aspect is the most important, here there is too much reliance upon it. Thought and intent will create the blueprint and begin to open windows of opportunity all by itself, but you must step through them. You must act! And of course, those poor souls who rely only on the first aspect will work very hard indeed, but often have little to show for it. Our planet is filled with struggling, hard working people.

Common sense tells us that you have to know what you want, and have a strong intent to get it. Common sense also tells us that you have get into action as well. The great thing about the Law of Attraction is that the universe is set up to give you what you want. When you know clearly what you want, your desire is strong, and your focus is aligned with your desire, you get fired up and the actions you perform are effortless and exciting. The second aspect of the LOA automatically connects you with the creative energy of the universe and puts you in vibrational communication with the people and the resources you need! And when that happens, your success is assured, as long as you don't give up along the way.

In our modern societies, the importance of the two aspects of the Law of Attraction have just been reversed. But both are necessary for manifestation.

One of the most cherished myths in our society is that change, and power, rests with the authorities.

It is demonstrable, however, that governments and authority figures spend most of their time resisting change. Look around at our planet. Do you see prosperous, happy societies or struggling ones? Action follows thought, therefore, there is something wrong with humanity's belief systems! If nothing changes, we will continue to experience scarcity and conflict in the new millennium, just as we have for the past 5,000 years.

Look at your own life. How many of the goals you have set for yourself have you actually accomplished? If you're not seeing progress, then you have beliefs that are holding you back!

The universe has been designed to support your choices and empower you. The universe is not cold and uncaring, it is logical. If you want to change your life, you have to understand how it works! c

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