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The New Reality 2020

By Kenneth James Michael MacLean

When a soul incarnates on earth as a human being, most of the soul awareness has to be left on the “other side.” A human body just can’t contain it. So human consciousness is truncated – we’re walking around, playing the game called “earth,” without all of our divine marbles!

Fortunately, built into human biology is an inner connection or link to the soul in its fullness. In internet terms, think of it as a sort of TCP/IP communication protocol from human biology to the soul. This “divine protocol” allows human consciousness to talk to the human being’s higher self. Throughout human history seekers have tried to find this connection, and a few have succeeded. We all find it at some point in our lives, even if in fleeting moments. However, the average person doesn’t use this protocol (or even try) because we have been taught that a human being is a piece of meat. We have been taught that consciousness, self-awareness, comes from neurons firing around in the meat brain.

This low consciousness idea of a human is a perfect fit for materialists who cannot conceive of anything outside the five human senses. Fortunately, human consciousness is advancing past the adolescent belief in materialism. Humanity is ready for a spiritual upgrade!

What might this spiritual upgrade look like?

The divine component is accessible to everyone, even materialists, for all human beings are an aspect, or an extension, of the Creative Source. Creators in every field of human life know how important the soul connection is. It enables the feeling of love, compassion, harmony, happiness, excitement, passion, inspiration, and an inner wisdom that can guide a person throughout his or her life. This inner wisdom is often called intuition. Intuition comes from the soul.

Higher Consciousness in a Multidimensional Universe

So far we haven’t said anything earth shattering – these are standard-issue metaphysical concepts. But here’s where it gets good. Let’s say that the universe itself is multidimensional: beyond the grasp of the five human senses. In that case materialistic science could only go so far – explaining the 4D world (the three dimensions of space + time) – but not able to go past it. If the universe is multi-dimensional, then it would consist of a “layered” reality that can’t be accessed by scientific instruments, but only by the higher spiritual component of human consciousness that hides within human biology. It would contain paths to success that aren’t visible or cognizable to those who employ 4D thinking. These invisible solutions would, however, be recognizable to the higher, divine component through non-4D avenues such as intuition.

Moreover, what if spirituality itself is just a more advanced physics that isn’t accessible to 4D thinking? If so, then woo-woo spiritual stuff would have a basis in a more advanced science; one that goes beyond meat-based science. Spiritual ideas would, in this higher concept, merge with physics. If this is so, spiritual ideas would be imprinted within the laws of the universe, and would be accessible by the divine component in human biology. This is an exciting concept for me, for it means that connecting with the soul through the divine protocol would enable a reasoned approach to spiritual ideas.

Fortunately, every human being is born with this hidden component. Free will and intent is the tool used to access it. It’s time for human beings to reach beyond what we’ve been taught and embrace a more mature spiritual system that unites science, physics, and metaphysics.

Layered Reality in a Multi-dimensional Universe

What is “layered reality?” It refers to consciousness spaces that are beyond the physical body’s five senses; realms of awareness that might not be fully accessible (yet) but that can be contacted via the imagination and intuition. Assuming that is true, there are planes of reality that coexist along with the four material dimensions of 3D space and time. These “higher planes” of reality would provide an easier, more elegant and intuitive way around the denseness and the struggle associated with “normal” reality. A layered reality would, in essence, provide an invisible, multidimensional solution to personal problems that couldn’t be explained by a scientific analysis.

Imagine that you’re sitting at home with no job and no income during this pandemic. That’s a problem. It’s a problem that exists purely within the 4D universe, and you don’t have a lot of time to solve it because the rent or mortgage payment is due, the kids need new shoes, and you’re tearing your hair out.

What to do?

This is a problem that can be solved by 4D methods, but it involves frantic action like finding another job. That works during normal times but not when unemployment is approaching 20%. What if there was another, more elegant solution that lies on a higher plane of reality? A solution like this cannot be empirical, it must be intuitive. It must be personal, and involve the idea that the universe is benevolent, and that you are part of it. It is congruent with the idea that consciousness is by definition benevolent, and that each human is an aspect or “piece” of that divine, universal consciousness.

Therefore a “higher”, or intuitive solution, can’t be laid out in a step-by-step linear fashion. You can’t derive a 4D formula or equation for it. The layered solution, as of now, is only accessible by the divine component of human consciousness. BUT it is accessible, and will become more accessible, as the human awakening continues. We just have to know it’s there and access it by flexing our spiritual muscles.

The Old Gives Way to the New

“You haven’t said anything helpful,” you say. “You’re babbling.”

Well, ladies and germs, get used to it. A new consciousness is arriving on the planet; an enhanced human consciousness, that will rely on the spiritual component and will be accessed via intuition. It will require listening to your inner voice. That’s part of what will emerge in the coming years as the new reality.

Human consciousness is reaching a point where the old methods – embedded in an old consciousness – don’t work anymore. “Set a goal, make a plan, write down your action steps...” blah, blah blah. These solutions exist within the confines of the old system and will always result in old energy solutions like working harder, making more phone calls, hiring better consultants, scrambling for a business loan, making a big leap in brand recognition while fighting your competitors for market get the idea. These solutions revolve around the system of corporate domination of every single event in our society. People who already have money don’t have to worry. But people like us who don’t, have to come up with unusual solutions because the old system is breaking down before our eyes. It’s in your face every day you wake up and confront reality. 6 trillion dollar bailout packages notwithstanding, this system is broken, and old energy solutions just don’t have the power they used to have.

“So what’s your solution? Sit around and meditate? That aint going to pay my bills!”

Not exactly.

Consciousness Evolution

The simple truth is that consciousness on this planet is evolving out of an old paradigm and into a new one, like a snake molting out of its skin. This process is INVISIBLE because thought and intent and self-awareness are invisible. There are no metrics to measure it.

What are the new tools of human consciousness in this new age?

Intuition, intention, increased self-awareness, and connection with the divine component inside you. These will act as guides for individuals in the new reality.

Folks, that’s the new life plan in higher consciousness; it’s the new way of being and doing. In the new multi-dimensional world, there are many realities, all layered on top of each other. These realities are becoming more and more accessible. The 4D reality is mired in working hard, struggling, overcoming obstacles. When we think of solutions to problems we still think along those lines. That was great in the old consciousness; it rewarded the person with ambition and perseverance. But it also led to a world run by sociopaths. The new reality requires a look into a more elegant, multidimensional solution where you may not be able to even list all of the components or variables of the solution. The new reality requires trust in the laws of the universe, and that a benevolent higher power, or consciousness, has set up these laws and maintains them for the good of all.

You can see right away that this new reality is utterly foreign to materialists, and to the old way of thinking. It is simply beyond their grasp. That is why a certain segment of the population will always embrace struggle, conflict, and war as the only solutions to problems. This POV will be supported with the argument that it simply reflects “human nature.” But human nature has never been about that; it has been about helping others and cooperating with others. Cooperation is how civilizations are built and maintained. The design of the human body itself – around the Phi ratio – represents perfect harmony. Humans are designed for cooperation.

The old consciousness created a world run by sociopaths

The global corporate state with its greed and amoral competition is an abomination. It is mired in low consciousness and outdated solutions that pollute the planet, cause hundreds of millions to do without, and result in endless war. Fortunately, it is cracking at the seams. Don’t believe it? Look at the headlines. The darkness is being exposed, it is not ascendant! The dark is fighting a last-ditch battle that it will lose.

The future will prove the past. Those with higher self-awareness know that the future of humanity – after a long 6,000-year struggle – will have a good ending.

Because the laws of the universe are immutable, even in the old energy, sociopaths who “look out for number one” are and were rewarded because the law of attraction and the law of vibration always operate to manifest strong intent (see my book The Vibrational Universe). Those with the strongest intent in the old energy were most often self-centered individuals who simply concentrated, single-mindedly, on what was best for them. A laser-focused person, intent on ambition and power, is rewarded. These persons have become the leaders of powerful corporations who dominate the economy of nations and the world. The worldwide corporate state operates using interlocking directorships and dominates the world’s finances and owns the world’s resources. It will eventually be dismantled because it is based on the superannuated idea of materialism.

Doesn’t matter what they call themselves – communists, capitalists, or globalists: The 4D world is run by sociopaths.

We all know this, we can see it every day.

These sociopaths are trying to create a dystopian future, but it’s not going to happen. The co-creative power of human consciousness won’t allow it, despite the efforts of the Western military-industrial-Big Tech complex (MIBT), and within the Eastern junta in Beijing, known as the Chinese Communist Party. Both are trying to impose a worldwide fascist/AI/surveillance/police state. The kind of world they want is summed up in a sentence by the great Frances Hodgson Burnett is her novel The Shuttle: “He had spent his life in obeying, and congratulated himself that obedience secured him his weekly wage.” Obedience and security in exchange for a weekly wage: this is the sluggish, insensate, and crushing world the Overseers of humanity want to establish; a world where human potential is squashed under a boot that keeps kicking us in the face (a la George Orwell). But we’re better than that! The people of the world – freedom loving people – will stand together in solidarity against criminals and sociopaths of this ilk. The battle of dark vs light is being won by the light.

The Way Out

The way out is a new consciousness. And it’s happening! Right now. The pandemic is an in-your-face gut punch for humanity. Those with old agendas are trying to destroy the old system. Paradoxically, these efforts will have beneficial effects. Because the old system NEEDS to be torn down.

Within a generation a new way of thinking – a more benevolent way – will prevail, simply because the low consciousness tactics of the corporate state will no longer be accepted by the vast majority of people on this planet. Old solutions of contention, coercion, and hierarchical control simply won’t work anymore.

Greedy and power-hungry sociopaths will stick out like sore thumbs; they will be recognized for being narcissists and self-centered individuals. These people are already becoming more and more visible. As human consciousness rises – as people become more self-aware – their lack of integrity will become more and more intolerable.

The awakening is already occurring!

Materialist ways to organize human societies will be rejected.

Human beings are designed to cooperate

On earth there are approximately 131 million births every year, and 56 million deaths. The old fogies die off and new humans, with a new consciousness, are born into a new energy. The human race refreshes itself. Over a generation (25 years) that’s 25 * 131 million = 3.275 billion new souls on the planet.

An analogy is to the human body, which refreshes itself constantly. Within 7 years every one of your cells are replaced. (Materialists will tell you that this is nothing special or significant, because cells are dying and being replaced all the time. But the fact is that new cells come in and old cells are replaced. Consciousness affects the health of these cells.) You essentially get a new body every 7 years. The human race also refreshes itself. We get a new planet of humans every two or three generations.

The current pandemic is a STOP for the human race on the old cycle of time and consciousness.

It represents the end of that cycle.

It is re-routing humanity to a new (higher) layer of multidimensional reality.

Unfortunately some are still in fear, prodded by a low-consciousness media that promotes panic and drama in order to get clicks and sell advertising. This is the way old consciousness operates. People are getting sick of it and looking for a better way.

Right now human consciousness (at least in the US) is in the process of regurgitating and inspecting old memes and beliefs. This is necessary to clean out the closet of old belief systems and prepare the way to access the higher, more elegant planes of reality that coexist together in the multidimensional universe. However, to manifest these higher realities requires the conscious intent to select them. Human consciousness is the operator that can do that.

Current Events: Not this again! More Trump – Anti-Trump Nonsense

Are you as tired of the endless lies and disinformation as I am? It all revolves around Trump, because he’s the (temporary) figurehead for this process. Right now the U.S. political consciousness is mired in a juvenile Trump – anti-Trump screaming match, which is in effect cleaning out the closet of old beliefs and the hatred that accompanies them. Believe it or not, another impeachment attempt will be made by Democrats in the House. Why do this again only a couple of months before an election that will decide whether he goes or stays? Fortunately there’s a deadline to this adolescent nonsense: the election on November 3rd. Ignored in this silly debate is a huge intelligence-information-economic-geostrategic confrontation between the forces of darkness (the MIBT – the globalist corporate elites who think the world’s resources are theirs by divine right – allied with the gangsters in the Chinese Communist Party who build concentration camps for dissidents and engage in live organ harvesting), and those who are awakening in the light (the general public). Like all great movements on the planet, change is coming from the bottom up as people wake up. The people are forcing the hands of the global elite.

Current Events: Coronavirus

The coronavirus is an immediate result of that war, as humanity will discover no later than the end of the year 2022 (my prediction). It might take that long to sort out what actually happened. For example, some assert that COVID-19 cases are being exaggerated.

A simple solution is to examine the mortality rates in previous years and compare them with March, April, May... of 2020. If COVID-19 is the pandemic we believe it is, we should see a big spike in total deaths here in the US, the country most affected by the pandemic. According to the CDC website, about 240,000 to 260,000 deaths occur every month in the US.

When the mortality data is finally compiled we should see a significant rise in monthly deaths for the months of the pandemic, and a yearly total in 2020 at least 88,000 above the norm. Unfortunately the CDC has dropped the ball here. The most recent mortality data is for March 2019! The CDC is 13 months behind.

Whether the death rate goes higher in 2020 during the months of the pandemic is almost irrelevant, however. The fact is that the world has largely shut down for the past three months. This means that national economies have largely shut down as well. The dark networks (drugs, arms, and human/child trafficking) have also been affected because travel has been severely restricted. As people look for reasons why the pandemic began, attention will go to these dark networks as they try to restart. For example, here in the US, our southern border before the coronavirus was largely controlled by Mexican drug cartels, who trafficked guns, drugs, and human beings into the US for profit.

The situation had gotten so bad that President Obrador of Mexico sent 20,000 Mexican troops to guard their northern border (our southern border) in an attempt to stop cartel activity in northern Mexico. When these dark networks get going again they will be noticed. The sociopaths who run them will be identified, because people simply won’t tolerate going back to the old system of darkness.

The scourge of the planet – the darkest of the dark – the human and child trafficking networks – will be identified. Jeffrey Epstein is the tiny tip of an iceberg that, when revealed, will shock people in the West. It will result in a catharsis for humanity and the release of a lot of negative energy within the collective consciousness.

Predictions: A New Spirit of Cooperation and a New Foreign Policy

A new spirit of cooperation will slowly advance in human consciousness as people tire of the constant bickering. Like him or not, Trump is fighting the good fight against the ingrained corruption in DC. During Trump’s second term (if he gets one) my prediction is a huge confrontation in the US between the civilian administration and the MIBT as Trump tries to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, and maybe even the Korean Peninsula. Trump will try to take down the fascists in the CCP as well as our own MIBT. Look for Trump, in his second term, to issue orders to withdraw our troops and then observe what happens. Why will he do this? Because Trump is a businessman, and although war is great for Wall Street and the MIBT, it’s bad for Main Street. Trump wants to be known as a “man of the people.” It’s something that needs to be done.

With the decoupling of the US economy from the supply chains of the CCP, U.S. industry will have to relocate back to the US. This will result in the gradual dismantling of the disastrous export of low wages, deflation, and lower standards of living around the world due to the reliance on cheap slave labor in China. This will cause U.S. foreign policy to become less globalist (it already is) and more oriented toward American and North American workers. The alliance between the US, Mexico, and Canada will become stronger. US ties with Brazil – the two great food exporting countries – will also become stronger.

Certainly by 2024 the US will be ready for a fresh start; a start that will demand more integrity and less contentiousness. Right now we are mired in the cleansing process of human consciousness, and as a result, are experiencing the duality at its strongest. People are blowing off steam from lifetimes of human experience over the past 6,000 years. We are experiencing this because the light of awareness is shining brighter than ever. The old consciousness is saying goodbye in the only way it knows how: by fighting one last desperate battle to keep humanity mired in the old paradigm of thought.

The CCP in China won’t last the decade. As the Chinese people wake up they will realize that the CCP is not fulfilling its social contract, but is rather setting up a totalitarian surveillance police state of total control by a small elite. The great Chinese people won’t stand for this, and will secure their freedom.

In the decade of the 2030s the second scourge of planet earth will be confronted: the special access programs within the MIBT that have been demonizing “alien” (extraterrestrial) contact, and which have been hiding technology that can change the world, in order to maintain an antiquated fossil-fuel empire. If we’re lucky, this might happen sooner. I hope so!

I think it will, because the earth is heading into a period of global cooling and the primitive electrical grid, with its wires-on-poles, is on its last legs. We’re going to need new inventions! In 2019, 77% of the days showed zero sunspots. In 2020, so far, 76%. (Sunspots are a sign of solar activity.) This means a deep solar minimum is coming, which will cause temperatures to drop. The fact is that the earth’s temperature is controlled by the amount of solar radiation that hits the earth. By comparison, man-made industrial pollution has little effect on the earth’s temperature.

Get Ready for the New World

The multidimensional nature of the universe has always been with us, but human consciousness was too low to see it. The layered nature of reality in the old paradigm was only visible to those who spent their lives in contemplation. Now the fog of darkness is lifting to show higher, more elegant life paths. New solutions to old personal problems will come from consulting our intuition. The 4D solutions that involve struggle, hard work, perseverance, and overcoming obstacles are still available of course. But new solutions that involve linking with higher consciousness are also available now to every human being.

There is no 12-step program to do this. There are no “secret keys,” no courses or seminars, that can give you the answers. The answers have to come from inside; they are personal to every incarnated human. This has always been true. Those who have found their life purpose will tell you that unequivocally.

So get ready for the new world! The speed with which we get there is dependent entirely on how many of us create it.

From the Spiritual Wisdom Newsletter by Ken MacLean. Ken is freelance writer and researcher who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Since childhood, Ken has been thinking about the Big Picture and how to increase spiritual understanding in the world. His book, The Vibrational Universe, is a detailed and practical explanation of consciousness, the five universal principles, and how to use them in daily life. Underlying science, metaphysics, politics, and human relationships is the vibrational universe concept.

It turns out that the universe has been designed to directly interface with your thoughts and your intent. If you are unaware of this user interface, however, you are like a person who tries to use a complicated computer program without having any idea how the menus work! The Vibrational Universe describes the universe's simple but powerful interface in clear, easy to understand language and with plenty of examples from real life.

Understanding this concept enormously simplifies the complexities of life, and explains the sometimes mysterious workings of human relationships. It also explains phenomena like karma, coincidence, and ESP. The Vibrational Universe clarifies the relationship between thought, consciousness, and the "real world."

Here are three free ebooks from Ken MacLean, for you to download...

  • The Story of Interview with Spirit by Kenneth J. M. MacLean and Neil Longley
    Neil interviews Ken, who channels his spirit guides. What emerges is based around the fundamental truth that a human being is an immortal spirit temporarily associated with a physical body. When you really understand this, it brings a feeling of certainty, personal power, and confidence. This interview literally brings that truth alive!

  • The Basics of Manifestation by Kenneth J. M. MacLean
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  • The Law of Attraction Explained by Kenneth J. M. MacLean
    The Law of Attraction states that 'like attracts like.' But what does this mean and how does it apply to situations in life? The Law is your obedient servant and always matches you up with your true vibration. Your work is to align your thoughts with your desires. When this happens, you will notice an inner excitement, and a desire to get into action. Those actions will be lined up with the goal, and will proceed along the path of least resistance. Manifestation must inevitably follow.

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