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By Kenneth James Michael MacLean

Note: Denouement comes from the French for 'outcome': the climax of a chain of events, usually when something is decided or made clear.

The Old System Is Falling Apart
The fossil fuel empire, which has been maintained for over 60 years past the development of new technologies that could literally transform human society – is on its way out. A corresponding money-debt(credit) economic system that turns citizens into worker drones is also on its last legs. Both of these systems are based on the artificial creation of scarcity in the midst of abundance.

During the early part of the 20th century, innovators like Nikola Tesla and T. Townsend Brown (among others) were investigating and developing the wireless transmission of power, the extraction of energy from the vacuum (or the "luminiferous ether," as Tesla called it), and electrogravitics ("antigravity"). If this research had been allowed to continue, we would be living in a much different world right now.

I don't care about conspiracy theories, or who did what to whom, but suffice it to say that the human race decided to take a little detour from an evolutionary path that would have already seen the establishment of a planet-wide, cooperative, and abundant human society on earth. In earlier blog posts we showed how this detour was necessary in order to work through the negative memes, thought forms, and attitudes that human beings have placed into the collective consciousness for the last 12,000 years.

However, pressure has been building in the collective consciousness for an evolutionary leap to a higher consciousness. Behind the scenes, a new financial system is being worked out that is not based on the U.S. dollar. Within the special access programs that control exotic technology there is recognition that the truth cannot be kept closeted from 7 billion human beings for much longer. The top of the pressure cooker is about to come off. The only question is, will it come off gently and smoothly or will it blow off violently?

We Are Being "Prepped"
The transition to a higher "density" or consciousness is completely dependent on how flexible our reality bubbles are. Are you willing to consider ideas or developments that are outside the boundaries of what you hear on National Public Radio and the New York Times, or have studied at university, or heard on CNN? Almost everyone I talk to isn't – even people who consider themselves "enlightened," whatever that means!

For several decades the human race has been "prepped" for a radical change in our belief systems and attitudes. It all started with the development of the "science fiction" genre back in the 1930s. At that time, the Germans were already working on their "Bell" craft, the precursor to the modern "flying saucer," or electrogravitic vehicle that can travel from earth to Mars in a couple of hours. Yes, those vehicles were developed and perfected decades ago in the special access programs. Apparently, these ETVs don't have propulsion systems as we know them – they use physics far beyond the purview of the Standard Model of Particle Physics. This new physics makes obsolete a world economy based solely on fossil fuels.

The Star Trek television program was the first mass media broadcast (other than the Orson Wells radio broadcast about an invasion of hostile ETs from Mars) to popularize the technology that, even then, was being developed outside mainstream science. At the time of Star Trek's appearance on television (1966–1969), much of the technology presented in the program had already been developed in the special access programs, or was well on the way to being developed. Gene Roddenberry also presented important issues that we are facing today: the most important of which is the development of AI (artificial intelligence), the "transhumanist" agenda of abandoning biology for an evolution that places consciousness inside android or artificial containers, and the problems associated with a consciousness of conflict and war projected on an interstellar scale. Roddenberry was a genius with inside information, and he tried to present it to a sleeping population in order to wake us up a little.

The Terminator series of movies was another warning to the human race about the dangers of AI. There is nothing inherently wrong with AI, EXCEPT if we give up our power to it. We are well on our way to doing so – the fascination with technology and "security" among the general population makes entirely possible a human society that allows intelligent, artificial systems to take control of the reins of human society. In the Terminator movies, SKYNET becomes conscious and is allowed to decide the fate of the human race. SKYNET decides that we are superfluous.

According to Corey Goode, who was a member of a special classified organization called Solar Warden, artificial intelligence goes hand-in-hand with nanotechnology, a very popular and developing area of technology. An "AI signal" – a different form of life, or consciousness – apparently animates intelligent, programmable technological systems when they get sophisticated enough, just as chi, or life force, animates biology. Biological beings, once they become attuned to (and agree with) the idea of artificial intelligence, can be infested with millions of tiny nano-objects that essentially re-route the connection to Source and to your soul group, and replace it with this AI signal. The first signs of this have already appeared in our society, with the "chipping" of human beings being suggested. It is not a large step from "chipping" human beings to the application of nanotechnology to biologically-based life. If that ever happens, folks, it's all over for the human race. Beings who allow this become emotionless sociopaths, easily manipulated by whoever or whatever is controlling the AI signal.

The program "Person of Interest" is another show trying to warn us about the development of AI and some of its unintended consequences.

The Matrix series of movies was about the current paradigm, or belief systems, on the planet. The Wachowskis were telling us that all is not what it seems: that there is another reality, an underlying substrate of truth if you will, beyond the fossil-fuel, pop culture, debt-slavery economy we have all grown up with and accepted. The Matrix movies were telling us to look beyond the commonplace for the truth.

The original Star Wars movies let us know that FTL (faster-than-light) space travel was possible, and that the galaxy is teeming with life. Aliens are presented in these movies as commonplace as sand on the beach.

These mass media productions weren't just cute entertainment – they were deliberate warnings by far-sighted people to the rest of the human race. Nevertheless, even today, mention of ETs, UFOs, and exotic technology produces either laughter or scorn among most of the general population who listens to NPR, reads the New York Times, or who watches CNN or the network (and cable) news channels.

The human race is approaching the denouement of our spiritual, social, and technological evolution that has been ongoing for millennia. In order to make this leap we are, collectively, going to undergo a major leap in our awareness of who we are, and what is really out there. We have been, and are, being prepared for this. The galaxy is a very complex place, and it has been around for a long, long time. (One galactic year is approximately 200 million years. That ought to give you some idea of how old the galaxy is, and the civilizations within it.) The earth has been visited for a long, long time.

In order to successfully achieve our potential and prevent our civilization from being taken advantage of (somewhat like the native peoples being conned by high-tech Europeans), we are going to have to become aware of our place in the galaxy, get our act together, and become a planet-wide, cooperative society. That's at a minimum! We will have to declare sovereignty for our planet and all the life upon it.

We are NOT alone in the universe! This is a silly, delusional, adolescent idea that we can no longer afford. It's time to grow up.

Hillary Clinton and UFOs
Interestingly, candidate Hillary Clinton has mentioned UFOs several times in her speeches, and literally hundreds of articles and interviews have been published in the mainstream press worldwide about this.

The subject of UFOs and ETs is leaking, very, very slowly, into the mainstream, because it is intimately related to the new technology and the new physics in the special access programs. (Some of this stuff was developed from ETVs.) It's a spectrum of technology that could help us to overcome poverty, scarcity, and pollution. Therefore it is a very important topic, and one that should not be ignored, as it has been in every presidential election since the end of World War 2. According to Dr. Steven Greer, head of the Disclosure Project, every president since JFK has tried to get his hands on this information, and has been denied most of it. Sadly, even the President of the United States does not have a "need to know" what is in the unacknowledged special access programs. Eisenhower told us this way back in 1961. It's about time we listened!

Human beings on planet earth think we have freedom, but our freedom is constrained within a very limited box of beliefs. Our potential is so much greater than we have allowed ourselves to be and have. Goethe once wrote, "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Elective Affinities.

This condition can arise when a population can be convinced of a few basic untruths, such as "when you die you're dead," and "it's human nature to fight each other," and "those who have different ideas are dangerous kooks and nuts," and "we are alone in the universe." These limiting beliefs, when adopted on a mass scale, make change very difficult.

Susan Sarandon, in the movie Bull Durham, said, "The world is a simple place for those not cursed with self-awareness." I have quoted this because it is so poignantly true for some of us. Greater awareness can be a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because we have the opportunity to live our lives with integrity and to find happiness through our own connection to Source. But it gets hard when we see our fellow men doing savage things, stupid things, going down paths that lead to misery and conflict, and especially when those with low self-awareness cause harm to other beings.

Acknowledging the Duality
I write from my own personal experience. I could write only inspirational things but I don't always feel inspired, and I don't like to be phony. I write to you about my own average life and how I deal with it, and about stuff that is not recognized by the mainstream, but which, if ignored, could cause us grave difficulty.

I think it's important to acknowledge the duality in our lives – because everyone experiences both good and bad. Some rare few have reached an enlightened state where everything they experience, good or bad, is welcomed. Tolle, Chopra, Sadhguru and other enlightened ones have said this over and over – that the duality is inevitable, it's how you experience it that determines whether you are happy or sad. In other words, our attitudes toward life determine whether we are happy or sad, no matter what happens. And that ability is simply the result of our personal belief systems, which builds the box that composes our personal reality bubbles. Our collective belief system, if not advanced and updated from the old paradigm, can literally cause our civilization to fail. So I keep writing about these topics even though they SEEM divorced from everyday reality. The point is, everyday reality is a sort of MATRIX reality, and we can no longer afford it.

Humanity Has Evolved to Deal Only with Itself
Here is what Marshal Vian Summers, in his "Allies of Humanity" messages, says about this, in an article titled "Alien Intelligence":

"Humanity has only evolved to deal with itself. It has never had to deal with other forms of intelligent life, particularly other forms of intelligent life that carry great power and ability—not only technologically, but in the mental environment.

"In this respect, humanity is still a primitive race. It is only beginning to recognize the potency of power in the mental environment. It is only beginning to recognize both the constructive and destructive potential of technology.

"Because you are unskilled in dealing with foreign powers in the Greater Community, you have not yet cultivated the necessary discernment that is required to discern the nature and intentions of a race that not only looks different but is different—that thinks differently, that has different values, that has different priorities, that has different traditions and that has a different social structure, a different history and a different well of experience.

"Humanity has not yet learned that power in the universe is power in the mental environment. It still thinks of power in the universe as empires conquering and destroying one another. This represents a child's view of the universe.

"This greater education is the beginning of growing up and dealing with life at a more mature level. Eventually, every race in the universe has to face this. It is part of your destiny."

These are poignant words, and words of wisdom.

A new physics has already been developed that can help all of us to build the kind of society and planet we all desire. But the technology cannot be released until the consciousness of humanity is ready for it. That is why Glen Greenwald and Edward Snowden have held back half of the information he released from the NSA – it would merely evoke what Corey calls a "giggle response" from the majority of humanity. (If you doubt the credentials of Corey Goode, go to his LinkedIn page and read about his work history and what he's done. The guy is a genius, and gave up a six-figure IT job to present this information. Of course he is now labeled a kook and a nut by the mainstream. Well, if Hillary Clinton can talk about ETs and UFOs and be considered a serious candidate for president, why can't other people be taken seriously as well?)

We are living in exciting times, dear ones: the end of the old system is upon us, and the beginning of a new one is before us. Which route will we choose? Five thousand more years of the same old crap, or can the human race transcend old, established, and unsuccessful thought patterns and belief systems? It's up to us, but I tell you, it's exciting to get up in the morning and see what new information has been revealed. It's exciting to think about a world not dependent on fossil fuels.

Look Beyond the Commonplace
Keep your head up, and your eyes and ears open. Look for the truth beyond the commonplace. Don't blindly accept the pronouncements of authority. Use your discernment to identify the truth from the lies and the disinformation. The rules of the duality is that the dark guys ALWAYS have to tell the truth. And they do! Always. The trick is to glean the truth when it's surrounded by a thousand lies. This is where your discernment comes in. Your personal connection to Source can always identify what is true for you and what is not. The more you practice discernment, the better you will get at seeing the light as it is (attempted to be) hidden within the darkness.

A final thought: biology is far superior to artificial life based on sterile electronics or technology not inherently linked to the life force energy that maintains the universe. As a planetary society we will either learn this, or go under.

From the Spiritual Wisdom Newsletter by Ken MacLean. Ken is freelance writer and researcher who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Since childhood, Ken has been thinking about the Big Picture and how to increase spiritual understanding in the world. His book, The Vibrational Universe, is a detailed and practical explanation of consciousness, the five universal principles, and how to use them in daily life. Underlying science, metaphysics, politics, and human relationships is the vibrational universe concept.

It turns out that the universe has been designed to directly interface with your thoughts and your intent. If you are unaware of this user interface, however, you are like a person who tries to use a complicated computer program without having any idea how the menus work! The Vibrational Universe describes the universe's simple but powerful interface in clear, easy to understand language and with plenty of examples from real life.

Understanding this concept enormously simplifies the complexities of life, and explains the sometimes mysterious workings of human relationships. It also explains phenomena like karma, coincidence, and ESP. The Vibrational Universe clarifies the relationship between thought, consciousness, and the "real world."

Here are three free ebooks from Ken MacLean, for you to download...

  • The Story of Interview with Spirit by Kenneth J. M. MacLean and Neil Longley
    Neil interviews Ken, who channels his spirit guides. What emerges is based around the fundamental truth that a human being is an immortal spirit temporarily associated with a physical body. When you really understand this, it brings a feeling of certainty, personal power, and confidence. This interview literally brings that truth alive!

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