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Living a Spiritual Life: How to Let Loose and Embrace Your Spirituality

Living a Spiritual Life

There comes a point in most people's lives where they long for answers to the world's unanswered questions. They begin to feel there's something more out there, something more to life. They can't shake the feeling that's calling them to live a more spiritual life.

The path to becoming more spiritual may not always be easy. But it'll be worthwhile for the inner peace and grace it allows. Keep reading for five simple tips you can employ today to learn how to be more spiritual.

1. Set Your Intentions

Setting intentions can change everything. Many people go through their days without a set plan of what they want out of life. This can lead to end-of-life disappointment and regrets.

When you set intentions, you are making a clear plan for what you want to achieve. Your intentions will guide you towards living your best life.

Your intention can be something as simple as, “I intend to make someone smile every day.” It can relate to the goals you want to reach, such as “I intend to make $5,000 this month.”

You may want to create an intention setting ritual. Maybe you'll take a warm, cleansing bath by candlelight first. Then you'll sit quietly at your desk or on your bed as you journal about your plans.

Your ritual can look any way you want it to. If baths aren't your thing, maybe take a walk in a forest or by a body of water. Time in nature can make your body healthier.

Some people wait for the new moon to begin their ritual.

Read your journal every morning when you wake up to remind yourself of what you want to manifest.

2. Meditate

More people are meditating now than ever before. Studies show that the number of Americans who meditate increased three-fold over five years.

Meditation can be intimidating at first. The misconception that you need to be able to clear your mind to meditate turns people away. Meditation is not about emptying your mind; it's about training your awareness to help establish a calm and relaxed state.

Set aside five minutes a day to begin your meditation practice. Find a distraction-free place in your home that's quiet and comfortable.

Breathe deeply and scan your body. Observe where you're feeling pain or tension. Now, turn your attention inwards and focus on your thoughts.

Note your mood and the feelings you're having. Don't approach yourself with judgment. Allow whatever is coming up to come up.

Consider why you're meditating. What is it you hope to achieve with your mindfulness?

Bring attention to your breath. Don't try and force it, but allow yourself to breathe naturally. Pay attention to how your stomach and chest rise and fall as you breathe in and out.

If you notice your mind wandering, bring your focus back to your breath. It's normal for thoughts to infiltrate your meditation, especially at the beginning. Don't let that deter you from creating a beautiful practice.

3. Take Care of Your Body

Your body, mind, and spirit are all connected. It will not do you well to pour love and attention into your mind and spirit while ignoring your body. Move your body in a way that ignites your soul and feed it well.

Yoga is a great way to move your body that will complement your road to spirituality. Your practice will give you mental clarity and help you create positive energy and thoughts.

If you don't like yoga, no need to force it, find something that lights you up. Look for activities that provide intuitive ways for you to express your spiritual self.

Dancing, singing, and playing sports are all great ways to connect with yourself. Find an activity you love that allows you to get out of your own head.

Eat food that nourishes your soul and mind. Choose nutritional powerhouse foods that will help empower your health and life. Darky and leafy greens, quinoa, and green juice are a great place to start.

4. Connect With Nature

We already told you how nature can help heal your body, but it can also work wonders on your mind, too. Compelling research shows that nature can help improve cognition in people with depression. Spending time outdoors can help those with anxiety problems, also.

Ecotherapy is a many-faceted treatment program. Its primary focus is on improving your wellbeing through connecting with the earth.

You can connect with nature in any way that feels right for you. Go for walks in your neighborhood or visit the local park. Take a hike in the forest or meditate outdoors.

If you're a green thumb, plant a flower, vegetable, or herb garden. Digging the soil, planting seeds, and weeding can be therapeutic activities for the right person.

Bird-watching can be an enjoyable hobby. See how many birds you can spot and if you can begin to recognize species by their calls.

Stargazing is another beautiful form of therapy. Looking at the stars and planets in the night sky can be a humbling reminder of our connection to the cosmos.

5. Find Your Soul-Centered Tribe

Spirituality is not an endeavor you need to embark upon alone. In fact, the journey is better when traveled alongside others. Go on retreats, invest in workshops, and find your tribe.

A tribe is a group of heart-centered folks who will walk beside you on your path to spirituality. You might physically get together for spiritual practices like yoga, meditation, or retreats. You may only know your tribe through the power of technology, using the internet to connect.

Set intentions for finding your tribe. What are the people like that you want to manifest in your life? Let go of limiting beliefs and know that your people are out there waiting for you.

You might want to consider consulting metaphysical professionals to add to your tribe. A Reiki master, for example, can channel positive energy into your body. A clairvoyant or medium can provide a psychic reading with insight into your past and future.

Living a Spiritual Life Made Easy

The key to becoming a spiritual being is giving yourself space and grace. Let yourself fail and try and fail again. Don't be too hard on yourself.

Remember, this journey is not linear. You'll face challenges along the way. Embrace these hardships and know that you're growing through them. A more fulfilling and spiritual life is on its way.

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