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The Evolution of Purpose

By Melody Larson

"Who am I? Why am I here?" It's no accident that many of us feel more and more deeply compelled to discover and fulfill our purpose, for the time is at hand for humanity as a whole to awaken and remember exactly why we are here. This is where our evolution has been guiding us all along.

The question of what our purpose in life is can be hard to answer until we embrace the fact that our purpose is actually evolving, right along with us. This evolution can be summed up by examining the 3 stages of purpose:

Outer Purpose = Ego. Doing.
Inner Purpose = Soul. Becoming.
Ultimate Purpose = Spirit. Awakening.
Outer Purpose
This is the traditional view of life purpose, which only focuses on what we do—usually our career and the roles we play. Rather than addressing who we are meant to become, we focus at this stage on what we are meant to accomplish. This has long been the level humanity has been at, and it is reflective of our sense of separation and full identification with the ego.

It is the mentality of "survive and thrive" and "making it" in the world. The problem with this limited view of purpose is that it has led us to search for fulfillment and happiness outside of ourselves. No matter what we achieve, it is never enough. Why? We are longing for the next stage of our evolution, which is to know and fulfill our purpose at the inner level.

Inner Purpose
Something has been occurring since the last quarter of the last millennium, a moving away from doing. We have instinctively felt that we were meant to become something. This is the shift from outer purpose to inner purpose. Though our exploration of inner purpose began with the Human Potential Movement, focused on developing and healing ourselves, we are now exploring inner purpose at its true level: evolving our souls.

I define the soul as that part of us that remains constant as a non-physical "personality" across many lifetimes. Awakening to our inner purpose is about fulfilling the soul's intentions for this lifetime. These intentions comprise mastering and sharing our lessons and gifts with the world. Here we work to heal our limiting beliefs and to increase our inner power in order to answer the question, "Why am I here at this time, and what am I here to contribute to humanity?"

The achievement of this inner purpose is very important at this time in humanity's history, for each soul is here now to clear away all karma once and for all and prepare itself for a great event: humanity's spiritual awakening. This event is what I call ultimate purpose.

Ultimate Purpose
Unlike outer and inner purposes, which are unique to each individual, ultimate purpose is shared by all human beings. As we approach 2012, the breath of Spirit draws ever nearer to the Earth, and our souls feel it. Many are awakening as they draw in this breath, and soon a tipping point will be reached when all humanity will wake up and function as a single, unified consciousness. It is a glorious thing: the end of "history" as we know it, the end of living under the spell of the ego, under the spell of separation.

When we begin to awaken spiritually, we remember who we really are, which is not something separate from Spirit. We are each like a cell within a great body, and each cell has its function. The sharing of our gifts is our "cellular function" at this time in our collective evolution. In this context, the gifts of our inner purpose take on a much higher meaning: They are how we serve the world at dawn of this wondrous new era.

As we fully transition to ultimate purpose, we open our consciousness even further. No longer do we need to become anything. We realize "we are That." Being is enough. Our gift to the world now becomes our embodiment of the consciousness of Spirit itself.

The joys of our evolving purpose
One delightful side effect of evolving our purpose is that our lives become ever more joyful, abundant, and significant. The greater effect, however, is this: the only way to truly change our world, to end suffering, violence, environmental destruction, and the horrible imbalance of life quality on this planet, is to shift our own consciousness. We matter. Each and every one of us.

When we each fulfill our evolving purpose, person by person, one by one, we accomplish both the healing of our humanity and of our planet. We also evolve Spirit itself, and that is the true reason for our being.

Melody Larson is dedicated to assisting with the evolution of our collective purpose. She's the author of 2 books: Delighting the Soul and The Beginner's Guide to Abundance. Melody offers a low-cost audio course and self-assessment test to help you find and fulfill your Inner Purpose starting today and she teaches affordable online webinars, with her husband Thomas, that help others live in the Now by applying the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, and others.

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