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Your Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle

By Roy E. Klienwachter

Introduction to the book
"Your Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle" is about self empowerment and an awareness of the awesome power that you possess to create anything that you think about or desire.

The truth about whom, and what, you are has been kept from you for centuries, because those that would guide us believed that you were not mature enough to handle it. This may, or may not, be true. Even today there are many who would not be able to use it positively. Sudden power is destructive and in our history those that have achieved it have destroyed themselves, drunken on the awesome power with which they have access.

There is a huge assumption here by our teachers and guides that we are not ready for this information. When is the right time, and who are they to judge? Why have we given them the powers to limit our power in the first place, are we really that immature even after centuries of compliance?

The decision to use this power has always remained with the individual ego—you. Each and every one of you has your finger on the button. The ability to push the button is regulated by fear. This fear is something you have learned to live with throughout your lives. It is something that you have learned from childhood. It is what you have known as true since childhood. You are not deserving and are less than that which created you. You have been warned not to go there less you be eternally damned.

Fear is a paper shackle that can be ripped open with a single thought.

With great power comes great responsibility, and possibly that is what humanity fears the most. With total responsibility comes great truth. In the physical realm, total honestly is not possible because you live within the greatest lie of all—that you exist. Life is an illusion, and it is the image of your thoughts that exists.

The lie of self is what has given you your individuality, and separated you from what you really are. It is what you have based all your physical awareness on. You perpetuate the lie even further with each waking moment that you are physically aware. Awareness does not change that lie, it just means you can see through it. It means you now have access to the power that is naturally yours. It brings you back to the awareness that all is perfect the way it is. It also gives you opportunity to change it. To change all the circumstances of your own life, you become pro-active in it, instead of re-active.

The only purpose to life is to find life experience it, and create more life. It is a continuing process, not an end. There is no purpose to our own lives accept for the purpose that we give it individually. That which created us is life, and so are we. We are the sum of its parts, and have all the attributes of that life force. We are eternally connected, and live in an illusion of time and space.

This book is the marriage of four ebooks that I have written over the past five years while studying my favorite subject of manifesting. One book would have done it, and manifesting or creating something from nothing covers all other subjects. If one learns how to manifest effectively there would be no need to write a book on health or spirituality. Manifesting is something we do both on a conscious and subconscious level in every second of every hour of every day. We are all great manifestors, and for the most part that creation is done subconsciously.

It is said that opportunity only knocks once in a lifetime, which is incorrect; it happens continuously because we create the opportunities ourselves and then choose from them. Should we learn how to create effectively, we would be able to manifest good health, abundance, joy, peace, and happiness consciously.

This book was created to tell you that it is possible with very little effort to create anything that you desire on a conscious level, and on demand. The other books included in this publication are more of a bonus, and they are more specific on some very important human issues. I wrote a book on healing and accidents because health issues are at the forefront of our modern society. The book is a brief guide into the realm of sickness and accidents, and includes some of my own early life experiences and those of others that I have known. I also included a seven-step book, "Getting Real," which gives those who require more guidance a place to start changes in their lives.

I have always believed that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and the fastest way to get what one desires is by knowing that you already have it, or that you are already there. Within the circumstances that most of us live and accept in the physical world, the simplest of all is 'creating.' Ultimately, this becomes the most difficult because of the limitations we put on ourselves. As we accept the limitations of others, and make them our new truth, we deny ourselves. We also deny the awesome power that we possess, and we live in fear of using it.

This book is written simply so that little can be left for misinterpretation. Sometimes the message may sound arrogant, impersonal, and unfeeling. I do not make you feel those things, only you do. The information that I present is not exclusive to anyone, it works for everyone. There are no qualifications, no rituals, no promises, and no exercises. The whole book screams out for acceptance of the principals put forward.

Somewhere in the book something will resonate with you, and trigger a physical feeling that leads to a new revelation in your awareness. You will think, "yes, that's it, that makes sense." I invite you to read the book with an open mind and do not look for anything. The message is in between the lines of text and you will not find it by looking. It will be there for you when you are ready to receive it, and within your own ability to handle and accept the consequences of your new awareness.

I especially ask that you do not make this your new bible. Use it as a stepping stone to move past the awareness presented herein. Use this book to give birth to a new thought about who and what you are, and then pass it on. When you are ready to move from your place of being, write a new book that encourages others to do the same...

Just released in paperback: "Your Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle" by Roy E. Klienwachter... "One of the most empowering books ever written on Spiritual Awareness." Roy is a student of NLP, ordained minister, New Age Light Worker, Teacher, and Phenomenologist. His spiritual philosophy is simple: "You should be able to put a key in it, turn it on, and make it work for you on demand, and the results should always be observable!" Roy's thoughts are not new, they are simply said in a different way that most people can understand - simple and eloquent in a form that opens one's mind to new possibilities. No one comes away from this book without being enlightened.
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