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How to Read the Tarot: A Beginner's Guide to Free Tarot Reading

How to Read the Tarotn

Tarot is an ancient divination tool that has been used for centuries to provide guidance and answers to everyday questions. Although there are many schools of thought and different traditions associated with Tarot reading, this article will attempt to clarify the fundamental principles of reading according to the tradition passed down by the early esotericists of the late 1800s.

Can anyone learn to perform a free Tarot reading?

Often, it is believed that Tarot reading requires a special "gift" or extraordinary intuition, but in reality, the attraction to Tarot and the desire to learn are the two most important things. While some people may have particularly developed intuition, most people can learn to read Tarot for free, and intuition can be trained and awakened.

Understanding the Meaning of Tarot Cards

Understanding the meaning of Tarot is fundamental to learning how to read it. However, it is not necessary to memorize the meanings of all 78 Tarot cards, but it is important to understand the inherent path in the cards, from which the basic meaning of each Tarot derives. Each representation is a doorway to infinite meanings and infinite combinations, but by knowing the basic meaning of each card, you can already start with the first Tarot readings.

  • The Magician: action, enterprise, merit, results.

  • The High Priestess: serenity, knowledge, moral rectitude.

  • The Empress: stability, strength, protection.

  • The Emperor: strength, authority, security, power, wealth, awareness, firmness.

  • The Hierophant: good disinterested advice, just success, faithful person.

  • The Lovers: true love relationship, physical attraction, spiritual attraction.

  • The Chariot: success.

  • Justice: equity and righteousness, verification, passed test, virtue.

  • The Hermit: wisdom, reflection on oneself, search for truth.

  • The Wheel of Fortune: change, favorable fate.

  • Strength: intelligence, inner strength, courage, cunning.

  • The Hanged Man: sacrifice, unfavorable condition to endure.

  • Death: end of a cycle.

  • Temperance: moderation, self-control.

  • The Devil: overwhelming passion, immorality, wickedness, vices.

  • The Tower: pride, punishment, enmity.

  • The Star: fertility of ideas, favorable circumstances.

  • The Moon: pay attention, pitfalls.

  • The Sun: clear path, good mood.

  • Judgment: settling of accounts, closure, final judgment.

  • The World: harmony, enjoying what we have.

  • The Fool: letting go, genius.

Here are some tips for interpreting the cards in your free Tarot reading:

  1. Examine each card individually: before starting to connect the cards together, it's important to look at each card individually and try to interpret its meaning. Look at the image and elements in the card, such as symbols, colors, numbers, and human or animal figures represented. Think about your intuition and first impressions of the card.

  2. Consider the position of the card: the position in which the Tarot card is drawn can have an important meaning in its interpretation. For example, a card that is drawn in the past position (on the left) could represent a past event or experience, while a card drawn in the future position (on the right) could represent a possible future situation or event.

  3. Connect the cards together: after examining each card individually, it's important to try to connect the cards together to create a coherent story. Ask yourself how the cards influence each other and how their meanings intersect to create a narrative.

  4. Pay attention to reversed cards: when a card is drawn upside down, this means that its meaning may be reversed or changed. Try to interpret the reversed card based on its position in the reading and the meanings of the surrounding cards.

  5. Trust your intuition: while interpreting the cards is based on a deep knowledge of Tarot meanings, it's also important to pay attention to your intuition and personal feelings about the reading. Don't be afraid to follow your intuition and interpret the cards creatively.

  6. Consider the context: finally, when interpreting a Tarot reading, it's important to consider the context in which the reading is being done. For example, a reading done for a friend may have a different meaning than a reading done for yourself. Consider the context and circumstances of the reading when interpreting the cards.

Take inspiration from those who use Tarot reading as a profession

If you're interested in learning to read Tarot cards, it may be helpful to look to people who do it for a living and try to understand how they operate. One of the best examples is Rob Sánchez, the founder of the website, which offers free online Tarot readings. Rob has over 20 years of experience in reading Tarot cards and offers personalized and detailed readings to visitors of his site.

Each of Rob's readings begins with a meditation to help the reader focus and create a relaxed and open atmosphere. Additionally, Rob believes that Tarot reading is a matter of connection and intuition, so he always tries to establish a connection with the person he is reading for.

Looking to experts like Rob can help you understand how to read Tarot cards more effectively. Even if you don't plan on making Tarot reading online your profession, observing those with a lot of experience can be very helpful in improving your reading abilities.


Tarot reading can be a wonderful experience for those who want to deepen their understanding of themselves and others. To learn how to read Tarot cards, it's important to understand the meaning of Tarot, choose the right deck and layout, and correctly interpret the cards. Consistent practice helps to refine intuition and understand the messages of Tarot more deeply. Keeping an open and flexible mind in interpreting the cards is fundamental to experiencing and deepening your knowledge of Tarot.

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