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The Guru – Live in Your Living Room!

Shiva Rudra Balayogi

Shiva Rudra Balayogi

You can learn to meditate from one of the great spiritual teachers of India, then meditate with him live online and ask him questions – all for free.

The first step is to learn his easy technique of Vedic meditation, Jangama Dhyana:

Then join him Saturdays for a meditation and question-and-answer session:

He transmits a powerful force-field that you access by tuning in with devotion to his voice and picture. Connecting to him will supercharge your spiritual growth and improve your daily life.

Shiva Rudra Balayogi achieved enlightenment in the traditional way: by finding a guru at a young age and serving him devotedly until the master’s death, then retreating into years of intense spiritual practice, and finally emerging to serve humanity. His intellect and heart are overflowing with wisdom and love. He shares his knowledge and the bliss of his presence with all who desire it.

Meditation is a lifeline to sanity in a world gone crazy, and now you can learn it free from an enlightened yogi.

William T. Hathaway is an award-winning novelist and an emeritus Fulbright professor of creative writing. His peace novel, Summer Snow, is the story of an American warrior falling in love with a Sufi Muslim and learning from her that higher consciousness is more effective than violence. Chapters are posted online here.

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