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The Most Important Times in Human History: Are YOU Ready?

By Nick Good

"Unless a man first finds himself, finds his own essential nature and destiny, and begins from them, all his efforts and achievements will be built only on the sand of personality, and at the first serious shock the whole structure will crumble, perhaps destroying him in its fall." —Rodney Collins

A great clarion call is sounding out over the hills and valleys of the modern world. It is a call which none may ignore. For a little while longer perhaps we can pretend to ignore it but our response to that call is required by life so who, I ask, can truly resist it?

Are you hearing the call to which I refer? It is in the cry of starving children and the dying breath of another species extinct, it is in the silent moans of mother-nature as the sacrilegious rape of her resources continues without ceremony and constant disrespect, it is in the tears of the broken hearted indigenous cultures driven from their homelands and natural ways and it is in the screams of the innocents as the warlords unleash their firepower upon them. From countless places does this call issue forth but from one place alone it cries loudest of all.

"All disease is a consequence of disharmony between the actions of the personality and the will of the soul." —Dr Edward Bach 1941

"Every human being alive today, modern or tribal, primal or over-domesticated, has a soul that is original, natural, and above all, indigenous in one way or another. Like all indigenous peoples today, that indigenous soul of the modern person has either been banished to some far reaches of the dream world or is under direct attack by the modern mind... For there to be a world at all, every indigenous, natural thing must start singing its song, dancing its dance, moving and breathing according to its own nature, saying its name, manifesting simultaneously its secret spiritual signature." —Martin Prechtel - Secrets of The Talking Jaguar

As the shockwaves of our inhumanity awaken us from our impotence and we re-claim the power that we have prostituted away to our modern forms of government, something extra-ordinary occurs. For between the screams of terror and monstrous demonstrations of evil run amok we can hear a lullaby, this sacred song of eternity's sweetest secret is a golden message of silence, a sacred language of the most sublime angelic overtones, there now and forever, for those who will but listen.

"To feel beauty, to feel truth, that is self-remembering. Self-remembering is the awareness of the presence of God." —Rodney Collins

"All that is occurring on the present world stage is in necessary fulfillment of a greater script in which the old must be cleared away in order for the new to manifest in supreme purity. From this point of view the cycle of history is in the nature of a bad fever that has to be worked out, full of nightmares and visions, but once the fever has passed, a new purified soul emerges. Such a perspective fulfills many prophecies of the coming of The Golden Age, a New Heaven and a New Earth, New Jerusalem or Shambhalla, the mending of the Hoop of Nations, the Flowering of the World Tree after a long winter of the soul." —Jose Arguelles - ValumVotan

We are living in an extra-ordinary epoch. Phenomenal shifts of nation shattering intensity are increasing in volume as we draw closer and closer to an unavoidable date with destiny that few understand and even fewer are prepared to face. Whole societies, structures, institutions and cultures are being challenged to survive as, upon the surface of world affairs, civilization is boiled alive. Could it be that the soul of humanity is being purged?

Einstein urged us to realize that no problem could be solved on the level it is created. Quantum science, with brilliant computer generated graphics, is articulating the very same perspective. Mythology, shamanism, pure spiritual teachings, tarot, numerology, astro-theology and many other timeless teachings of antiquity all communicate the very same thing: the world we think we see around us, is only a reflection of what we have stored within us.

The word is out! If we want to change the world then we need to change ourselves - deep down inside.

About the author
Dr. Nick Good, life coach, motivator and inspiration to thousands, has worked consistently over the last 25 years with some of the most advanced achievers in the world. The author of several books, including Amazing Grace: The 9 Principles To Living in Natural Magic (with David Wolfe), Nick specializes in helping individuals to access their own inner potential.

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