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Radical Sabbatical - Time Out to BE

By Lynn Gardner

The Radical Sabbatical is a great exploration of our unique truth and destiny. A Radical Sabbatical journey expands wisdom and truth about our purpose, our relationships and the 'awe' of our true nature, the source that's always there to guide us. RADICAL: of, relating to, or proceeding from the root; of the origin. SABBATICAL: a year of rest for the land, every seventh year in ancient Judea.

What happen to the sabbatical for the teachers in our education system and why is it foreign and not embraced by corporate America, the very group who could benefit the most from relieving stress of its executives. People who dare to take a sabbatical are those who are on a quest for a significant life change and greater meaning. It is a craving for 'autonomy' or 'adventure.'

At many junctures of our lives we are challenged with uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptoms resulting from the stress of long work hours, the anxiety of finances, the panic of long to do lists, the blogs, clogs and congestion all around us. Not often do we challenge the choices we are making on a day to day basis or notice the contrast or resistance as it relates to our happiness. Our minds are on automatic, once creative and open are now responsive or reactive as provoked and required.

Once in awhile we are in character of our true nature - full of creativity, courage, adventure, curiosity, playfulness and fun. Many of us catch glimpses of this when we are out of our element, on vacation, away from it all. The Radical Sabbatical is an intensive, culturally, ecologically and spiritually rich journey to Revisit, Restore, Redefine our life purpose. We return with an opening of new insight and supporting practices that create all the goodness, richness and abundance in our life and relationships.

The program is supported by a veteran life leadership mentor and founder Lynn Gardner, M.A.A.H.A who has taken her own radical sabbatical three times during her career life. She is described by her clients as having compassionate acceptance and acknowledgment of where people are and seeing the sacredness of what is. She acts as a catalyst for her clients to overcome the risk and build confidence and trust that the practical and financial stuff will take care of itself. You are not doing anyone a favor - yourself, family and organization - by staying in a job that does not feed you on some deeper level. If we already have built into our lives refreshment, it is not imperative to do anything radical. But if we are not experiencing this in a significant way it may be time to explore ways to rest and be still. Her philosophy is that with an intensive program of restfulness, stillness, yoga and meditative practices we access greater balance, clarity, creativity, courage, respect, understanding and fearlessness. The Radical Sabbatical helps us on a deep level to discover the answers we are seeking to our perpetual question and restores our Divine Purpose and Destiny.

Last year's African Safari offered the group an amazing nature experience where everyone celebrated the beauty and miracle of diversity. The second group journey offered to the community launches August 3 through August 13, 2006 to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of Peru, a place of great power and magic. The beauty and wonder of the landscape, the warm people and the incredible mysteries left by the Incas combine to change the visitor's perspective forever. Traveling and immersing as a group in a timeless culture and ecology provides a unique and exclusive experience of observing new dimensions of life and a certain truth of information that collectively raises our social and environmental consciousness.

As Eckert Toll author of 'The Power of NOW' so profoundly says, "You are here to enable the divine purpose of the Universe to unfold. That is how important you are." By taking a Radical Sabbatical you will learn the mystery that it is by doing less and being more that you are capable of living a life of great abundance.

Lynn Gardner is principle and founder of OutSource UnLimited, Inc., dedicated to transitional leadership, assisting organizations and individuals to develop the abilities to be more powerful, more effective and more fulfilled in all areas of the workplace and life.

Lynn earned a Master of Arts in Applied Healing Arts from the Tai Sophia Institute for the Healing Arts. She created the Radical Sabbatical, a three month program mentoring clients through personal and professional transitions and transformations. Lynn also offers mentoring on creating your own individualized Radical Sabbatical.

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