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Effects of Manifestation on Life Goals

Manifestation means acting in a manner that eventually leads to what you want. Through your thoughts, way of life, actions, and convictions, you can discern everything you want, making it a reality. Manifestation uses positive thinking, foresight, and the law of attraction to bring your dreams into existence. You can manifest power, love, financial stability, a perfect home, that career you desire, name it, anything you want. When you consciously think, act, and live in a way that will bring to life your goals and dreams, you’re strengthening your chances of success. You want to do more than just hoping for what you desire. You need to trust that you’re on the right path, you have that conviction and, you go for it. Make those dreams come into reality. You can choose to work on your manifestation yourself or consult a manifestation expert.

How to manifest your dreams

Some of the different ways in which you can accomplish your goals from, thoughts to physical reality, are as follows;

  • Be specific about what you want
  • Believe the process
  • Stay focused
  • Get attached
  • Build a plan
  • Keep your vibrations high
  • Convey gratitude
  • Challenge limiting beliefs
  • Accept the unexpected

Be specific about what you want
You need to know what you want, define what you want, be specific about it. Whatever it is you desire, the more detailed you are about it then, the easier for you to achieve. Definition brings about clarity and, this is the most demanding part. In the process of defining your goals, you’ll realize if it is what you desire or not.

Believe the process
You’ve got to trust that path you’re on. Believe you’re in the right direction in actualizing your dreams. Distrust could be dangerous. It could prevent you, be a stumbling block in reaching your goals. The more trust you have, the more compliance. You have to believe that everything you’re doing is working towards fulfilling your dreams. Be sure you can achieve what you want to do. Stay with the process, push through it even despite opposition or any roadblock. Be resilient and, you can be sure of victory in the end.

Stay focused
Believing you can achieve your goals is one way to help you stay focused and determined. No matter the challenge or setbacks, being focused will help you reach success in the long run.

Get attached
Involve your emotions. How does what you desire make you feel? Are you driven? Are you motivated? The more you perceive you can get what you desire, the easier and closer you are to achieving your goals.

Build a plan
Creating plans in the process of actualizing your dreams will help you be focused. It will give you a crystal clear direction. By making plans, you’ll be able to prioritize your goal. Therefore, making it easy for you to attain your dreams quickly, bringing them into reality. But in all of this, you must stick to the plan, don't let yourself be discouraged.

Keep your vibrations high
Be optimistic. Positive feelings and thoughts go a long way in achieving your dreams. It makes them possible. Your thinking, behaviors, attitudes, and actions must relate to your goals. You desire something- a goal, think and act towards getting it and not otherwise. Everything about you must be in accord with your plans to manifest them, to make them happen.

Convey gratitude
As your dreams are attaining reality, be grateful. Be thankful during the process and not just after. Those qualities you possess during the process, such as determination, being resilient, keeping calm, e.t.c, be thankful for them all. Despite the hurdles, the barriers, to be able to scale through them all, be thankful. Make it your everyday routine. The more grateful you are, the more your positive outlook towards life and the happier you become.

Challenge limiting beliefs
Limiting beliefs such as, ‘I can’t do this, I’m not good enough, what if I fail at this?’ can prevent you from achieving your goals. Yielding to these beliefs, maybe because you failed at an initial attempt, can be disastrous. It can prevent you from trying again. It can cause you to stop working towards your goals. Therefore, challenge your beliefs constantly.

Accept the unexpected and change your mindset
Things might go wrong, not go according to your plans. Don’t lose hope or let this hurt you. The unexpected happens. See things from a different standpoint. These will help you discover new ways of actualizing your dreams. So, transform your thoughts, your ideas in a way to fit your goals once more. This time you might be going on the right path. Push through it. It’s your dream. Achieve it.


Your dreams are valid. Live it. Believe in yourself. Let go of the limitations or negative beliefs you create about yourself. In actualizing your goals, take the first step and keep moving. Trust the process. Despite difficulties, stay focused. Go for it. Push through it. Fight through it. In the very act of doing that- pushing, fighting, victory is yours.

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