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Most Common Symbols In Dreams & What They Mean

Dreams help you in making your waking life better in many ways! However, how you can use them to resolve your real-life issues depends on how you interpret them. And your interpretation of the dream depends on a number of factors. 

Is Dreaming a Good Thing?

Dreams can assist you in becoming a more mindful person by helping you process your thoughts and emotions more effectively. But, the truth is that not every emotion gets uncovered in your waking life. So, they find a path through your dreams to connect with your subconscious mind. 

Now dreams can be good or bad, terrifying or happy! But all of them play an important role in ensuring you are not thrown off balance in life. So let’s get this straight - Life is mean and has the ability to make you crack under difficult circumstances. But to bounce back stronger, you need to address and clear up certain things that caused trouble. And then move on to do better in life always. 

Dreams can help you achieve this - identify the problem areas in your life, find solutions to overcome them, and live a psychologically balanced life. Of course, it is rare, but dreams can even be premonitions that warn you about impending danger or any life-changing event that is about to alter your future majorly? 

Dreams & Mythology could also be interconnected. Different kinds of dreams have different meanings or interpretations according to various mythologies across the world. The meaning you derive from your dreams could also be driven by your beliefs based on mythology.

Five Common Dream Symbols and Their Meanings

Although you and your ongoing life set the backdrop for your dreams and their specific meanings, there are some common themes usually experienced by most people. In this article, we will investigate some of the commonly occurring dream symbols. 

Here are the most commonly experienced symbolisms in dreams and their interpretations. 

#1 Flying

It can mean many things if you see yourself flying or freefalling in your dreams quite frequently. It depends on what is going on in your everyday life. If you are scared of flying or phobic about falling from greater heights, your flying dreams indicate that your life may be spiraling out of control, and you hardly have a grip over it.

Flying in your dreams, however, also symbolizes freedom. It could be the freedom that you might be experiencing in your current life. It signifies that you are extremely happy with the newfound independence and the privilege to live life on your own terms.

Another positive connotation associated with flying dreams is that your creative freedom is being explored in the best possible way. Flying in your dreams also sometimes means that you are trying to get rid of or run away from certain problems in your life. Your urge to avoid them instead of resolving them is reflected in flying dreams.

#2 Teeth falling out

This dream mostly has a negative connotation. It represents the loss of someone or something in your life. For example, it could represent the loss of a job, a relationship, or losing your near and dear ones. 

However, this dream might also point to major changes in your life. Loss of power is another way of interpreting dreams wherein your teeth start becoming loose or completely fall out.

If you see your teeth loosening and coming off in your dreams quite often, it might also represent a communication problem or gap with a person you had been close to earlier. All in all, this dream indicates some kind of personal loss. 

It could even mean fear of sex with your partner, according to Sigmund Freud. Inability to make crucial decisions, being fickle-minded, and losing efficiency at work are some of the other interpretations as well.

#3 Accidents

Experiencing a car crash or other accidents even in dreams can be horrifying. It symbolizes the loss of control in life. It can also mean a delay in achieving your goals due to some unforeseen circumstances. But, most of the time, dreams involving any kind of accident or crash are a warning or an alert signal about a possible danger given to you by your subconscious mind.

In very rare cases, these dreams could also represent that you might be progressing towards an unknown and unfortunate event in life. 

These dreams also signify your lack of confidence or the conflicting situations in your life triggering a chain of other problems. 

#4 Death

Surprisingly a dream featuring death may not always have negative undertones to it. On the contrary, there are several positive connotations associated with dreams about death.

It simply indicates that you are moving forward towards better things in life. It is a positive transitional phase that represents a transformation of certain aspects of your life for your own good. 

#5 Being Chased

If you have been running in your dreams just because you found someone chasing you, it represents the extreme stress and anxiety that you are going through in waking life. 

Your psyche inflates the worries arising from your waking life and features them in your dreams, wherein you feel that you are constantly being chased. This is the best time to introspect and evaluate what triggers this stress. And make efforts to alleviate it for a more peaceful and fulfilling life. 

These dreams also represent avoidance. It means that you might be trying to suppress some of your personality traits. If you are being chased in dreams only to hit a dead end, it might mean that you are afraid of someone or something in life, but that fear ends up taking you nowhere. So, it would help if you faced it instead of trying to escape it. 


Dreams featuring symbols can be extremely personal, and their meanings will differ from individual to individual. But all these symbols give you a chance to reflect on your life and make it worth living. Taking the right action in real life based on your dreams is key. 

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