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9 Common Dreams and What They Supposedly Mean

Father of Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud had an interesting understanding of our dreams. In the Freudian theory, he postulated that dreams represented our repressed wishes or disguised desires for fulfillment. 

Freud stood firm by the belief that studying and interpreting our dreams could be the best way to understand our unconscious mind. His theory asserted that dreams are bits and pieces of our subjective experiences, stimuli in the external world, and stimuli within the body, combined.

This line of study was explored further with the self-organization theory (Kahn and Hobson, 1993) that posited how external stimuli contribute to the content of dreams. 

The conclusion is this: the content of dreams can have very important and relevant information about the reader, often stemming from the unconscious mind! 

If you think your dreams are merely among the intricacies of sleep, think again! Continuous research and study have revealed that your dreams might contain messages and symbols that can prove useful in your waking life! 

Join us on an exploration of the 9 most common dream themes and what they supposedly mean! 

9 Common Dream Themes and What They Supposedly Mean 

1. Falling from Heights 

How often have you suddenly awakened from your sleep with the unreal sensation of falling weightless through the sky? Falling from heights is among the most common dreams experienced by dreamers around the world. A dream of you hurling to the ground from Burj Khalifa may seem scary. However, what the dream symbolizes, in actuality, is fear and loss of control. 

What It Could Mean - Have you been struggling to meet deadlines or stick to your commitments in work and romantic relationships? Dreaming of falling is often a symbol of not being in control of an aspect of your life. 

When you dream of falling, take it as a sign to step back and reassess your approach to your life. Additionally, work on learning to go with the flow!

2. Taking a Test 

One of the most stressful aspects of student life that many of us would mind experiencing again is taking an exam! The pressure of the moment is often revisited in dreams, given that test-taking is a common theme around the world. The expectations, ticking clock and slow-moving hand may have you breaking into a cold sweat, and here’s why!

What It Could Mean - Dreams about being back in school and writing papers are often compared to different real-life work scenarios. This is because both places are high-pressure environments that require individuals to put their best foot forward. 

When you dream of taking a test, your unconscious mind is directing you to your anxieties with professional responsibilities. Organizing yourself better can be a great way to cope with the pressure! 

3. Dreaming about Celebrities 

This may be a random theme that crops up from time to time. The truth, however, is that dreaming about celebrities is among the most popular dream themes! Your dream may involve you hanging out with a popular name, or going on a date with a handsome male celebrity. But what does it mean?

What It Could Mean - Dreams about celebrities often represent an aspect of their personality or life that is relevant to the dreamer in waking life. A great way to understand what this may be is by asking yourself what part of the celebrity most appeals to you. Does a specific movie, game or song stand out? 

If something does catch your attention, try drawing connections between the message and your waking circumstances. 

4. Teeth Falling Out 

This is a common dream theme that can have you checking your molars while you get ready for work! Your teeth falling out might be a bizarre dream, but if you keep going back to it, chances are there is a message for you.

What It Could Mean - There are multiple meanings associated with dreams of teeth falling out, including worries about appearance. Teeth are used to tear, grind and cut every day. Therefore, losing your teeth in a dream could mean you feel a loss of personal power and an inability to assert yourself. 

Use this dream to recognize which aspect of your life you feel a loss of decisiveness in. If this is in a working or personal relationship, consider opening better channels of communication with the other. 

5. Being Chased 

A dream about you being chased by a nameless and faceless monster can have you waking up in a cold sweat. Among the less pleasant common dreams, this is a theme that could even manifest as a nightmare. 

What It Could Mean - Being chased by “something” suggests that there is a situation in your life that is causing you fear and anxiety. Running away from this source of stress and fright is your way of coping with the situation. However, this may not be the healthiest or most ideal way of coping and your dream is a representation of that fact.

Talking with a professional can be the best way to make sense of your anxiety and fear. 

6. Death of a Loved One 

This is a dream that can have you worried and confused for the rest of the day. The death of a loved one is easily one of the most difficult times of our lives. You may not believe us, however, but dreams of death can be taken as a positive omen!

What It Could Mean - Dreaming of death can represent an unforeseen change impacting your relationship with the person in question. This is a change that will assure the longevity of your connection, and transform together. 

7. Pregnancy 

Individuals of all genders (including men and women) can experience recurring dreams of pregnancy. While this may leave you feeling confused, we are here to tell you what your dream could mean!

What It Could Mean - Pregnancy dreams often indicate the birth of a new idea or situation. You may have been recently pondering over a new project at work or chewing on a new idea for a blog. This dream is a reassurance that your idea is a good one (especially if you were healthy and stable in the dream) and you need to chase it with the right tools for success!

8. Naked in Public 

Have you had dreams where you turned up to an important meeting or birthday party wearing absolutely nothing? Did you wake up feeling a sense of shame and embarrassment? Don’t worry, dreaming of being naked in public is another common theme experienced by many!

What It Could Mean - If you had a dream of being naked in public, take into account the people who were present in your dream. Chances are that you may be experiencing a fear of exposure to the people in your dream in waking life. Being naked is also an unconscious symbol of vulnerability. You may be struggling in opening up to those closest to you and this dream brings that anxiety to the surface. 

Consider learning more about effective communication to express yourself in healthy and helpful ways, regardless of the nature of the relationship!

9. A Cheating Partner 

This is a distressing dream theme that can make for an interesting conversation at breakfast. Dreams of your romantic partner cheating on you with someone else can leave you feeling confused and stressed. What could it mean? 

What It Could Mean - Dreaming of infidelity is a reflection of your fears in waking life about your romantic connection. Likely, your partner is not cheating on you. This dream is an indication that you are insecure in your relationship with them. There could also be issues in the communication, loyalty, and trust that are essential to romantic relationships. 

Consider having an open and honest conversation about your anxieties and insecurities with your partner. 

While dream themes can vary from dreamer to dreamer, our guide can help you identify what your unconscious mind wants you to know. Journaling your dreams regularly can be a great way to gain deeper insights into your mind! 

After all, no one can know you better than you do!

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