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The Secret of Life

By Dave Cole

The question isn't, "Is there life after death?" Rather, the question is: "Are you alive before death?"

Science has claimed the secret of life to be DNA. In her song of the same title, Faith Hill sang: "The secret of life is a good cup of coffee. The secret of life is keep your eye on the ball. The secret of life is a beautiful woman." Tom T. Hall wrote: "It's faster horses, younger women, older whiskey and more money."

But if there really is a true secret of life, then shouldn't it stand to reason that this secret would be a constant. Something that remains the same despite religious viewpoints, despite centuries, and despite races of people. A secret of life would be something that would be applicable to all folks, in all times and ages and something that would be of benefit to any and all, regardless of their religion or creed or race or region of the world, or era of history.

A good case could be made for love being the secret of life. And if love was pure and unadulterated, then perhaps we would explore this deeper. However love can be spent in many less than virtuous avenues. There are those who have a deep, passionate love for things like drugs, pornography, money, the ways of the devil, and so on.

Is there a one single, true in all cases, secret of life? And if so, shouldn't this one thing be equal and beneficial to the same degree for all? Don't we all believe that the secret of life should be some special knowledge that would set us all free, solve all our problems and make us happy, contented and loved by everyone?

Down through the ages, the advice of the sages and prophets has been, "know thyself." I've got some good news for you. The secret of life, that one elixir which has baffled sages and seekers since time began, that one thing which has been sought after for centuries on end, the one thing that will provide all the answers is... YOU.

You are the secret of life. You, the entire you, the fabulous you. You, the single entity that is alive. You alone hold the key, you alone have the answer. You alone already have and hold the secret of life.

It is hidden in the I Am.
It is hidden in all that you are.
It is hidden in your identity.
It is called life.

The entire one single thing, the secret of life, is that you are life. You are alive. You have the answer within you to whatever it is you are seeking. No one else does. Only you. You. The great I am is you.

There was once an argument among the gods over where to hide the secret of life so that men and women would not find it. One god said: "Bury it under a mountain; they will never look there." "No," the others said, "one day they will find ways to dig up mountains and will uncover it." Another said: "Sink it in the depths of the ocean; it will be safe there." "No the others objected, humans will one day find a way to plumb the ocean's depths and find it easily." Finally another god said: "Put it inside them; men and women will never think of looking for it there for a long time; by the time they are intelligent enough to discover the secret, perhaps they will also be wise enough to use it properly."

If there ever was a secret of life, it's that you Are. It's that you should believe in you as being all that is life. You already knew this... search and look deep inside yourself, you will know this is truth. Life is you. Life without you, wouldn't be life. It's the exact same for every creature on this earth. It never changes, indeed, it cannot. It's the same for all races and for all ages.

The secret of life is never to be found external to oneself, if you're looking outside yourself, you're looking in all the wrong places. It is always to be found as oneself. And that's great news. You have your entire life ahead of you. The past is over, it's history, it cannot ever be replaid or re-done again. You have your future. You have the very now, the very present to live and to be you and to enjoy being the secret of life in.

Copyright 2005 Dave Cole
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