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The Perfect Way to Clean and
Energize Your Crystal Healing Sets

Crystal stones are a natural energy source. They are made up of minerals that have been buried deep in the earth's crust and have been subjected to steady heat and pressure for millions of years.

Crystal Healing Set

Crystals retain and amplify positive energy while dispelling or absorbing negative energy. Crystals re-energize the body's biological system. Crystals help us to be balanced on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Negative energies are absorbed by all healing stones and crystals, while positive energies are amplified. They gather up and absorb negative energies in the process, which must be purged and cleansed on a regular basis. Cleaning your crystal healing sets on a regular basis is usually a smart idea for optimal outcomes. The procedure is split into two stages. The first step is to clean the stones, and the second is to energize them. Healing Stones should be cleansed once a week on a regular basis.

There are several methods for removing negative absorption from the stones:

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese technique for healing. Reiki is a powerful yet gentle therapeutic therapy for cleansing and energizing crystal healing sets. Only people who have completed Level II of Reiki Healing can use this approach.

  1. Keep the crystal between your hands at all times.
  2. On the stones, draw Symbol No. 1
  3. Speak Affirmation "Clean this crystal of all negative energies."
  4. This will clean the crystals from negative energies
  5. Then you need to energize the crystals

Cleaning With Saltwater

Negative energies are disintegrated naturally by salt. Negative energy is disintegrated by washing your therapeutic stones in saltwater. Only a few types of stones and crystals from your crystal healing kits can be used for this procedure. Saltwater cannot be used to clean all sorts of stones and crystals. If you use stones as a jewellery piece in the form of a bracelet, mala, or pendant, you should avoid washing them in saltwater. On the stones, there is a residue of salt.

As a result, this cleaning method is only suitable for stones in natural shapes such as clusters, pyramids, pencils, balls, and so on. You can also clean your stones by placing them near a salt lamp for about an hour.

The Grounding Technique

This is an excellent method for clearing negative energies from the Healing Stones, especially if you tend to use crystal sets for anxiety. Your stones can be placed in the roots of plants and trees, as well as in muck. For around 8 hours, the stones must be left in the roots and mud. This method should not be used to clean valuable and high-priced jewellery such as bracelets, malas, and pendants.

The Essence Approach

You can use Crystal Meditation Essential Oil in an aroma diffuser and place your crystals around them for 30 minutes. Your stones will be activated and ready to use after 30 minutes.

Healing With Sunlight

For cleaning and restoring the inherent healing powers of stones and crystals, place them in natural sunshine for 1 hour in the morning sunlight before 8 a.m. All of the stones should not be exposed to direct sunlight since they will fade.

Healing With The Moon Method

On a full moon night, stones and crystals can be placed in natural moonlight to clean and restore their inherent healing abilities.

These are all amazing ways to cleanse your crystals and stones. However, if you are looking for a place to buy crystal stones, then you can buy them on online crystal shops in Australia quite easily. Take your pick right away, or buy the whole crystal healing set.

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