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Charm Necklaces That Foster a Sense of Connectedness with One’s Self

Charm Necklace

Throughout history, different gold pendants for women have been used for spiritual and healing practices and science and research. Even we have seen people around us who have literally recognized and verified the natural potentiality of charm necklaces, pendants, and rings. With the rage of fashion jewelry, the question that may come up to your mind could be, “Do all these perfect necklaces really awaken our spiritual senses, or are they just a statement?”

Well, the simplest answer to this could be a big YES. At present, more than ever before, people have realized that wearing pieces like Buddha Charm Necklace has got enough ability to promote calmness and peace within the mind while balancing human compassion. Jewelry pieces that are handcrafted and made with metals like gold, silver, and rose gold have turned out to be the most beautiful and everlasting pieces.

Even brands like Astrid Schumacher have taken it a step further and equalized by giving them a personal touch of spiritual living and powerful thinking. Individuals who are into Yoga or meditation have simply admired wearing such refined pieces during their practices.

Talking about the intention and meaning of spiritual jewelry, each work of art is unique in its own way. Wearing a different piece means having a different experience, relying upon whether they seek it for their fashion sense purpose or a restorative purpose. These designs are selected and designed in a manner that truly brings a positive sense to life and raises calmness every day. Here are a few aspects that these Yoga inspired jewelry pieces cover in general.

  • Happiness
  • Protection
  • Peace
  • Loyalty
  • Confidence
  • Success
  • Luck
  • Balance
  • Health

Moving on, another example that is trending these days is the Mandala gold coin pendant necklace. Mandala is a word derived from the Sanskrit language, meaning circle. The symbolic essence is harmony and unity. From beach towels to home decor, this intricately designed piece can always be seen on Instagram feeds.

With this, you need to know that mandala necklaces have not been an exotic trend in this 21st century; it has been there for centuries. Yet, it is seen more as an iconic piece used as a relaxation tool or as a meditation ornament in Western culture. In contrast, the concentric circles have a deeper significance; they are viewed as a visual representation of the cosmos.

Let’s know a little more about it.

Normally, gold coin necklaces have a dot surrounded by geometric patterns and lines, free of any dimensions. The dot stands as a symbol of the universe encircled by an outer circle representing the period nature of life. As per the Buddhism religion, the dots, patterns, and lines exemplify Buddha’s intellectual capabilities in an abstract form, generally shown as a tree, dot, flower, or wheel. The statement piece can be paired with any outfit and is known to relax the body and mind by cultivating the inner feeling of happiness and peace.

No matter whether you wear a Buddha Charm Necklace or go ahead with a classic coin necklace, these delicately handcrafted pieces will help you reconnect with your spiritual core and let positive universal energy resonate from within you. Have you ever tried wearing any of these symbolic jewelry pieces? How well your spiritual jewelry has allowed you to improve focus and activate the power of creativity? Let us know in the comments below; we would love to hear from you.

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