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Elephant Speak

By beth ann

I am being called to share with you a message from our kindred spirits, the Elephants, wise old souls from ancient times. Honored for their strength and their knowing. They carry many codes and songs since the beginning of time for Prime Creator. Their deep guttural rattle is very much the same as their water counterparts, the Whales and the Dolphins. They have a hidden way of communicating. Their low frequency signals are ultrasounds we can't hear. The Elephants have over 70 songs and sounds they make, nearly all of them at frequencies too low for human ears to perceive. We only hear the top end of their messages. Their keenly perceptive hearing and smelling senses allow them to communicate with these sounds to each other over 20 or 30 miles in all directions. They are constantly sniffing the air with their trunks and flapping their ears to heighten their earshot.

Elephants let each other know of their presence, their intents and any environmental information they wish to share by these signals. And like their colleagues, the Whales and Dolphins, they have held their codes for countless generations for this time we are now in. May the full extent of their teachings be heard and understood. I expect soon the awakening of the ones who will realize this and record their songs for all to hear. Those persons with the blue prints to understand the message of the Elephants codes in song and sound. Those who will find a way to share these precious imprints with the rest of this planet. We as light workers need to call for their safe and timely awakening.

The Elephants are ready to share their codes and songs with us. They carry the codes of strong Family, social structure and of right ways of raising young ones. They want us to know that many of the problems with our youths and parents today stem from a lack of proper teaching and understanding of these ways. Please listen while I tell you some of their story. It involves respect at all ages and closeness to their young as they grow into adulthood. Each child is important. Each child must be considered essential. Each child deserves ample nurturing and guidance well into adulthood. The purpose of this writing is to offer healing to Families of all sentient beings around the planet. May this be perceived this night.

Elephants live in a very strong family unit. Their life span is roughly the same as humans. Females are the core of the herd. Several will cluster in a family with varying ages of their calves. You will find mostly sisters and first cousins among the adults. Female elephants generally stay with the herd for life. They are very tender with each other and teach their young a wide range of emotions and coping skills. They are constantly touching each other with their trunks, which are very sensitive, and they often snuggle with one another. As parents, they are the fiercest protectors of their young among the animal kingdom. When faced with danger, they drive their young away from the area swiftly and noisily; ready to stand in their defense if necessary.

When bull calves reach their mid-teens, they are driven from the herds. The adolescent bull will often hover near by for a while. Eventually they will wander off to find a large mature bull waiting to hang with them and teach them the ways of adulthood. The mature bull waits for the adolescent bull to be ready. They teach through sound and example. The bulls are constantly sparring, bumping heads and twisting each other's trunks. This behavior is not aggressive; it is actually quite friendly. The acception being breeding season, when it becomes quite serious. The mature bulls are constantly aware of the location and occurrences in a family unit, and know their role as protector of the herd and mentor to the young bulls is vital.

In the 1980's, Mankind, in an effort to recoup the dwindling Elephant herds in Africa, created vast game reserves. They stocked these parks with large groups of young Elephants ranging in age from 3 to 6 years old. Twenty years ago, they only had means to transport the smaller animals. By depriving them of the nurturing and tenderness of their Mothers and Aunties while growing up, mankind, with their good intentions to solve one problem had created another. Mankind has turned these majestic and sensitive creatures into troubled delinquents. In recent years, these same wild life parks on the Continent of Africa are greatly challenged by young rouge bull Elephants performing acts of extreme violence. Frequently resulting in the senseless death of other species, most often the rhinoceros. In essence - interspecies murder, as it appears to be for no other reason then venting internal rage. This pattern is occurring at multiple parks. In all cases it involves the young bulls separated from their families in the 1980's.

Wise men leading the mission to change, Gus Van Dyk, of the Pilanesberg National Park, and Dr. Rob Slotow, of the university of Natal, decided to recruit the Elephants themselves to solve the issue. Through calling upon the Wisdom of the Elder's, these men are hoping this solution will have a more lasting effect. By relocating to the troubled parks a dozen or so mature bull Elephants, ranging in age from their mid 30's to their mid 40's the condition has shifted. This was not a simple task. These bulls weigh over 6 tons each and stand over 11 feet tall at the shoulder. In spite of their size and strength, they are quite fragile creatures. The program has been successful under the watchful care of the learned and sensitive Native African, Kruger National Park Veterinarian, Dr. D. Grabbler. He has been involved, in person, with the transport of each one of the bulls. They are transferred in pairs to reduce the stress of the move. Upon arrival, these sage old bulls are able to perceive the situation immediately on their own and readily seek out the younger rogue bulls to spend time with them. The adolescents seem glad to meet with their mentors. The violence has been greatly reduced in a very short time.

As they spend time together in the forest, the deep guttural chatter from the Elder Elephants is virtually non-stop. The cameraman thinks it's digestive noises from all the roughage they consume. The sounds are very much the same as the clacking and chatter created by Whales and Dolphins. Within days the adolescent Elephants ceased their rocking and aggressive behaviors, their attitudes shifted. The presence of the larger more mature Elephants appear to have suppressed the hormonal fluctuations in the younger bulls that was stimulating their aggressive behavior. Two of the larger parks have had such great success with this pilot program; they are making plans to correct the situation similarly in other parks as well.

These wise, majestic creatures have profound lessons to teach us. We need only to gaze upon the troubled youths of our society, many with only one parent, to see how this applies to us. How often do we snuggle or touch our adolescents? What time do we take to listen to or speak with them? Noting the nurturing and training of elementary school age children, are we doing them such a great service by depriving them of cuddles and heartfelt touches from the adults in their lives in the name of fear of child molestation? Would society not be a better place if we could remove the energies and life forms that perpetrate such vile actions and allow our children to grow in safety and comfort with full access to the trusted adults in their lives?

We as Light Workers, understanding the ramifications of inadequate nurturing of children, need to call for this very situation to open up and be healed. It is imperative that we support those persons who, this day, are attempting to reach out to our own troubled youths and offer mentorship. We must call for the end of all activities by those who attempt to exploit this situation, by negatively influencing our youths for their own personal gain (i.e. drug dealers and pimps).

Listen to and show appreciation to the youths in your life. They have much to share with us. Each child is important. Each child must be considered essential. Each child deserves ample nurturing and guidance well into adulthood. The purpose of this writing is to offer healing to Families of all sentient beings around the planet. May they be perceived this night.

With love and respect, in service to the One for the benefit of the All,

beth ann and the Elephants of Earth

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