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What Are the Basic Laws of Attraction?

To attract the life you want to live, you might decide to use methods founded on the laws of attraction. We love Witchy Spiritual Stuff, so we definitely recommend going this route. It also holds a solid foundation in science and has been proven to work whether or not you believe in it. Regardless if you’re a believer or a skeptic, here’s what to know about the basic laws of attraction.

Explaining the Three Laws of Attraction

If you didn’t already know, the three basic laws of attraction are “like attracts like,” “nature abhors a vacuum,” and “the present is always perfect.” From these laws are derived several principles that originate from a specific original law.

You can then use these as principles to abide by as you journey through life, with the hopes that you attract a person or thing that has caught your eye. You could desire to befriend or be intimately involved with someone. You could be after a job position everyone in the office is gunning for.

You can use your understanding of the laws of attraction to your advantage in any of these scenarios. No, this is not magic; this is straight-up science, as you will soon realize in the below explanations.

1. Like Attracts Like

While opposites have been proven to attract, this type of attraction doesn’t happen nearly as often as “like attracting like.” Birds of the same feather flock together.

More often than not, this is true with a group of friends who choose to hang out with each other. They tend to like the same video games, books, or sports. In some cases, it could even be because they have the same physical features. Tall people tend to befriend other tall people. Basically, what this means is that these peoples’ energies align, and that’s why they attract each other.

This particular law dictates that whatever you think, you attract. That said, don’t take this to mean there’s magic in the works. For the most part, it has to do with people tending to do the things they frequently think about and believe. Your way of thinking then ends up becoming the reality you live in.

Applying the same law, thinking negative thoughts lead to negative occurrences. For instance, if you believe too much money can lead to your downfall, then you’ll be unlikely to do anything to achieve financial success. Your negative associations with money might only allow you to take as much action as needed to get by financially. That sounds a lot like a life of living paycheck to paycheck.

To attract the life you want most to live, you must eliminate negative thoughts associated with such a life. For instance, instead of thinking money is “the root of all evil,” you can look at it as a “tool for fighting climate change.” Such a big, positive goal associated with financial success will make you want to strive for it even more. Because, then, it won’t simply be for personal gain; it will be for something for the greater good.

2. Nature Abhors a Vacuum

This second law puts emphasis on the laws of thermodynamics. Basically, the law explains that it’s impossible to create empty spaces because of the constant movement of atomic matter that immediately fills the said spaces.

You may have experienced this in life when you emptied your closet to give away some unused clothes and found it full again, not even a few weeks later. This is the universe telling you that when you tidy things up or create space in your life, it won’t be long before it fills itself with newer and better things.

And, yes, this goes for cutting toxic people off, too. Their absence could be just what you need to start life anew or welcome new and positive figures in your life.

3. The Present Is Always Perfect

From your viewpoint, the present may not always be perfect. And even when it is, there’s bound to be someone else out there having a horrible time. Thus, you cannot really say perfection exists in the present collectively.

As selfish as it sounds, you must remove from your mind the things you cannot control and focus on making your life as “perfect” as possible. Granted, this might still not be considered “perfection” by definition; it should be all that matters if it’s perfect for you.

Basically, what the law is asking you to do is change your perspective. Technically, no one’s life is perfect, but it is always possible to view things from a winning standpoint, even when you’re losing. Apply this approach in every aspect of your life and see it do great things for you and the people around you.

Change Your Life by Abiding by the Laws of Attraction

Looking at it from the surface, the laws of attraction seem a bit far-fetched for today’s world. Then again, its foundations in science should at least convince you to give it a try. Align your life with the three basic laws one at a time, and see each one unfold and change one aspect of your life after the other.

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