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What You Desire, is What You Will Get!

By Dale Askew

My beloved Norwich City Football club were playing the other night and were winning 1-0. In the 90th minute (the end of the match normally) the other team scored an equalizer. I was gutted. My initial reaction was that they had blown it. Then I realized that there was still a chance! Even if it was only a minute or two they could STILL DO IT! Trying to practice what I preach about positive thinking and the power of belief, I convinced myself that they would score again and go on to win the game. I did not let one single shred of doubt enter my mind - I believed with every ounce of mind being that they could pull off a miracle and get another goal. A few moments later they did. It was an amazing feeling - I was jumping around my house like a lunatic! Was it just luck? Did I help them win?

The experiences I have had in my life, have led to me discover that we really do create our own reality - and there is a kind of science to it. Bluntly put - God is a schizophrenic living within his own dream world with only himself to keep him company. He is living in his own dream as many, many characters. You are one of those characters. The thing is, each character IS God, in totality. When a character knows (remembers) this, it is called being "God realized" or enlightened.

You, me, your next door neighbor... we're all characters in God's dream (sub-personalities of God?) When I write this to you, I am writing it to myself. When I hurt you, I hurt myself. When I love you, I love myself. Etc. This doesn't mean that you don't exist, it simply means that the part of me that "IS", is the very same thing that "IS" in you! Consciousness. "God". It is all that there is.

My opinion of God is that "God is ALL"... the whole shebang! Nothing is separate to "God"... However, as we know - it really does SEEM like things are separate, me talking to you - it seems like you are separate to me. There really is something that is separating us, and although it's only an illusional something it is nevertheless real. That something, I believe, is our state of awareness (which is expanding all the time). Some of us already know that really we are one and the same. You and me are 'sub-personalities' of the All!

If you can get your head around that, then you will see that the real amazing thing is that each and every one of us IS not limited to being a dream character - we are the dreamer of the dream too!

As an example, in a dream we may dream there is a rock and a tree. They are apparently separate things - yet if we are dreaming them then they must actually be made from the very same thing: 'mind substance'! Two seemingly 'separate' things made out of our one singular consciousness! From the perspective of a character IN the dream, we see separation - from the higher waking perspective we see the illusion of separation. There was only ever one thing all the time - our consciousness. And that is just as true right now.

The external 'dream' (that we experience as our reality) is created by the beliefs and desires of God (which is us). Never underestimate the power of your own belief. BELIEVE in your own belief... your own Godly power, and you can consciously create and direct the movie of your life... If you can dream it, YOU CAN DO IT. Do not entertain doubt - by doubting you are simply believing in the non achievement of your dream! "Consciously directed positive mental energy"— that's what its all about!

When a character becomes aware of this it is called being 'God realized' or -'enlightened'. Normally a very profound experience where the person experiences a loss of 'small self identity' and rediscovers the knowledge that that he is a connected to everything - he IS everything. I am fortunate enough to have had this experience, and for those looking toward that, I would say that the only criteria is a totally pure desire to know what you really are. Meditate as deeply as you can on this very simple question "What am I?" It will happen.

(Anyway, back to "What you desire is what you will get")

If we are the dreamers, then what are we dreaming about? What type of dream are we creating for ourselves? Look around you - this is it.

The problem is that most of us do not realize that we are creating the reality - it is far easier to pretend that we are not, because once you accept it you have to accept the responsibility that goes with it. A lot of people do not WANT to know this truth... but this leads to another important question - if we are not aware that we are creating our own dream, then who exactly IS creating it for us?

The answer is that it is the beliefs, desires, fears and doubts of ourselves and of others. Each of us desires different things, for some it is excitement, some material pleasures, some peace, some war, some power and control. Desires change and grow over time - thankfully. It may take a while but gradually we learn that the simplest 'spiritual' desires - such as love, friendship, peace and harmony - are actually the most desirable. The thing is we have to experience all the other stuff to reach that conclusion!

If we look at the 'successful' people in life, they normally have certain things in common: belief - determination - desire to succeed - fearless - certain. Stephen Spielberg reportedly said, "I always knew I would be a successful film maker." The thought of him NOT making it never even entered his head!

When you CONSCIOUSLY desire or believe in something, then you send out energy that has gravity, and if strong enough, will pull those very things into your reality. There is no such thing as luck or randomness. The 'luck' happens after the energy is sent out. The more people believe in something - the more energy it creates - and the more it can turn into reality.

So think about what you REALLY want out of life... If you could achieve ANYTHING, what would it be? If you can dream it - you can make it! Desire it with all your heart - and believe that it is possible, whilst keeping in mind the knowledge that you are *really* the dreamer of this dream. If your energy is strong enough then you will find that the desired reality comes almost effortlessly, 'fun' even. If you believe that hard work, sweat and tears will be required to make it happen, then so be it! If you doubt yourself in any way then you will be creating a reality in which you are powerless. So no doubts, ok! The higher the awareness of your true nature (GOD), the more power you shall have over the dream.

The point is, if you don't take conscious control over your own desires, and create the dream how YOU want it - then somebody else will create it for you - whether you like the results or not! Take your God-given power back... Re-mould the dream to suit you!

You may not believe some of the things I have said here... I will leave you with a quote from Star Wars:

Luke: "I can't believe it." Yoda: "That is why you fail."

Much more information by Dale Askew: the trans4mind partner site, 'My Spiritual Experience.'

As a post script, Dale described to me the following insight...

"I was thinking to myself about the AMOUNT of time in a 'moment'... We notice 'time' passing by. We divide it up into days, minutes, seconds, milliseconds, etc. We live in a single moment trapped in between past and future. So how 'long' is this moment of time? "What I realized was that whatever value you gave it, it automatically becomes the wrong value. Why? Because you can always halve the value. There is always a smaller amount. That leads to only one logical conclusion - the value for a single moment of time, is ZERO!

"I feel that idea is a groundbreaking one... because if every moment is of zero length, then it means that we are still in the VERY SAME MOMENT as we have always been in (a billion zeros is still zero)! Not only that, but this also works for space too, i.e. what is the smallest amount of distance? The answer is also Zero - meaning there is NO SPACE!

"In my dreams there is no space - it's all in my mind, yet it FEELS like space. I believe that is exactly the same as how things are here in this 'reality'."

Ron Wypkema describes a similar experience...

"An utter peacefulness filled the mind, and the body. I had never known such peacefulness. It felt quiet, delicate, pure, and all pervasive. It was as if everything was made of this peacefulness. It felt utterly light, as in light weight. And, it also felt somehow, like it was light itself. Crystal clear, pervading everything, everywhere, not only within the body, but beyond the body in all directions, with no limits. The me who had always been caught in thought had also vanished!

"It was amazing for once, to have no thoughts in the mind. Even more astonishing, the me who had always been caught in thought had also vanished. It was as if the separate package I called myself no longer had a me, a self in it. In place of this separate entity that I had identified myself as, there was an expanded field of awareness. This field of awareness seemed to be within the body, and beyond the body. It was as if the body was running in this expanded field of awareness. In this expanded state, there was a profound, ecstatic oneness with all there is. The body was no longer separate. There was no separation, no distinction between the body, the vastness of the deep blue sky, the warmth of the sun, the vibrancy of the air, the beauty of the earth and nature all around. All was one.

"It was as if the body was running, effortlessly, lightly, without a 'me' who was doing it. So, thoughts had disappeared. The worry and problems that went with the thoughts had disappeared. The sense of the separate self had vanished, without a trace. And, the feeling of time was also nowhere to be found. There was a feeling of timelessness, of eternity. It was as if Now, this moment, was all there is. It was as if the entire Cosmos was one entity, an organic whole, a dance of light and form, form and light."

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