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Are Virgos Bad at Relationships?

It is no secret that Virgos distinguish themselves from other Zodiac signs due to their distinct traits. Dating a Virgo is not simple; they often demand too much from themselves and their dating partners. These complex creatures are highly ambitious, goal-driven, and excellent contributors to the art world like writing, drawing, and even music.

Whether dating Virgos is bad or good is neither here nor there; here are some reasons why Virgo and Cancer can be an ideal match.

They Are Supportive

Going into a relationship with a Virgo means you will always have someone by your side to help you reach your goals. No matter how complex your journey can be, they will always encourage you to strive for the best in life. They will go the extra mile to provide a quality life for themselves and their loved ones. Furthermore, they are not the kind that will limit themselves when it comes to setting goals.

Indeed, for them, nothing seems impossible; this is why you can always trust them to support you even with your wildest dream. Virgo’s language of love is showing support to their loved ones.

The Stress Over Details

Virgos are incredibly critical of themselves, especially when it comes to working. For this reason, their journey to success will always come at a cost. They don’t believe in simply completing tasks but doing them perfectly. As a result of this, they put themselves under a lot of pressure, making them easy to get stressed. When they are working, the latter can be stressful to hang around. Virgos are best suited for calmer partners to ease their pressure to alleviate their tension.

They Remember Everything

One of the best things about Virgos is their elephant memory; they don’t seem to forget anything! With them around you, you can be sure that nothing will go amiss. If you have an upcoming trip, you have nothing to worry about; they already organized all the logistics required to see that your trip is a success.

A high level of organization and memory is what you should expect from a Virgo. Who would not want a person who will never miss any detail in their life? Such a person will bring nothing but good things into your relationship.

Despite the good traits, dating a Virgo is not a walk in the park and is not for the faint-hearted. Here are a few negative traits carried by the Virgos.

They Get Frustrated Easily

Along with attention to detail, Virgos get easily frustrated. Often, they will always want to see that things are done their way, which often results in many arguments. Virgos are equally stubborn, and it is hard to convince them of anything.

Even when your perspective of doing something is the best, they will always find a way to convince you otherwise. Their attention to detail, stubbornness, perfectionism make them highly volatile. If you want to the nasty side of them, you should visit them in the middle of a crisis.


Looking at the positives and the negatives of Virgos, one thing you should expect from them is that they will always own their mistakes. Realizing they are wrong bruises their ego, but they are quick to move on. They are good to have in a relationship, especially if you are looking for a person to help you achieve your goals.

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