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What Does the 10 Card Relationship Tarot Spread Mean?

In the case of love and relationships, the field of 10 relationship tarot spread is conducted by experts only. The experts are capable of interpreting every detail and for the beginner it might take some time. Beginners usually do better with 3 card spread and the 10 card is for the pros.

It will also depend on the seekers demand for outcome if this method should be used or not. The 10 card is a little bit complex and it takes more time and of course more energy to read and interpret each and every detail and get it right. For those just looking for a glance of their current relationship, a 3 card, 5 or 7 card will do just fine and they will get the details they are looking for. But if you are looking detail analysis of about your love relationship harmony and love life, 10 card will be the most satisfactory choice.

In this field of online tarot reading there are various kinds that you can opt for. But the 10-card relationship tarot spread is going to serve you right. It will help you get all your troubles resolved satisfactorily from all the problems from the past to those you are experiencing now and even the problems to come.

The 10-card relationship tarot spread will not just analyze your past, present and future, it will also point out the root of everything like the outcomes, hopes, ego, fears and other factors that are incorporated in a relationship. The 10 card result will stimulate you to strive for your happiness in a loving relationship. To help you understand more about this topic, let us look at the positions of the cards...

The positions of the 10 card relationship spread

Just like the other tarot spreads, this one has its card position too. Check out what each card means to you...

  • The present/the self.
    This first position will reveal your current situation and what is going on in your life. The present card can also be used to represent the current state of mind for the querent and who he or she is at that current time.
  • The problem.
    This is the card that represents all the challenges that the querent is facing at that moment. The good thing is that you are provide with some tips or advice on what the querent should do in order to deal with those problems once and for all. After resolving the problems moving forward will be easier.
  • The past.
    As they say, our past shapes our future, this card will help you see all your past events and then relate to them and see how they have plaid a role into shaping the situation you are in right now. This will help you understand how some things you did in the past have contributed to the change of your life to the current state of affairs. Like for example how your first breakup which was horrible has contributed to your mistrust and lack of love in your current relationship.
  • The future.
    The future card will show you what will happen in the near future if all the factors remain constant that is, if nothing changes from your present situation. But of course it does not represent the final resolutions of these happenings, just the short terms. For instance the future card cannot tell you when your partner will leave you alone and why exactly but it can tell you that you don’t change certain behaviors, you are going to find it rough and it can lead to a breakup.
  • The conscious.
    The conscious card will explore the focus of your mind and where it is at the moment. This will represent your desires as well as your goals. What do you want to achieve, what do you want to be done so that your current situation can improve, what are your assumptions? All these will be explored by the conscious card.
  • Unconscious.
    This card will explore and reveal the real drive that is leading you to your current situation. Like your beliefs, your feelings and even the values that the querent might not be understanding at the moment. The card will also present some hidden influence and it can surprise you at times.
  • The influence.
    The influence card can somehow be interpreted broadly but in general it usually relate to how you see yourself in the in the near future. After understanding this, it will help you see how the perception that you have about your future can influence your situation and how it will play out. The beliefs you have about yourself and if you limit or expand yourself.
  • External influence.
    This card just as it sounds represents how your environment is affecting your current situation. It does not have to be the social environment that you are operating in, it can also be your emotional environment like how are the people around you helping you emotionally to deal with your problems or are they just watchers? The card will also represent how other people perceive you.
  • Hopes and fears.
    One of the complicated positions that requires the help of an expert to decode is the hopes and fears card. It will represent what you secretly desire and what you may be trying to avoid. Given how our nature can be paradoxical, what you desire the most and have been hoping for all your life, can also be your worst fear. This why you need an expert to help you decode and get the correct information.
  • Outcome.
    The outcome card is actually meant to be the summary of the other 9 cards. Considering all that is happening, what is the resolution of the event, but in case a not so favorable outcome, you can always analyze the remainder of the spread and find another course of action.

Tarot-Explained has detailed interpretations of every card.

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