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Taming the Monkey Mind, Meditation,
Gaming and Backpacking

Science confirms that meditation can help to attain optimal mental and physical health. Travelling has the same benefits. A combination of these two can help raise your alertness, improve your health, and elevate your awareness of responsible gaming and better living.

neuroscience mindfulness

The ABCs of meditation

You don't have to sit cross-legged for it to count as meditation. You can meditate anywhere. You can do it when sitting, standing, walking, or even when working. The simple definition of meditation is 'mindfulness.'

In the East, where the Western concepts of meditation mostly borrow from, meditation means 'to be familiar with,' or 'to know thyself.' When you know thyself, you game responsibly.

Meditation shouldn't be about changing yourself, and neither should it be about changing who you are. It should be about knowing who you are by looking inside and learning to get comfortable with what you find.

Mindfulness helps people understand themselves and the polarities that maintain the balance of the universe: inhaling-exhaling, winning-losing, light-darkness, living-dying, and much more.

The principles of meditation

You can get mindful in so many ways. However, upon further investigation, you will find that all forms of meditation have the same unique underlying characteristics:

  • Being engaged in what you are doing or feeling now
  • Being aware of your thinking patterns and observing the activities of your emotions
  • Practicing self-control and letting time and other small things slip by
  • Getting into a relaxed state and improving your internal sensing
  • Accepting the natural flow of change

How to get started into meditation, responsible gaming, and backpacking

The end goal of all meditation is to reach self-awareness or what meditating experts term as consciousness. This stage corresponds to the self-actualization state in Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

At this point, you are more alert and at peace, whether you win or lose here, in the lottery, or other gaming settings. You begin to understand that sometimes winning is losing and that a loss can also be a win when you look at it from a different perspective.

You awaken into the universal interconnectedness of things and all people. You appreciate life more.

Master your mind, stay centered

The mind is incredibly elusive to master. It is like bagging the wind, it's not entirely impossible, but it takes time and effort. And even when you achieve consciousness, you have to keep working to remain on the top of it. That's why nature and new experiences can help.

neuroscience mindfulness

Learning to meditate is like learning a new language or practicing how to ride a bike. Scientists recently discovered that the mind of a person works like any other muscle of the body.

The more you put it to work, the bigger it grows. The more you learn about meditation and practice, the better you become and increase your chances of reaching that elusive state of self-awareness.

Just start, don't think about it

Thousands of books have been written on the subject of meditation. Don't even try to read all of them because you might never finish. And here is the spoiler alert: they all say the same thing just in different ways. The only things that matter in any meditation practice are you and your focus.

Schedule time away from your activities

Ever noticed how sometimes you feel like you are drowning in your day to day needs and urges? It is so because you are slowly losing who you are and sinking into the matrix of life. Take a step from it all with a meditative retreat abroad or in your home.

Now might be a time to say that you are gaming less, are turning off emails, and investing more time into yourself. Now could be a time for you to decide to pledge all your winnings to charity, worry less about bills, and enjoy the small things in life.

Now could be the time to seek oneness with nature at your local park or on an exotic vacation.

These actions are the very opposite of what the world and life expect from you. The result of stepping into the unknown like that is that you become a new person with whole new possibilities.

Beautiful coincidences start to happen. You win where you expected to lose, earn more money when you work less, and find love where you least expected.

Do it every day

Consistency is the key when you get started into meditation and travel. Don't give up too soon. Think about what it takes to lose weight or build muscles—the same consistency applies to the art of mindfulness.

However, be sure to remember one thing: don't be too focused on meditation's goals like quitting gambling or finding love. These goals are self-achieving when you genuinely become mindful and shed off inhibitions and automatic mental programs from the past.

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