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Discover Infinite Possibilities In The Zero Point Field

By Victor Da Ponte

Every day, we hear about all the latest and greatest new developments in mind power techniques. How do we know what is real and what is simple fancy? Within all of this apparent confusion, you can be sure of one thing: your thoughts carry their own energies and they really do affect your reality. Today, you'll learn what the really means for you, and how you can tap into the infinite zero point field to access your own infinite potential.

We've all heard that thoughts create our reality. In fact, it's no longer a secret that thoughts even have their own energy. A large part of learning to realize your potential lies in knowing how to go from being at the mercy of your thoughts to learning how to control your own destiny. Not only do thoughts have their own energy; they also have a strong effect on our physical bodies and mental/emotional states.

How many times have you been in a good mood, only to have it dampened by someone else's dark, negative mood? Every heard of the phrase "the tension in the air was so thick you could slice it with a butter knife"? Phrases like this often verbalize the truths that we already know within; our thoughts emanate their own potent energies. We don't just affect our own bodies and mental states, though. We also affect those around us.

Imagine for a moment that you already have everything you desire in life. You have an abundance of money, great relationships, and perfect health. In this perfect reality, there is no "outside" force overseeing your every move like a stern parent. You have no fear about your decisions and what you want to do with your life. You know with a deep, strong certainty that every decision you make will always be in harmony with your inner truths and the universe will always guide you.

How does that make you feel? You probably feel lighter than you did a few moments ago. Or maybe you felt a smile slip across your face as the peace of this short visualization washed over you. This is how you can feel every day once you learn how to choose your own thoughts

You might be familiar with the zero point field as another concept that is widely talked about in the mind development field. This field is much more than just a concept, though. This is an actual field that you can learn to tap into at any time. Not only is the zero point easy to access once you know how to connect to it, you can also access the infinite possibilities stored within it. Zero point energy is what fuels all of creation; it is God-energy, Universal energy, and the very essence of Spirit.

Zero point energy exists in everything and is everything. You are zero point energy, too. The reason you might not have great results with manifesting your desires is because we have been taught that we are "separate" from God/Universe/Spirit (or the zero point field). In fact, we are woven into the very energy of the zero point field, because it exists in everything and every one.

Taking this into consideration, since we are all part of the zero point field, we are also connected to the universe in its entirety. Multiple realities and possibilities exist within the field, and multiple realities also exist within us. Once you tap into the field, you will discover that you are not ruled by your thoughts and beliefs. You are merely taught that you are separate and powerless because that is what society has accepted as the truth.

The real Truth, though, is that we are innately connected to our own pool of infinite possibilities. We can decide what we want to download from this infinite realm of realities, thereby deciding our own "fate" and life course. A large part of realizing this amazing new connection consists of first clearing your false beliefs about hardship, unnecessary sacrifice and poverty.

As long as you hold on to these types of beliefs, you will continue to block your connection to Infinite Mind. When this connection is blocked, your inner connection to your subconscious is usually also blocked. Only by opening yourself up to your real truths will you be able to really start to live life by your own design. Remind yourself constantly that you are an Infinite being, with a strong connection to Infinite Mind. You deserve abundance, prosperity, happiness and love, so throw off the shackles of limiting thoughts and regain control of your own life.

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