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Stairway to Heaven

By Richard Latham

As we enter this golden age of self enlightenment for humanity, it's no surprise that the Internet is increasingly used as an effective tool for mental and spiritual wellbeing.

One revolutionary web site in this field is MediHeaven. The site is so unique it's difficult to describe, but it's like a 3D virtual world devoted to meditation and self enlightenment. It's completely free of advertising and therefore exclusively dedicated to the wellbeing of visitors. It's supported by members, but you can freely enter MediHeaven to check out what it's all about.

What you experience is obviously just animation and audio played on your computer, but as you relax and meditate it becomes like a metaphysical paradise where you can:

  • take refuge from troubles and stress
  • become deeply relaxed and revived
  • enjoy a clear and calm mind
  • understand and solve problems
  • dream wonderful stories
  • gain personal insights and revelations

But what makes MediHeaven truly extraordinary is the way it utilizes the interactive nature of the Internet to empower anyone to meditate successfully. For example, the Rapid Relaxation feature uses the classic hypnotic number countdown method, but involves a user controlling the speed of their countdown by pressing keys. It's very effective and feedback suggests it's because the mind prefers to be in control when trying to relax.

The whole experience includes beautiful music with sounds of nature and when you reach the number 1, you'll experience a kind of Zen moment by a waterfall before you count yourself back up.

Another interactive meditation feature is the Mind Coach, who you meet when you arrive in MediHeaven. She asks 10 questions about the things you want and the way you feel, then she guides you on a uniquely suited meditation, involving music, stories and natural sounds lasting about 20 minutes. So if someone indicates that they are feeling very stressed and seeking personal empowerment, they are served a meditation for a stressed mind that also includes a technique for managing stress better in everyday life. There are a multitude of guided meditations served by the Mind Coach for Relaxation, Wellbeing, Insight, Empowerment and even just for Pleasure.

In these modern times, this use of computing with meditation seems a natural step in the direction of self enlightenment. MediHeaven is certainly a sign of amazing times to come on the Internet, but don't take my word on this, experience it yourself for free...

Click the link below and you'll get immediate access, without any registration:


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