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Kriya Yoga Teachings from Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda is one of the most beloved and well-known spiritual teachers who brought Kriya Yoga into the Western world. As the author of "Autobiography of a Yogi," one of the best-selling spiritual books of all time, Yogananda shares with the world both his wisdom and great love for humanity.

There are many lessons from Paramahansa Yogananda you can learn on your journey towards spiritual awakening and enlightenment. His words often serve as a guide, helping people move forward in their spiritual path, and reminding them of the true purpose of their journey.

Here are some of the most beautiful of Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings.

"Your Trials Did Not Come to Punish You, But to Awaken You."

Many people see their heartbreak, pains, and anguish as cosmic punishments that are thrown onto their path as a direct result of their behavior. One must accept the punishment for their past transgressions, and focus their energy on moving forward.

However, Paramahansa Yogananda asks to view these trials in a different light. They should not be seen as punishments, but as opportunities for awakening, reflection, and meditation. From this, you can then raise your awareness and understand how you must continue your spiritual path.

"You Must Not Let Your Life Run in the Ordinary Way."

Kriya Yoga Teachings

Here, Yogananda calls for the realization that God’s a part of you. God does not work in an ordinary way, he is extraordinary. Because of this, people have the natural ability for the extraordinary as well.

Yogananda asks you to live your life by doing things that can amaze the world, things that nobody else is doing. He calls for people to look inward for guidance, rather than seek inspiration from their peers. It can be frightening to see your path take a different turn from those around you, but if your intuition is telling you to move forward, you should listen to it.

“Change Yourself and You Have Done Your Part in Changing the World.”

Each person’s presence in the world has an impact on it. The unique energetic signature you have cannot help but interact with the energies of others, or the energy of the entire Universe.

When you look to do good and change things for the better, Yogananda calls for you to first change yourself. Your purpose on the planet is not to influence others or convince them of anything. Your purpose is the journey of the self, changing yourself so that the flow of the Universe and those around you stop affecting your path. When you do this, you will have completed your role.

Kriya Yoga Teachings

"What You Condemn in Others, You Will Have to Experience, Someday, Yourself. That is the Karmic Law. In That Way, People are Taught Compassion."

When you learn that your spiritual path must focus on changing yourself, what ultimately comes is compassion for others. One becomes less prone to criticize others harshly or cast judgment on people’s behaviors and thoughts. Yogananda believed when you criticize others in this way, you increase these faults within yourself, as the karmic law dictates.

"Live Simply. Don’t Get Caught in the Machine of the World."

The world is full of distractions, and focusing your energy on reaching the goals set inside this world consumes energy, but ultimately cannot fulfill the soul.

Paramahansa Yogananda's teachings ask you to develop your spiritual powers, and seek goals of enlightenment, leaving the distractions of the world to the side. He asks for joy and happiness to be fully present in your life, to have it fill yourself, and let it guide your path.

Kriya Yoga Teachings

"Do Not Mistake the Technique for the Goal."

Mastering Kriya Yoga is not the goal. Meditating every single day is not the goal. The goal is nurturing the love for God, and enlightening the mind to achieve fulfillment.

Yogananda says you must not love meditation more than you love God. These techniques act like gateways that allow you to become closer to God, and while they can have many benefits on the mind, body, and soul, you must not fall in love with them. You need to remind yourself of your spiritual goal and allow your mind to move forward down the line towards enlightenment.

"You Do Not Have to Struggle to Reach God, But You Do Have to Struggle to Tear Away the Self-Created Veil That Hides Him from You."

Perhaps one of the most important lessons from Paramahansa Yogananda is that God is present within you, every day of your life. One must not have to look outward to seek God, sitting above the Universe. To reach God, one simply must look inward, and themselves.

Yogananda warns that there is no difficulty in finding God, but there is difficulty in piercing through the veil that hides Him from you. This veil has been created by you, unknowingly, by accepting your role as a human being and nothing more.

But, as Yogananda says, you are not just a human being. You are part of God, and God is a part of you. You can never fail to reach God, in a sense, but you can fail to realize that you

already have reached him. There needs to be no struggle, no trials in your search for God. The goal of reaching God is not reserved just for those deemed worthy.

He waits for everyone, and He will embrace everyone, for everyone on this plane are his children.

Kriya Yoga Teachings

Begin Your Path towards Enlightenment

When you decide to begin your spiritual journey and start looking inward to reach God, let the lessons from Paramahansa Yogananda serve as your guide.

The journey itself is yours to make, and it will be under your control. But when the challenges that threaten to pull you to the side appear, and they seldom fail to do, allow these teachings to remind you of your True Goals.

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