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How I Found Unshakeable Inner Peace

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By Wallace Huey

To be a master in the art of living, does not mean your life is free of problems or challenges. It means that you always carry an unshakeable inner peace as your way of being into every situation.

It is this inner state of calm that then enables you to face your life challenges with creativity, clear communication and discernment. As a result you are able to progress effortlessly and powerfully to achieve the results you desire.

So we want to find unshakeable inner peace, however inner peace is not something found so much as something uncovered.

We perceive where we are challenged in life as something that is "causing" our loss of tranquility… be it the loss of a relationship, boredom with work, stress and anxiety, wondering which path to take, or confusion as to the purpose of life itself – these are just some of the life challenges that can 'apparently' deprive us of inner calm.

But is this true? Does something outside our self ever lessen tranquility? Or is it the way we are choosing to respond to our life challenges that is causing inner turmoil?

I maintain the latter… it is how we choose to respond to life that pollutes or liberates our inner sanctum.

If we adopt the above statement as our own personal tour de force it brings at the same time both poignant responsibility and total freedom. By adopting this dictum we are admitting (the truth) that we are all responsible for our inner world and therefore creators of our happiness (or despair).

How we respond

Whenever I mention this and others disagree, I always give the example of an accident I witnessed. The car crash was quite violent but the 4 passengers were all wearing seat belts and no one was hurt. All 4 people had the same experience. After the accident, one couldn’t stop trembling and spoke with a shaky voice. Another cried uncontrollably. The third was in a state of shock and sat on the side of the road alone, speaking to no one. And the fourth person seemed unaffected and passed between his three companions speaking gently and reassuringly to each of them.

What does the way these 4 people responded to this accident show us? Because each person responded differently to the same event, it demonstrates that we are all responsible for our inner world, that is, our interpretation and emotional response, and these continue to profoundly affect our feelings and behavior.

I experienced this fundamental and powerful lesson when under the care of a psychiatrist. I had been suffering from schizophrenia for a number of years as a young man and, because I had gone off my medication, I had a relapse. In an interview with my psychiatrist I asked what my prospects were for getting back into work. He replied that I would probably never work again! I chose to accept this judgment and on returning home I became very distressed. I began to play out a scenario in my mind… If I couldn’t work again, then I would have no money. If I didn’t have any money I would never be able to find a girlfriend and get married. If had no work and no companion, my life would be empty and meaningless.

I then descended into a panic attack and had to be taken into hospital in an ambulance, where I stayed for 3 months. I was suffering from an acute depression I had chosen, through believing my negative train of thought.

It took me 7 years to climb out of that depression and I only managed, by being determined to master my inner world, to shake off the last of its effects just a few years ago - 22 years after the incident. In the process I wrote a book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, became self-employed and married my soul mate!

So watch how you are responding to the challenges you are facing. By responding in inappropriate ways you create a state of dis-ease and its companion, suffering … far from inner peace.

Escape From Suffering and Stress

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